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Act Three

By Jim Kirwan


Courage ~ Fear

Last Tuesday on the air with Jeff, we ended up discussing something I called “Act Three. It came up because Jeff mentioned that when people confront the threats of Outlaws, they become ‘Afraid to Speak. When the threats continue then those same people experience what it feels like to become ‘Afraid to Think’. To which I added what I call ‘Act Three’. In that mode people discover the COURAGE they need to overcome the FEAR, which we’re all expected to cave-in to, but against which we must rebel if we are ever to be able to use courage to defeat the criminal-mythology that they’ve been using against us for the last thirteen plus years.

Today, the global side of the attack upon us came back to life; during a slight pause in the USSA’s war on us at home.

Michael Billington told Press TV in a Thursday interview that WWIII has “effectively” started as Washington is escalating tensions in Ukraine, where pro-Russian protesters are facing a military crackdown.

What is at stake here is not a war over Ukraine; it is not even a war with Russia; this is a war demanded by the British and the [US President Barack] Obama administration, who takes orders from the Wall Street and the City of London bankers, who want a war. And this is not going to be a war in Europe; this is going to be a global war,” said the analyst.

Billington said Obama remains “committed to war” as long as he is in office.”

k - All the facts on the ground whether in Ukraine or in Nevada are in clear opposition to any requirement to go to war. Yet still Obama and his owners are demanding “war, war and lots more war” everywhere—because that’s the only answer the global bankers, Israel and the USSA have to keep themselves alive.

Meanwhile: GENEVA — The United States, Russia, Ukraine and the European Union reached an agreement here on Thursday evening that calls for armed pro-Russian bands to give up the government buildings they have seized in eastern Ukraine and outlines other steps to de-escalate the crisis.

Secretary of State John Kerry described the package of measures as an important first step to avert “a complete and total implosion” in eastern Ukraine and said that it could be followed by negotiation of more far-reaching steps to ease a crisis in which violence seemed to be growing by the day.

Mr. Lavrov said the deal was “largely based on compromise” and that a settlement of the crisis was primarily the responsibility of Ukraine’s. Mr. Lavrov made the remarks at a news conference that he gave before Mr. Kerry had spoken.”

k: These are the same lying bunch of criminals that stole Ukraine from the people of that nation. They cannot be trusted, yet this agreement calls on all those that oppose this fake government in Ukraine to retreat and disarm: Once that's done the Right-Sector will have a clear, field once again, to attack the same people that have been ordered to negotiate, while the bandits in charge in Kiev have not made any similar concessions...

This type of unreliable "negotiations" with people that inherently lie about everything and everyone is ridiculous on its face. It’s as if the entire planet lacks any memory of things that are only a few months old.

So this is the same shit; the second time around. If the war picks up where it left off when the local populations shut it down - then it's time to wipe out “the leaders” of the illegal coup that stole Ukraine in the first place, with help from the EU, Israel & the USSA.

America has found itself in an untenable situation in the Ukraine. As the second day of military incursions by the coup backed Kiev government proceed in the East, the Obama administration has begun to realize that it has been “blindsided.”

A presidential candidate is beaten in the streets by neo-Nazi thugs and nothing is done. A government responsible for murdering over 100 of the protestors that backed their takeover is now moving military forces across their country to attack the “babushkas resistance,” the heart of the resistance to the Kiev cabal, led by Russian speaking grandmothers.

The US position is clearly unsound and if violence unfolds as Kiev intends despite stories of its forces switching sides, the Obama administration will be severely weakened.

With that weakening, the settlements with Syria and Iran may well fail.

The situation in Ukraine may well have been orchestrated, not to weaken Russia but to enfeeble the United States. With the empty talk about sanctions and moves against Russia, something else is going on. This is a conspiracy.


Early on, newly appointed Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland, a uniquely unqualified individual married to John Kagan, an American “political fixers” whose politics are well to the right of neo-fascism, was recorded planning the coup.

Many would assume Nuland was taking direction from Secretary of State John Kerry who gets his lead from President Obama. However, those familiar with the fiefdoms inside Washington know that the State Department answers to higher powers than even the president.

So does the CIA. Thus, last week when CIA Director John Brennan, longtime torture advocate and “strange bedfellow” in the Obama administration was discovered having clandestine meetings with extremist groups in Kiev, it was assumed he represented the President and the National Security Council. Then again, the CIA also answers to higher powers than even the President.

What is crippling the Obama administration in its mistrust of the American people and its unwillingness to admit that the American government has long been under the control of special interests, is a broad conspiracy recently cited by F. William Engdahl as a force driving the world toward an unsurvivable global war.

But in Washington, using the term “conspiracy” is death. It is now commonly admitted that false flag terrorism is a part of daily life in contemporary government.”

k ­ This has continued since our first major false-flag on 911 that took place during five identical war-game drills that accompanied that attack on September 11, 2001, all of which was being run by Dirty-Dick Cheney, for which he has never been investigated or charged…

Even Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh used that term in recent articles on Syria, despite the controlled media in the United States mercilessly attacking anyone who allows a real look “behind the curtain.” There’s more at the link directly below!

What has been happening in and around Ukraine is identical with what’s happening here, surrounding Nevada and the revolution that’s also brewing here. Our revolution is being done in the middle of an Amerikan-media Blackout, as if things here were not already bad enough over everything that’s already happened. Now comes even more; as suggested by events on the ground here and now.

Act Three needs to be applied directly to all the events in the US, if we’re to ever even begin to resolve the real threats to the very existence of every man, woman and child still living in America.

As Americans we must come from the shadows of our fears and challenge all those “in authority” here; on everything they’re still doing to the people of this country—just as we must stop Obamanation from turning Ukraine into another opportunity for Israel to bomb one of the nuclear plants inside Ukraine, as a way to both indirectly attack

Russia, while the world will likely remain stunned by events that would be far worse than Fukushima—if we allow that to happen!

It’s as if the Bankers, Obama and Israel are playing tennis with all the issues, both here and abroad, except that what’s being used for tennis balls are really nuclear-weapons that the world knows as extinction-ending bombs which can have no other purpose than the global-endgame personified.

We cannot collectively give in to global FEAR because there is no future in it for living beings anywhere…

You might want to begin to think about how you can begin to use “Act Three” for yourselves because once you choose, you can’t go back again!

The weekend ahead begins to look more ominous by the moment!


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