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Ads On Swedish TV Tell
Citizens To Bow To Muslims

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - That astonishing tv ad shows you that western people do not understand Islam or the Islamic people.  It is the Muslims who refuse to integrate with Swedes or any non-Muslim western person.

To see the Swedish tv ad Click Here

If a true Muslim does integrate or attempt to marry a non-Muslim Westerner, that Muslim's family would, according to Sharia Law, be entitled to do an honor killing.  Islam forbids Muslims from taking any non-Muslim for a friend.  It would mean death to marry a non-Muslim.

Muslims generally live in all Muslim neighborhoods and they refuse entry into those neighborhoods by non Muslims.  Even police and fire cannot enter Muslim no-go areas.

It is not the liberal, white Swedes who are not making the effort to integrate,  it is the Muslim himself who refuses assimilation.

Muslims have made it known that they want European whites to LEAVE Europe…or, preferably, die.  In England, during a demonstration by Muslims against white Londoners, the Muslims were filmed yelling 'England is our Country now and Europeans must die!'  Does that sound like Muslims want integration and assimilation?

The  Muslims want Europe to die and European whites to die with it.   George Soros is a globalist, communist idiot if he actually thinks these people will assimilate into Western Culture. Muslim want nothing to do with integrating into Western civilized culture.

Most Europeans had no idea of the Muslim mindset.  Many White Europeans wanted to show compassion but the Muslims wanted an invasion.  How do you integrate during an invasion?

Integration is impossible so Europeans have two options…

1 Deport the Muslims as soon as possible, or

2 MOVE get out of Europe and hope some country will take white people in.

The THIRD option is what the Muslims want…DEATH to Europeans.

The Swedish TV ad seems to put the burden of integration on the Swedes.  Why must it be the Swedes who must learn the language of their invading oppressors?  Swedes are supposed to learn Somali, Syrian, Arabic, etc?  Has the world gone insane?  

It is profoundly obvious that the integration 'issue' is entirely one-sided.  

Patty Doyle




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