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Venezuela & San Francisco's Future

By Jim Kirwan


Caracas, Venezuela is exactly what San Francisco, California will look like BEFORE THE END OF THIS YEAR

The combination of prohibitions against both cigarettes & weapons

is what led to the conditions that exist today Caracas.

Seldom has North America ever had such a clear warning

by which to see what our future will soon look like.

Especially in PC- LGBTQ San Francisco.

You won't believe what we saw in Socialist Venezuela ­ 11min 54sec VIDEO

We no longer have to invade country's, to turn them into third world cesspools.


The criminally contorted city government of San Francisco has been making war on the Constitution since the mid nineteen-nineties, and its finally paying off. The city that was once alive and vibrant, 24-7 has become nothing but a dump, inhabited by wanna-be techies in sandals and shorts year round, with blank stares and dripping with technology yet clearly, behind their vacant eyes there is nothing inside them to differentiate them from the artificially intelligent robots that will soon replace us all. They are incapable of original thought, much less are they even remotely aware of the world beyond their pathetic lives which they have always been living examples of.

Their world is part of the now 'PERFECT WORLD” that has taken over in Socialist Venezuela ­ in fact with all their EVER-INCREASING bans and their prohibitions against weapons, the example cited is the perfect picture of life in Socialist-San Francisco, if Bernie Sanders is allowed to inflict his brand of Soviet-Socialism into San Francisco. The city that was once a proud and vibrant example of what it meant to be an American...

This city's unofficial motto was: The City That Knows How”

And that's why it was targeted to be utterly destroyed.

Listen & watch the video above and think about what this will mean. Because if we don't learn to say “NO” Caracas will very soon be “us”.


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