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African Attacks On White Australians Increasing

By  Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff  - This was sent to me by a Rense Listener.   I hope Trump will NOT take the refugees Obama promised to bring in here from Oz. The last thing we need is more black, red-eyed devils from Somalia and Sudan.  These countries produce the most cruel and inhuman 'people' of all.

I have to say these countries have the most sadistic and 'retarded' of people. They are below animals and should never live in an advanced, civil society.  They are too uneducated and of such low IQ they will never hold a job.  They spend their time in violent crimes such as rape and murder…which are considered 'normal' behavior in their  home countries.

Not wanting them as refugees to the West has nothing to do with their skin has everything to do with their inability to assimilate or to live in civil society.

They are simply useless eaters.


Two More African Attacks On Australian
Whites - Who Let Them In?

By Andrew Bolt  - The Herald Sun

Crime involving African immigrants in Melbourne - mostly Sudanese and Somalian - is at astonishing levels, often involving violence we've rarely seen here. The latest two examples in the past week: the bashing of a sick woman out shopping and an attack on youths at a party.