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Adults Have Arrived

By Jim Kirwan


If you read the U.S. Constitution, the one thing that stands out ­ clearly ­ is that there is no provision for political parties of any kind, anywhere in that document: That's because the “political-parties” are an unnecessary and illegal-addendum, that has no formal place in the constitution or this nation at all.

What the election of 2016 has clearly proven to the world, is that to have a government in the United States, we have never needed political-parties, because they are just convenient, criminal-categories for like-minded thieves to license their own schemes, that we have allowed them to claim legitimacy for—when in fact neither “party” has ever had any reason to ever exist, at all.

The fact is that the Democrat Party has been totally shattered by the last election, as they no longer have any leadership left, and the Republicans have lost their fake-initiative in the face of the REBELLION that happened on November the Eighth.

So for Trump to drag out more of these failed creatures to help him “run the government” is just another total farce because, real people are more than capable of running their own lives ­ without the damned government's intrusion in everything from bogus-medicine, fake-schools, totally rigged-finance, useless-security, fake-law-enforcement and totally corrupted politics.

Would it surprise you to know that all three official branches of the

U. S. government are now totally dead & gone?

This includes the Judicial, the Legislative & the Administrative

The Judicial - beginning with the Supreme Court was co-opted in December of 2000, when they illegally appointed Bush Jr. to the presidency.

The Congress in 2002, illegally gave away their constitutionally-mandated responsibility to Declare War; to the then half-wit and illegal president, who of course passed that on to Obamanation. And finally did you know that the Congress has allowed Obama to make a huge number of laws, for the last two years, as he sees fit, thereby usurping the Congressional Responsibility to legislate the laws that ordinary-people are supposed to be involved with writing?

Hell, everyone has known for years that the corporations write all the laws now, while the congress just rubber stamps everything and picks up their treasonous checks, with every massive lie they continue to spread...

This story encapsulates how the Media, our Fourth & totally-Illegal Pillar of the fake-government continues to lie about everything that should matter to the people of the world.

Obama Betrays Standing Rock

15min VIDEO

America has never actually needed Political Parties to lead us anywhere!

The idea behind the U. S. Constitution

was to create a framework for free people to follow

with a minimum of government intrusions, no censorship,

and a maximum of personal freedom.

Government has never had the 'right' to take away

any of our freedoms, because our freedoms did not come from government. Freedom comes to all of us at birth.

Whenever the original system was allowed to work, this nation soared, whereas

when we allowed government to audit & spy on every minute of every life,

then our lives and our dreams

were imprisoned, tortured, raped or murdered.

That's why this nation must legally-try and convict the Clinton's

for their crimes and hang them both.

What the 2016 election was really about, was the open revolt of the adults, regardless of their so-called party affiliations. People came together, from many different points to reject everything to this point. This wasn't about party or candidates, it was about the total REJECTION of the entire circus that the USSA has become, in their global-race to enslave the planet.

All of this became clear ­ yesterday when Trump announced himself to still be part of the rape of the planet, while the real “Deplorables” are still violently-demanding to have the last election reversed, because “They Can't Handle the Truth.

The 'Real Deplorables' are still out there with massive assistance from George Soros, The Clinton Foundation, Obama, Rockefeller & his grandson Mark Zukerberg of FACEBOOK Fame ­ and they have all come together to demand that Hillary be crowned the global Queen of Evil & the new president of US Incorporated.

The Exceptionals Can't Handle the Truth

And for the garbage that's still trying to burn their way into the history books: If they want to continue their tantrums for much longer they will shortly have their sorry-asses kicked by those they have forgotten all about ­ the people and the adults that have been making their tawdry existence possible - for the entirety of their totally disgusting and perverted lives.



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