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The USS McCain Was Likely Hacked By China

By Steven

I see our overpaid LGBTQ officers in the USN are finally going to look into hacking. It was in the press.

 You can see from the vessel tracker, the Alnic MC is minding its own business in the inbound shipping lane
 only going 9 knots. It suddenly has to swerve hard to port (not starboard as initially reported) at 51 second, either hacked or as it hit the USS Fitzgerald,

 which would have been going much faster, especially if it was cutting in line or across the shipping lane.
 They then circle back and recognize they are in the middle of the shipping lane and going the wrong way and decide to get out of the lane and radio the Malaysian Navy from 4-5 miles away from the collision.

 The CO was very experienced and well qualified on the McCain. The Crew  was very experienced on the AlNIC, although staffing was light.

 The CEO of the McCain was hispanic who worked his way from an ordinary seaman to CEO which is very rare. The CPO was a black sociology major and a masters degree. Typically the CPO is a technical guy. They could hang the USS fitz crew as they were white males, but not this crew as its affirmative action types.

 This ship was staffed with a full crew plus...indicating they were ready for action.  As I sent you previously, the McCain was harassing the Chinese navy last week and a couple years back China subs were monitoring the McCain, even off US waters, and the Chinese cut off their solar array.

 The McCain can go 3x the speed the Alnic was and cruising on autopilot.