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Adam Schiff Exposed Himself As Ed Buck's Buddy In Pizzagate West

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

This far into impeachment poker, the cards are down and dirty as so's Adam Schiff in his closet gay playground in West Hollywood. The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee turns out to be a back-door man on the receiving end when it comes to secret weapons shipments to Ukraine and a helicopter crash arranged to cover-up his role in the death of a black gay lover in West Hollywood. Recently returned from a long stint in East Asia, I've been surprised, although not stunned, to discover Schiff's bug eyes must've have protruded due to those L.A. rams, the black sheep with the rough trade out of Maxine Waters' district of Compton and Watts, aka Pizzagate West.

The home-field for the Ukraine controversy is inextricably linked to drugged-out interracial gay homicides in Southern California, as exemplified by his fellow Democrat Ed Buck, pinned to the meth-overdose deaths of three black male sex partners, and as we discover more recently Congressman Adam Schiff, who is suspected of arranging the disposal by acid bath of a black gay lover flushed into the sewer at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood. Further below Schiff's criminal ties with a Jewish Ukrainian gun-runner, a Democratic Party funder whose fleet of airships conduct 24X7 surveillance over the US-Mexico border without any objections from the Dem Hispanic caucus or AOC-plus-3. California's the hip place, as in hypocrisy.

Silencing Witnesses

The R44 Raven helicopter that crashed on three houses in Newport Beach shortly before 2 p.m. on 30 January 2018 did not emit a distress signal, according to the FAA, as it tumbled out of the sky a mile from takeoff at John Wayne Airport. The three passengers killed en route to Catalina Island were Kimberly Lynn Watzman, manager of the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood; Brian Reichelt, the hotel chain's regional financial manager; and Spain-born Joseph Anthony Tena, CEO of the Ferrada Group, which owned shares in the Standard Hotels chain. Tena's business partner was Andre Balazs, the founder of the Standard Hotel chain and a pioneer in high-end boutique hotels.

The helicopter had been inspected by an FAA team during the past summer resulting in installation of new parts, meaning the helicopter was in good condition. The 4-seat Robinson-built aircraft was leased by Revolution Aviation, a local flight school and touring company, from Eric Spitzer, who owns 70 helicopters operated out of Riverside County, who otherwise has zero biographical record or company history.

Another Jewish Predator

Which gets to Andre Balazs, who is the son of Endre Balazs, a Hungarian Jew who resided unscathed in Budapest, just like George Soros and his father, while conducting "medical research" throughout the Nazi period before moving in 1947 to Stockholm and then on to Harvard, Boston Biomedical and then Columbia Presbyterian hospital. Andre's first job was as press secretary to the sex scandal mired Bess Meyerson, the postwar Jewish poster girl. Living off his father's fortune from developing hyalauric acid for knee-joint problems, Andre patronized heroin-addicted artist Andy Warhol and invested in the 1980s Manhattan dinner club M.K. and the LA supper club, b.c., where the main item off the menu was a line of cocaine.

Then in the late-1980s, Balazs founded the Standard chain, a thinly covered establishment for bonking Craig's List girls and  Tinder dates and being bonked by rough boys. All along, he cultivated a reputation for public groping that rivals Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, likely to cover a growing connoisseurship for the gay lifestyle, as expressed in the aesthetics of his Standard operations in California and the Chiltern Firehouse hotel in London.

Balazs, with his connections to drug lords and foreign politicians, including many from Israel, had Adam Schiff by the balls after the death of a young black male in the West Hollywood Standard. Hotel manager Kim Waltzman, 47 years old at the time of the helicopter crash, was an adventurer who loved nothing more than traveling to remote parts of the world and stood to gain early retirement by squeezing Balazs with the threat of exposing Schiff's murderous "accident" in a Standard bed. Thereafter the helicopter jaunt to Catalina Island with the corporate financial officer Brian Reichelt, aboard to sign the nondisclosure agreement on behalf of Balazs, does make perfect sense, and so does the mysterious crash that killed both of them.

Ed Buck was not as lucky as Schiff, mainly because he injected his homeless black victims inside his own living room in West Hollywood's gay quarters. Now get this: Buck, Schiff and California Democratic Party Chair Eric Baum were simultaneously board members of the Stonewall Democratic Club, the LGBT political caucus. The predilection for dark meat makes Pizzagate West more rancid than the original cheesy sausage-filled Podesta concoction, although both scandals involve the same players Marina Abramovic and Jimmy Alefantis in hipster Balatz's social circle. Tony Podesta hosted a 2009 fund-raising reception for Adam Schiff at this art-packed home in Washington D.C.

Dragon UFOs over Ukraine

Out next East European Jewish high-flyer on the Schiff List is his constituent and campaign fundraiser Igor Pasternak, the Ukrainian gun-runner and blimp producer for DARPA and CIA special ops. Congressman Schiff's Igor is a major investor, tech transfer agent and delivery service for UkrOboronProm (UOP), a Ukrainian arms company, which produces automatic rifles based on the AR-15 called the WAC-47 for use by the armies of Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania, even though it's street-illegal in America, you shifty Democrat supports of gun control! Considering the history of Ukrainian arms-transfers, it won't be long before the WAC-47 will be whacking villagers in Africa and Latin America. The Obama-era Pentagon financed the design and production of this assault rifle with ammo compatible with the M-16 and NATO firearms in order to wean the Ukrainians off their home-built AK-47s.

Igor Pasternak's blimp company Worldwide Aeros, based at the U.S. Marine Corps airfield in Tustin, CA (near San Bernadino), has received millions in grants from DARPA and other Pentagon agencies to develop an airship used for surveillance on the borders of Ukraine-Russia and Mexico-USA, another excellent achievement for Democrat hypocrisy. Who needs a wall when sky "Dragons" as these military airships are called suffice as infrared camera mounts and, when the right time comes, firing platforms for Gatling guns. Do you recall all the news stories about UFOs snake-dancing in the night sky? Those are Aeros Dragons, linked together like flying train cars.

The 2013 campaign fundraiser for Rep. Adam Schiff at the Montebello mansion of Igor Pasternak, with donations by the invited starting at S2,500, is by now infamous, an outright payback from an arms dealer in exchange for contracts from the Defense Department. Schiff is well-known in Southern California as a Pentagon slut, connecting the military, NSA and CIA with the Pasadena-based defense contractor Parsons Corporation. Among its finest achievements under a U.S. government contract was to decommission the Libyan chemical-weapons facilities, which were dismantled for export to Ukraine, while barrels of lethal product ended up in the hands of ISIS rebels in Syria. Parsons botched a Pentagon contract in the wake of the Iraq invasion to build dozens of medical clinics, completing only two centers, both beset by basic design flaws, and then absconding with the money.

After mismanagement of a road construction project for CalTrans (Calfornia State's transportation authority), Parsons fell into a deep financial hole but was saved through lucrative DARPA contracts arranged by Rep. Schiff, enabling takeovers of taxpayer-funded DARPA spin-offs Polaris Alpha (artificial intelligence command of complex battlefields), QRC (AI for special operations and Navy SEALS). and OGSystems (imaging and data analytics). These transactions for lethal weaponry in Ukraine and here in the USA prove with an iota of doubt that Adam Schiff is a merchant of death, the Joker himself who is now out to character-assassinate President Donald Trump.

Yet there is one death that still haunts him, the young black man who suffered a drug-induced seizure while pumping the congressman's rump at the Standard Hotel, just a few blocks from the home of Ed Buck.

What's in a Surname?

Before ridding my desktop of all traces of Adam the Shifty, allow me to examine the family names Schiff and Pasternak in my usual manner of leaving no obscure detail untended.

Rep. Adam Schiff is not a descendant of the war-criminal banker Jacob Shiff whose family was based in Frankfurt, Germany, as part of the occult movement led by Jacob Frank, which explains the congressman's constant money-grubbing from the vilest sort of funders in exchange for services rendered. His family origins are in Vilnius, Lithuania, a long-time historical center for anti-Russian warmongering. This anti-Russian campaign of invasion and subversion came to a head with the appearance of the third "False Dimitry", a Lithuanian Jewish vagabond who claimed to be Tsar Dimitry Ivanovich. The bold-faced liar rallied Cossacks to his cause with the promise of looting the cathedral of Moscovy, then ruled by the Tatar paladin Boris Gudonov. The Jewish faker send cavalrymen to assassinate the legitimate Russian ruler, Mikhail the founder of the Romanov dynasty. After falling out of God's grace, Dimitry was captured and then executed, his physical remains scattered to prevent his brain-washed followers from worshiping his bones. This is a parable for the mind-addled Democrats who accept all the falsehoods from Adam Schiff's mouth. They who deceive spin the lies you believe.

Igor Pasternak's surname has resonance being that of Boris Pasternak, author of "Dr. Zhivago", the romantic tale of love (with the fallen heroine Lara). Aside from this novel, which perhaps did not deserve a Nobel Prize due to its retrogressive sentimentality, author Pasternak translated the works of Goethe, the leading Illuminati of the 19th century who warned of his youthful obsession with sorcery in the novel "Faust". The Russian writer was involved in Russian Futurism, a movement whose painters indulged in the Goethe-Illuminati theory of light and colors, reflection being a core concept of Luciferian reception (of inner light).

The Grand Lodge of the Orient headquartered in France had a widespread Russian following in lodges since at least the mid-19th century among Russian officers returning from the post-Napoleonic occupation of Paris.The Grand Lodge of Ukraine was revived in the mid-1980s by Juliano di Bernardo, the grand master of the Italian Grand Lodge of the Orient and later received recognition from the central Grand Lodge of the Orient. The rationalist Freemasons in the English-speaking realm may have misgivings about the strange doctrines of the Grand Lodge of the Orient (meaning the East, in the direction of Morning Star, Lucifer) and their deep dark secrecy is due to the fact that the Grand Orient lodge does not stipulate belief in God or the Deity as the Supreme Being, as do American and British lodges, but instead worships Lucifer as the ruler of the Universe.
Igor Pasternak, although born in Soviet Kazahkstan, probably of a Jewish family evacuated by Stalin to Siberia, is not a descendant of the illustrious Pasternak clan of Moscow, but is a normal grubby Odessa Jew. The surname translates from Russian as "parsnip", a white carrot. His interest in "lighter than air" vehicles is not original or new, since the former USSR designed and constructed dozens of dirigibles before and during World War II. Like his Russian and Ukrainian predecessors, Pasternak has followed a "crash and burn" model of development, causing delays and cost overruns that forced him into gun-running and hustling his local congressman for defense contracts. If the mishaps at liftoff continue, Igor Pasternak could soon end up like Schiff's black stud, down the drain.