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There’s Much, Much More

By Jim Kirwan

The world of the global Zionistas and their bankers would have us believe that what’s happening now is simplistically just about a few places that must be erased from the world: Mainly because those ‘creatures’ are dangerous to their victory, in the fake-chess-game that they’ve demanded that we all surrender to.

To get to this continuously expanding genocide, we have to look-back to how this came to be the ultimate, in massive destruction, that is now unfolding as illustrated below.

One of this war’s architects was George H W Bush who began this phase with the War on Iraq in 1991. It appears that ‘Poppy’ is dead now, but there has been no news of that given to the world as yet. The 1991 war was followed by his son in 2003 who continued that war with his “Shekinah”, which translated is: “Shock & Awe” ­ and that ties Israel into the roots of this global genocide.

In “Is That All There Is”

I neglected to mention anything to do with the true costs of this obscenity, here’s the rest of the addendum for that error.

First: In all the nation-states that we have destroyed, we have leveled much of the entire history of whole regions of the earth. Israel has decimated the entire nation of Palestine in 67 years of criminal land seizures, genocide and torture. Yet they dismiss all this by saying that there are no Palestinian people, because Palestine never existed. As far as Israel is concerned there's only a bunch of rabble that are not people because they are all “sub-humans”: Insects that must be exterminated like a plague of rabid vermin. The fact is that it’s Israel that needs to be erased, if the world is to ever have any chance to live again.

Societies require decades, sometimes hundreds of years to create their societies and the structures and institutions that accompany those nations and their people. But once “WAR” comes it can take only seconds to destroy centuries of achievements that for the most part tended to benefit humanity.

Creation is a long and beautiful process, but wanton destruction is as quick and ugly an ending as could ever be imagined.

All this takes money—lots and lots of money, most of which is stolen from the people who remain unaware of what they’re paying for in every war, anywhere on the planet. Ironically they’re almost out of money, just as they’re beginning to run out of targets to destroy.

In “poppy’s” duplicitous days’ people spoke in terms of millions mostly, with the occasional billions. But as the War-in-Iraq shifted from father to son, the amount of the cost of the wars quickly soared into the billions and trillions without much notice from either the world or the taxpayers in the states that were paying for almost everything—either directly or by fraudulently being mislead into not investigating where any of the funds were really coming from.

Today this country is in debt for over Two Quadrillion dollars: How has any of that been of any help to most Americans? In fact in an almost direct inversion of what the wars have cost—most of us are suffering beyond belief from the lack of anything to depend upon, in a society that is in debt, corrupt to the core and hopelessly floundering like wounded-fish, in the proverbial barrel: While the Police State uses us for target practice each and every day, in more and more cities inside the United States—with no relief in sight anywhere!

The proof that we do not care is evident in all those trillions upon trillions that we still let this government steal from us each and every day; to continue the wars upon all those which Israel and Kiev have branded as “sub-humans”. Daily the death tolls rise in both Gaza and Ukraine and yet there is no reaction from the international bodies which supposedly exist to keep such crimes from happening.

Money spent is one thing,

But the slaughter of humanity is something else!

It is one thing for people here to ignore what goes on in foreign countries: But it becomes something else entirely when we learn that all of what is happening—is happening because we continue to pay

for all of it—whether the murders happen in Gaza, in Ukraine or in Ferguson Missouri? After all we’ve paid for hundreds of billions of hollow-point bullets and all the military hardware to arm these rabid privateers that we have dressed up as “cops”, yet there is no accountability for even the least of their actions against the public—


If you’re “white” in Ferguson, it’s not yet your turn: But what you don’t realize is that you will be “NEXT” unless you take heed from this note which Jonathon Gentry passed along. This applies to everyone, not just to the black population, because his message is a universal message: This takes just 6min 18sec to watch ­ Listen if you care?

Inside Gaza Today

Israel is claiming sophisticated military operations were housed

in these high rise buildings, as if Gaza has control centers as

sophisticated as those in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem ­ (after 67 years of destruction) which is an obvious lie that DEMANDS international condemnation...

IDF air strikes have leveled two multi-story buildings in Gaza; both are said to have housed Hamas facilities. The new tactic of bringing down entire buildings has been tested amid a new escalation of tensions in the Israeli-Gaza conflict.

A seven-story office building in the Gaza Strip’s southern town of Rafah was completely destroyed by an Israeli strike on Sunday morning, according to eyewitnesses. It’s not yet clear if there were injured or dead in the attack

Another strike in the same city hit a two-story shopping center, wounding seven and badly damaging the building.

The Israeli military claim both the buildings housed facilities linked to Palestinian militants. One of the offices in the leveled seven-story Zourab building belonged to the Hamas-run interior ministry, AP reports.
Watch the videos!

And in Ukraine Today


This story, unlike Kiev's announcements, comes with captured

weapons and troops, on video. Ironically this is happening while

Kiev holds ‘national’ celebrations of an "Independence Day Parade in Kiev" for a "nation" which Kiev has almost destroyed. The people that

the Independence Day was meant to celebrate, are the people that

are now taking the Nazi forces of Porky apart at the seams...

Obviously this is not over yet but part of these changes can be seen

throughout this article!

After sustained defensive combat against Ukrainian troops in the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk during August, rebels are now reporting of entrapping two large groups of Kiev troops and seizing military hardware in a counteroffensive.

The main headquarters of the DPR army has made a decision to stop operations in small groups and form full-bodied independent military units, the anti-Kiev forces say in a summary of their operations filed on Sunday.

They also say they are blocking a large “punitive force” near Alekseevskoe, Blagodatnoe, Voykovsky, Kuteinikovo, Ulyanovskoe and Uspenka.

Some 5,000 Kiev troops “with military hardware” including some 50 tanks, over 200 armored vehicles and 50 artillery rocket systems (including Grad) are trapped in the area, the DPR claims.

DNR’s army has surrounded the staff headquarters of the 8th army corps, 28th and 30th mechanized brigades, 95th air mobile brigade of the army of Ukraine, and also punitive battalions ‘Aidar’, ‘Donbass’ and ‘Shakhtersk’,” the document claims.

However, Ukraine's National Security Council (SNBO) denied the claims.

"Over the last three days not a single person has been surrounded. Ukrainian troops are securing their outposts and continuing their advance on areas occupied by terrorists," SNBO spokesperson Andrey Lysenko said in a briefing on Sunday.”

Read the story, watch the videos and then decide who you believe.

The money, your money, in multiple trillions has been wasted year after year after year and what does the world have to show for all this bloodshed, genocide and nation-killing wars? Just one hell of a lot of global hatred, magnified hundreds of thousands of times, over what it was before USI and Israel decided to slaughter all the other parts of the planet that refused to “unconditionally surrender everything” to them - outright!

The entire planet is staring straight at starvation, death by thirst, poisoned food, contaminated medicine unbreatheable air and dead oceans all around the planet because of the multiplicity of ways in which this war upon the universe has continued to be “managed”.

Most recently Monsanto and USI have created and patented a new pandemic to speed the death of the planet along, yet still the global public refuses to forcefully detain any of the criminals that have continued to do all of this to all of us.

The Federal Reserve along with the entirely criminal American political system and the just-us system that replaced the legal system, along with all the new and very private corporate interests that now own millions of privately enforced “laws” that have already strangled the US and most of the rest of the planet; in order to improve the bottom-lines of so much global criminality that it is almost impossible to even measure: All of that is just some of what the world still refuses to do anything about!

This is just part of what is behind the ‘Actuality’ that adds up to the phase “Much, Much More”!

But unless we can come together to physically change this, then none of it matters any longer, because if we don’t act then global death will have already become just another “done deal”!


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