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USrael & Refusing All Responsibility

By Jim Kirwan

Across the world today “Responsibility” is being REFUSED by Israel and USI, in the four wars that are in spilling over everywhere now. The target zones are Gaza and the Middle East, facing off against the threatened power grab over Ukraine and Eurasia: With the nexus for all of this being the illegal occupations and the ever-changing status of the OCCUPIERS in every region under fire.

In the overview it’s crystal-clear that Israel’s madness has gone beyond sanity when they announced that “Palestinian’s have to leave”, in order to avoid their coming re-invasion of Gaza. There is literally ‘nowhere’ that any Palestinian can go to escape the coming horror.

This is contrasted by the totalitarian-stance from Poroshenko who is insisting that the people in Eastern Ukraine must embrace the forces that have come to kill or imprison them—as if that is some kind of choice that he has deemed “necessary”, to supposedly keep “his country” safe and together under the imported guns from US Inc and Israeli policies that seek just another Gaza where Eastern Ukraine is now.

Washington and Tel Aviv have both approved this course of action as if there is “no responsibility” to be taken for the deaths that will flow from this new slaughter of millions of Ukrainian’s.

In Gaza this same course of action is being obscenely followed by Netanyahu when he demands that Gazans leave Gaza when Israel has already totally surrounded them. If they attempt to cross the border into Israel, they will be shot. If they try and leave by boat they will be shot. The Egyptian border is closed to all except a few medical emergencies, so where exactly does Bibi think these millions of walking dead can actually “go”!

Israel, just like USI in Eastern Ukraine, is presenting a physical-circumstance that has no solution. As the only answers to their criminal actions, for which they have each REFUSED to accept any “responsibility” whatsoever, actually offers absolutely no-escape. Or to put this another way “All Resistance Is Futile”.

While the above is taking place there’s a third-rail running through everything else. That’s the ISIS & ISIL that represents Pandora’s Global Political Box, which is chewing up various lands and peoples throughout the Middle East while they threaten the wider world with everything from blowing up the international soccer games, to attacking Spain and other EU nations whenever they decide to do so. This element could easily be called Chaos Incarnate.

While this element is not formally a target, because of the confusion of so many potential combatants, it is nevertheless a major component for total destabilization across all of the other targets of political and financial collapse worldwide.

The other contributor to this global crisis is the reluctance that can be seen as the still passive European states; that can’t seem to come down clearly, either for or against any of the maniacal forces that are driving this global genocide—everywhere!

And, as usual, it seems everyone has forgotten history: In particular what happened to Georgia in 2008 when Russia did what Russia does and drove the US backed fascists out of the Russian part of Georgia without hesitation.

USI and Israel literally remembered this global-embarrassment and have laid their traps in Ukraine accordingly. The result is that if Russia comes to the aid, militarily of Eastern Ukraine, they will be seen as “occupiers”. If they don’t then they will be painted as they are now, as cowards!

Russia remains the only major voice of sanity in trying to end the violence, in Ukraine, with region wide negotiations that could remove the threat of global war and block the planned massacre of millions of Ukrainians. But until Europe gets off its fat-ass and takes action against USI and Israel globally, to end these collective nightmares—then virtually nothing will change.

The solution is clear. The UN and NATO have both violated their supposed international charters, again and again and again. And if left alone they will succeed in reintroducing the twisted and suicidal Crusades, again!

The current series of global-crimes has bequeathed to the world Palestine, Libya, Syria, and now Ukraine, that’s slated for total destruction in servitude to global fascism. This is being directed by the global banks ­ which must be destroyed wherever their filthy paws have appeared, to steal the life of the world, for global private and corporate control over everyone on this planet.

This cannot be accomplished without the necessary dedicated actions, from the future targets of the current Juggernaught: As in all the member states of the EU working with Russia and the BRICS nations: Against the cabal of USrael and the global Zionists that seek nothing less than total control over the planet.

If this is not done, then the headless results of both Defeat and Victory will come to pass and with that the future of the world will clearly disappear.

Israel meanwhile continues to spit in the face of the entire world that is not in alignment with their global ambitions.

Instead of listening to Israel, the world needs to wipe out the Israeli threat of global nuclear blackmail and shove that the global Zionista’s back into their stateless status which they had before they stole Palestine for themselves.

Israel seems unaware of how their “specialness” is seen by the rest of the world. Yes the Jews were “Chosen” but they were chosen to be the one people who must never have a state, because their behavior is the perfect example of how humanity must NEVER behave toward all the other people in the wider world.

Instead of “acceptance” Israel must go back to being the most dangerous pariah on this planet which must not be allowed to become part of this or any other civilization, “ever again”! Of course that includes the hyphenated-Jews inside the USI as well: Wherever they have set up housekeeping, both inside and outside the government because they have always been traitors to the United States since even before 1913 and the theft of the US treasury…

In brief the world has always known that for every action there is always and equal and opposite ‘reaction’. And nature itself has built in the concept of accepting “RESPONSIBILITY” for the crimes that people and government’s commit in this world.

The world has violated nature’s rules and PAYBACK will rebalance the natural order of life in this world. If rebalance cannot take place then the human race will simply vanish from history; as just another failed experiment of nature, that couldn’t meet the minimums required, for a successful and prosperous way of life in this world…


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