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The U.S. Military Has Surrendered
To Unqualified Women

By Jim Kirwan



Obama with the approval of the treasonous Congress has been converting the leadership of various military positions, to unqualified, non-combatant experienced-female-officers.. Above is the Admiral, just appointed, that currently heads the United States Navy ­ worldwide.

The United States Navy is currently a severely-challenged part of the U.S. military as the worldwide-fleet is way down from what it once was, thanks to Congress & the Muslim-Communist Commander of the United States military.

“President Barack Obama will name a woman to head a major US combatant command for the first time, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Friday.”

k ­ Ashton Carter, is the current U.S. Secretary of Defense, who also has zero experience or knowledge of military affairs ­ apparently his only qualifications are rooted in his friendly-relationships with the LBGTQ community.

“He said Air Force General Lori Robinson will be appointed as the next head of the US Northern Command (NORTHCOM), which is responsible for the defense of the US "homeland" with an area of operations that extends from Alaska to portions of the Caribbean.”

Obama to Name First Woman to Head Major US Military Command

Some comments about her appointment:


... I like know all these slots are just miraculously opening for these specific candidates. with all due respect to her, she only got that position because shes female, taking the place of someone who worked hard for that spot just because the navy wants a female trophy commander....

May 20

... Now we will be able to defeat our enemies with decisive political correctness and overwhelming diversity.

May 20

“… Given this administration's habit of assigning people based more on race, sexuality, or gender, we can only hope this admiral is the best qualified person for the job. Remember after the whole Secret Service & hooker scandal? They had to have a woman in charge, that being the main qualifier. We then saw about a half dozen breeches at the WH. So I can understand people's distrust of how people get their jobs from this WH. Yes, it is still bigotry & sexism when you are promoting people on their backgrounds & not their qualifications.

4 · May 20

...Congratulations. She is a woman that every one should look up to. This is a woman with honor, loyalty, dignity Selfless service, duty, integrity and courage nothing like corrupted Killary.

May 23

...There's a list of stellar officers who were forced to resign or side-lined to make way for this obvious political move under the Cretin -In- Charge Barry H.O. Google it. “

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Jan. 5, 2016) -- For the first time in its history, the Army has installed a female officer as the commandant of cadets at the U.S. Military Academy, or USMA, at West Point, New York.

Brig. Gen. Diana M. Holland, herself a 1990 graduate of the school, assumed the role of commandant of cadets during a ceremony there, Jan. 5. She is the 76th officer to hold the position.

Last year, when the announcement was made that Holland would assume the role, acting Army Secretary Eric K. Fanning said the officer was well-suited for the position.

"Diana's operational and command experiences will bring a new and diverse perspective to West Point's leadership team," Fanning said. "She is absolutely the right person for this critical position."

Lt. Gen. Robert L. Caslen Jr., the academy's superintendent, said Holland is "immensely qualified" for the position, which has a tremendous impact on the development of future Army officers...”

First female West Point commandant of cadets assumes new role


It matters because in situation after situation in the world, the United States Military & NATO, are being challenged each and every day. Based on what the world thinks of as the same all-powerful U.S. Military.

However the U.S. Air Force has been depleted to the point that the aircraft being depended upon are only at one-fourth the strength of what they were when we entered Iraq in 1991 ­ due to both wear and tear on the weapons and congressional cuts, but especially upon the new reverence to appoint women everywhere, even when they are not qualified at all.

The U.S. Navy too is suffering from inadequate forces, due to overreach in several areas of the planet. One of the facts not part of the military-computations at this time, is that the United States is being forced by Israel into potentially deeper wars, in the Middle East, with Turkey, the Kurds, and possibly China & Russia. And as of today: There is now a rapidly approaching Western War in South America that was just rekindled by events in Brazil.

This is most likely to happen because of the key position within BRICs which Brazil has held until today, when events there have created a new flashpoint. And since the overthrow of three more nations in South America, America has officially reverted to our earlier polices of “American Exceptionalism” ­ that led to the past tyranny over the entire continent of South America. But with the global-challenges that now exist, America is not equipped to fight China, Russia, Turkey and the revolt that's coming throughout South America.

Made in USA: 3 key signs that point to Washington's hand


While Obama and Ashton Carter are preening their failed military and political policies around the world, apparently neither are aware that Russian and Chinese weaponry and capacities have been horribly misjudged by those who are making decisions for the U.S. - while those opposing us have radically advanced their forces to 5th generation fighters, and weapons that have outstripped the United States in every area that counts.

We are apparently doing all this while we have replaced combat veterans throughout key positions in the U.S. Military with creatures that have little or no combat experience whatsoever ­ in the name of radical feminist figureheads, who know nothing about the depth of the dangers that lie within the conditions we keep trying to create, in order to go-to-war, regardless of our chances to win anything.

All anyone needs to look at is how pitifully we have done in all these wars that we've allowed Israel to push us into - since 1991.




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