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A Special Note From Russell To All People Of Good Will


Hopefully, the electricity and internet will keep working for about 35 more hours, till the end of our show you Monday.

And you know, Bro, I hate to ask, but we are in pretty hard straits right now, and since you asked how you could help, here's how - make a donation to our human aid fund, Donbass Human Aid. It is a 501(c)3 registered charity, and any contribution you make is tax deductible and that much less you have to feed the beast. Any amount you contribute goes 100% to our human aid projects that mostly help kids - orphanages, kindergartens, single moms with lots of kids, disabled kids, and families impacted by the war.

And if you make a contribution in an amount that ends in one, as in $11, $21, $51, $101, $501 or $1,001, those donations go to a special fund that helps very special cases here. It also helps support our operating expenses, and allows us to continue our journalism via videos, written articles and radio. You don't have to, of course. You have helped me a lot, to get the word about Donbass out to people in the USA. So, if you can and want to, pitch in. Either way, talk to you soon. - Russ

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