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A Soros-Wakanda Color Revolution
is exposing the American Crisis

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

These Nights of the Living Dead zombie riots must be put into their proper file folder as another chapter of the Color Revolutions organized by George Soros, the Clinton Foundation's phony Syriza coup in Athens, the Obama-Brennan Project ISIS in Syria, and Hillary Clinton's Arab Spring. The midnight zombies belong to the same species of phantasm created by the Deep State, along with their COVID-19 creature from the laboratory. The virus was bio-engineered, and this urban uprising was social-engineered by the intelligence agencies behnd the Black Bloc phenom, fake terrorists posing as justice revolutionaries.

The Black Bloc first surfaced on American soil at the 1999 anti-WTO protests in Seattle to disrupt the American labor movement's opposition to the globalist "free" trade regime. The masked intruders came from Vancouver, Canada, many of them former British or allied military personnel and prison convicts of the Dirty Dozen type, working under the thumb of RCMP Mounties' intelligence controlled by the MI-6. Fast forward to Russiagate, and like a whack-a-mole the MI-6 and their Jesuit partners popped up again to threaten President Donald Trump against tampering with the globalist system run by the IMF, BIS, Davos, the Bilderbergers and the Rothschild monopolists. The Black Bloc has been agents provocateur working in league with the Soros Open Society paid-protest movement, whose goal was never genuine democracy but instead the takeover of national economies for monopoly control by the Rothschild commercial empire and their accomplices since the Opium Wars,the drug traffickers, organ smuggle and the rest of dark web economy.

This is not anarchism, it is state-sponsored terrorism. Many of the whites standing in "solidarity" with their "outraged" African American front-line are indeed quietly giving the orders and monitoring the situation, much like a special forces advisers with Kurdish rebels in Syria-Iraq-Turkey or directing the Afghan Army. Indeed many of these troopers are war veterans with the SIS commando units of the British-Australian-Canadian armed forces involved in clandestine ops around the world, from the Balkans during the Clinton regime to George W's Afghan and Iraqi invasions, and then Obama-Hillary disasters across the Middle East and North Africa.

Orders from Babylon by the Thames, MI-6 headquarters, are why so many "American" governors and mayors are telling the police and national guard to stand down. Not a whole lot has changed since these traitors known as Tories betrayed the American Revolution led by the new Congress and fought under George Washington's leadership.
Of course, there are a lot of low-end fools who joined this children's crusade for the excitement and promise of loot, and you can see their tender young criminal mind-set, due to the online fashion influencers, marketing on eBay brand-new looted handbags and Nikes at steep discount. These wayward youths have gone from shoplifting to smash and grab burglary.

One of my friends commented on his quick search of the riot aftermath as a marketing opportunity: "The rioter that stole Louis Vuitton hand bags and purses during the rioting is now selling them on eBay. I did a search in active and completed items and saw zero feedback sellers from all over the country. The states include Tennessee, Florida, Illinois, new Mexico, Nevada, California, and Washington. Zero feedback sellers prior to May 31st are practically nonexistent. What more proof does one need to see that these rioters were shipped in to targeted cities around the country in an orchestrated and controlled operation? Not only are these new accounts but also the bags were selling as a buy it now listing for below market value."
So here you have the social-media riots, free-for-all criminal activity as an economic incentive from Democrat mayors in league with the Soros-Obama machine and the drug mafias, a problem that in California has grown to unimaginable levels of corruption. Instead of industrialization to create real jobs, the USA is moving in reverse gear to become the world's largest pawn shop. Of course, Wall Street is involved in this destruction of cities to grab more downtown real estate, as in the collapse of WeWork was not enough to satisfy their greed. Notably no a single bank or money exchange has been broken into or torched by these self-proclaimed "anarchist revolutionaries", supposed enemies of capitalism, who are actually on the payroll of billionaires like Soros and his ilk.

Please, do the honor of never suggesting this sordid criminal treason of today as being connected to the  Civil Rights movement, the Watts Rebellion of my youth or the anti-Vietnam War protests, an innocent era when ordinary people were being massacred and brutalized by the McNamara war machine. There are fewer wars now than at anytime since the Korean War, more generous unemployment benefits, financial assistance for the poor, food stamps, low-rent programs, which is heaven for the underprivileged as compared with the early 1960s and the Recession of the mid-1970s.

Nothing today compares with those hard times back then, or the Great Depression of my father's generation. These riots are exploiting unrealistic ambition and shameless greed of young people living in a rare moment of prosperity. The young rioters are proving one point. Entitlements today are part of the Problem and Not the Solution anymore. Instead of rewarding anti-social attitudes, the scholarships and grant aid should be cut drastically, and youths face the reality of low-paid jobs. I worked my way through college doing three jobs at any given time, so I need not apologize to anybody. That's the level playing field, where punks will be outed and suffer for their laziness. Harsh reality is necessary to educate the beast; convert a barbarian into a proper citizen. And that should apply to prison, too, mandatory hard labor to repay society for crimes committed.

One final point from the fine print at the bottom of longer news articles. George Floyd is not innocence, when he committed a crime when buying a carton of cigarettes from an Asian-run shop (probably owned by a Hmong refugee whose family fought and were heavily brutalized for supporting the U.S. side of the Vietnam War), The $20 bill he passed off to the shopkeeper was counterfeit, which prompted to the phone call to the police, who were well aware of counterfeit flooding Minneapolis. One of the cops had worked off-duty with Floyd as a bouncer in a Latino salsa club, which was probably a front for several types of night-time trades. If Floyd was not resisting arrest, the cops would not have kneed him. As long as there's physical resistance, there's going to be forcefulness of arrest. That is a simple fact, that resisting arrest is the dumbest thing anyone can do.

The second autopsy showed that the popular "hero" Floyd was on fenatyl and had methamphetamine in his bloodstream. If drug use make someone lose control in a tight situation, that's tough luck. He shouldn't have been high while passing off fake money. Whatever happened to common sense during commission of a fraud?

Why are black people so hopped up by the death of drug addict instead of campaigning to stop drug sales and overdoses in their own front steps?  Try righteousness for once instead of philistine toleration of abuse and self-destruction. I grew up in South LA, in the middle of the Watts riots, so I do not accept political correctness from ignorant liberals who don't know the reality down on the mean streets, where you have to fight just to survive till the next morning. So why not fight for what's right? Do what's necessary to end this self-inflicted scourge on African Americans.

With the entire country and world suffering from the shock and financial losses from the COVID-19 biowar pandemic, should we accept the arson attacks against 150 cities the USA done on behalf of this doped-up thief? My prediction is a landslide electoral victory for Donald Trump for not buying into complaints of the Louis Vuitton looters, just like he spurned the false accusations from the MI-6 Russiagate "scandal". The larger national paralysis, however, goes beyond any president or other elected official directly to the heart of the American Crisis, which depends on the citizens of whatever race, religion or creed to stop bowing down to the forces of moral destruction, greed, drug fantasies and social media nonsense, and start restoring the traditional values of hard work, investment, honest education, community service and, yes, as proven by the attack on an Episcopal church, get back to the religious-based ethics that guided the Founding Fathers to establish these United States.

The choice is either total destruction or a national revival, By now, there's no in-between, no gray zone, no back to normal. How to change this vile situation is up to you, since it's been clear to me what I have to do. Remember this if a rioter tries to run past you, tackle him or her and say, "Brother, sister, I'm doing this for your own good since you need to serve time in jail in order to wake up to what's real."  It's like jumping into an icy lake to save a kid from drowning, because if you don't pull him out, he'll soon die horribly gasping for one last breath.