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US Is Woefully Unprepared
For Low Tech BioWarfare

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff  The US has not made BioWarfare defense a priority.  Funding for defending against biowarfare is almost non-existent.  The government doesn't care.  It could not be more obvious.

I think the most imminent, real danger we face is the low tech spread of diseases like MDR TB and Hepatitis A (HAV).   MDR TB is spreading across the US by neglecting the obvious - the infected are WALKING BioWeapons.  

It is not the high tech spread of diseases to the US citizens we need to most immediately fear…it is the LOW TECH spread that we should be hearing about in the media and being educated about.  

In other words, those infected with MDR TB or HAV go out and, as with MDR TB, and cough and sneeze around US citizens who are not infected.   By having these diseased Third World savages with Hepatitis A, for example, simply go into public areas after using a bathroom and not washing their hands - which is their 'culture' - they will plant viruses on everything they touch or use…from gas pumps to elevator buttons to using handrails and door handles and knobs.  I would also suggest you request disposable plastic forks and spoons in restaurants…or even take your own with you when dining out.  Don't laugh…this is deadly serious.  Kitchen help and dishwashers are often illegals and 'refugees'.  Think about it and how ISIS has instructed muslims to contaminate out food every chance they get.

Why the CDC has not warned and educated the public about this primary means of spreading of HAV by these means is gross negligence at the least.   California, a state with huge refugee and illegal populations, is having a terrible time controlling the spread of HAV.   Minnesota is having a hard time controlling MDR TB and that should be no surprise, either.

I would bet the farm that the training camps for terrorists, which are spread across the US, like Islamberg in NY, are actually teaching infected refugees to go out and use simple low tech spreading those diseases to Americans.  If one of the muslims, for example, has MDR TB, what is to prevent this Christian-hating Third Worlder from coughing and spitting and trying to infect as many Americans as possible?  In short this is, absolutely and unquestionably,  low tech biowarfare….intentional or not.

With HAV they are taught to simply use feces on surfaces that Americans touch to spread HAV to the public.  By using these low tech methods, they can spread disease to us, even damaged the whole economy due to workers missing work from being ill.   HAV can also kill off the very young and the elderly with ease.   Because this biowar is being fought with low tech, it isn't even noticed by local police or government officials.  Make no mistake, the CDC knows EXACTLY what is going on…but says nothing, partly because it is not PC.  k These savages can cause much sickness and death and never get caught.  IF they do get caught, they can always say they had no idea they were infected and dangerous.   

The CDC better start yelling about this method of disease transmission and force health screening of ALL musims and illegals.  Anyone found to be infected should immediately be quarantined and sent back to their home country. WE cannot afford to treat America-haters in our country, especially when we KNOW there is a muslim plot to spread Third World diseases to US citizens.

In Europe and South America right now, Diphtheria and Whooping Cough are spreading wildly thanks to these so-called 'refugees'.   Have you heard about that in the MSM?  Never.   It is time to look into low tech disease spread and admit that we are under attack.   There is a flu H1N1 in Ghana that I call 'Ghana Flu'.  It also causes Meningitis with the flu symptoms.  Are we going to allow refugees from Ghana to come to America and bring over the Ghana Flu?

Where the hell is Homeland Security...remember Homeland Security?  They should, indeed be looking into low tech disease spread as a BioWar weapon.  What are they waiting for? More Americans to get HAV or MDR TB or AIDS or scores of STDs before they act?  In many ways, I think low tech disease spread is far more dangerous than hi tech disease spread using sprayers, DRONES or even crop dusters.  

It is realatively easier to cough MDR TB right onto Americans, or spread Hepatitis A feces from unwashed hands to common surfaces like door knobs or gas pumps.  Why rent a crop duster and spray Anthrax?   Anthrax takes a lot of high tech just to weaponize it and when sprayed from a plane, loses much potency due to dispersal and sunlight.  According to the way Hepatitis A is spreading in California, Utah, NY, Michigan etc - and also spreading in Europe - I would say their low tech plot is working quite well.