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Accepting Or Fighting

By Jim Kirwan


The Empire Of Chaos

Over the last fourteen years many of us have had the opportunity to go back into the history of humanity, to understand how it was that we all came to be in the nightmare of this position.

Digging through the archives, going all the way back to the Greeks & the Romans, along with the history of the many primitive empires: That was the equivalent of at least three Master's Degrees, for those of us that chose to pick up the cudgel, in order to grasp what's happened and how we came to find ourselves where we are today. Speaking only for myself ­ while that has been fascinating and extremely necessary, it still did not answer just how it was that we came to this pinnacle upon which we now find ourselves almost marooned.

In our haste “to understand” many have not noticed just the last ten years wherein the Global-Empire laid out every single aspect, and more, of the nightmare that has overtaken the United States.

Given that the Failed New-Old World loves to telegraph every single thing they plan to do to us—before they actually do what they have planned: I stumbled on this information almost by-accident. I was looking for clues that I was convinced were present, and might still be available, in recordings of contemporary television programming.

The answers' came in abundance inside a television series called “The West Wing”. This was a weekly national television program from 1999 until 2006, which I watched at the time, even though I did not credit what was being shown, even as they methodically let everything that has happened to us now become clear throughout the life of the series. It's still available to watch today, if anyone has the time to explore this psi-op for yourselves.

In 2005 the entire plan and scope of the changes for marriage and sexual protections for the LGBTQ positions that have all now been made into federal laws. In 2004 the earliest outlines for the radical changes, between men and women, sexual rights, and the extreme changes in the religious celebrations of Christmas and several religions in the show, were clear. Even though the program still dealt with Christmas and the Muslims as if it was still 1954, instead of 2004.

In the cast and characters there were not the extreme's that began to appear as soon as Obama instituted his LGBTQ appointments to the Supreme Court, along with the huge number of black-appointments throughout the feral-government with no end in sight. This was an excellent program that did not tip the hand of those that designed the end of the United States that is now the fact behind every policy, in virtually every appointment, in every branch of the federal government.

By the time the program reached its final year, they were already discussing the massive problems on the southern borders of the United States, the drivers license's and “the right to vote for illegal's” ­ all of that was there as if all of it was taking place in the 2016 electoral process—all that was missing was Trump and the truth behind Hillary, that is still being denied in the current election-process—and all of that took place on television, in prime-time, in America—ten years ago. Assumedly this was all possible because the American audience was convinced that this was just another TV show, that had nothing to do with reality.

The revelatory default with all of this happened because the Amerikan public that did not react, had already lived through the theft of the presidency in 2000, the attacks on 911, wherein no one was charged or punished and the preemptive Shock & Awe attack” on Iraq that had already been proven to not have had any WMD's, by the end of 2004. And since the 'television-program” did not touch on any of the real life crimes, treason's or anything else from real-life ­ no association was ever-made, by the public, between the fictional White-House in the West Wing, and reality.

The one thing that did cross that line was the fact that the Constitutional Oath that is sworn to by every American and especially every holder of any office in the land, contradicts current immigration law by allowing Muslims in who believe in Sharia Law that contradicts American law and the Constitution ­ yet the government sees no conflict there, just as they see nothing wrong with having done away with all the immigration protections for American citizens from the now over 60 million immigrants that have stolen our jobs and our rights in order to inflate the number of voters that are promising to elect Hillary to an office that she is not only not qualified to hold ­ but she's a traitor to America and a global-war-criminal based upon her crimes of the past.

In the series the public sees the existence of Christmas, New Year's and Thanksgiving at the White House, no mention of Halloween. But there is one glaring fact from the Pledge of Allegiance, that could end the problems we're having with the Muslim population that has invaded this nation. “One Nation Under God” That phrase is part of the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance In the United States Constitution that must be sworn to by everyone entering the U.S., to be a U.S. citizen.”

Christmas-today, is no longer an official holiday in the U.S. The White House Christmas Tree has been replaced by the Israeli Menorah. Men and women no longer have the sole right to marriage. That is now shared by homosexuals and others, courtesy of the Supreme Court that decided for us, what our rights are, when it comes to marriage. Obama has decided for us, who is allowed to use which bathroom in the United States, so as not to discriminate against people who have doubts about their sexuality. Children under Obama have no protection from the State, and parents can be arrested for trying to raise their children according to what they believe is best for their own children, The entire experience of schools amounts to the state;s removal of our children, to be raised by the state, in order to destroy the family as an institution inside the nation. And all of this looks like it has come about very quickly, when the fact was, this was pre-ordained and argued in “The West Wing” that is now over ten years old.

Everything from Ethanol to intercine politics is the substance of “politics” along with all the filth of everyday political maneuvering. Every 'season' has more than its share of 'military-interdiction's', flag waving and the constant slamming of gun rights, women's rights, and on and on ­ with almost no effort to present anything but the Israeli-USI view of the fake world. There are some exceptions, but these are very few and far between. The cast is about half Israeli, but the script is definitely written and approved by Hollywood Inc, which is Israeli to the core.

When you look at the White House of today, versus the White House in the West Wing: The two bear almost no connection to each other, in any way whatsoever ­ especially when it comes to the Press-Secretaries of both of these equally fictitious places. The West Wing relied on the skills of the Press Secretary to keep sanity sane in that program ­ while in today's world the interchangeable liars only add more confusion to the mega-lies told daily from the various podium's in the Tarnished House.

The reason for this article is to remind people that you don't have to go back to the beginning of time to understand what has happened to us all ­ all you need to do is selectively watch some of the six year long television series - interestingly referred to as: “The West Wing”


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