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A Gallery Of Rogues For Gun Control
(Who Want Their Own Monopoly Of firepower)

By From The Net
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These are the Advisory Board members of Everytown for Gun Safety, the actual sponsoring organization with the D.C. Police permit for the 'Parkland Students' (all 5 of them) 'March For Our Lives'

Mike Bloomberg, former NYC Mayor and owner of Bloomberg News.

Dave Boren, the former Oklahoma senate chairman of the Intelligence Committee who was the mentor of CIA chief George Tenet and ran Obama’s Intel Advisory Board...aka the Senator from the CIA.

David Chipman, ATF, a major player in the Las Vegas Harvest Festival coverup, works for the pro-Obama fakir from AZ Giffords.

Eli Broad Is The Paymaster Of The Racist Jew 'Broad Institute' that faked the research on ebola in West Africa.

Irwin Jacobs of Qualcomm is the major funder for Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, the research center behind the Israeli Defense Force Cyber-Warfare program and the STUXNET virus, which was probably involved in rigging the Parkland school CCTV video system.

Ken Lerer is co-founder of Huffington Post, former Time-Warner AOL exec (aka CIA)

John Mack 'the Knife' of Morgan Stanley was the BP board member on Rosneft during the Yeltsin years and serves on the Bloomberg Foundation.

Chris McDonnell who was the subject of a professional photographer's very well-timed photo in grief at the Sandy Hook School shooting and then became an adviser to John Brennan at CIA.

Mike Mullen, was head of Joint Chiefs of Staff who started George W. Bush’s Iraq War with a ship-launched missile barrage (and later torture and rendition flights) and was the running mate for Mike Bloomberg’s aborted presidential campaign.

Chris Salters Martin, former Female World Champion Boxer run by Don King…what’s she got against violence?

Michael Nutter, former Philadelphia mayor, who founded 'Philly Rising' funded by George Soros and allied with Black Lives Matter, a nutter indeed.

Tom Barrett, Milwaukee Mayor who was an adviser to Joe Biden and Barack Obama on the 2008 Federal Bailout.