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UN Takedown Of The United States Has Begun


By Jim Kirwan

This begins with Obamanation's takeover of the
UN Security Council Chairmanship
in the month of October.

Obama, as president surrendered the arms of all Americans
to the United Nations, which has now added 50,000
U.S. Troops to United Nations forces.

When Barack becomes the Chairman of the UN Security Council,
In October, he can order the UN to disarm all Americans
which is something that very few have noticed.
Consequently everyone in America must fight this takeover - now!

Here's Obama, lying his ass off today in front of the world at the UN.

President Obama's Full Speech before the UN General Assembly

There's a long list of events that have brought us all this to a razors' edge, that's become massively important to the survival of both the Second Amendment and the survival of the U.S. Constitution, along with every man, woman and child in America...

The lawlessness at work here, publicly began in Nevada in 2014, over the armed assault by the BLM & the FBI on Cliven Bundy's Ranch in Nevada.

Two articles that outline the beginning of this barbaric-charade.

...”The public needs to remember why Bundy Ranch happened in the first place, said one prisoner. We didn’t all just show up in Bunkerville one day because we were mad about a cattle round-up. The facts are the same as they were in April of 2014. The BLM was acting aggressively toward the Bundy family.
They had snipers trained on them, they reacted violently and beat a man for taking photos of them, they set up an illegal free speech area, they were killing cattle and burying them on “so called” public lands; and despite numerous warnings to “back off”by Clarke County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie, Governor Brian Sandoval, and plenty of other State and Federal Officials, Daniel P Love escalated his militarized response and refused to use diplomacy over violence....”
Bundy Defendants Claim “Political Lynching” in Nevada Courts Following Discovery
Because Oregon Sheriff Doesn’t Value Citizens’ Rights, He Claims Malheur Refuge Occupation was far from Peaceful
This brings us to the latest legal ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Against the US Government and in favor of the defendants in Oregon &Nevada.
The Fabricated Trials in Oregon are Over

Begin @ 11 min: This is history in the making in 1hr 38min. This is thorough and it's mind-boggling: This also reverses everything that's happened, with the theft of all the lands in the U.S.A. by the lawless private corporation that still says 'it's the U.S. government'.

Feds have NO jurisdiction. It's a tenth Amendment issue and state's right all the way. The feds have no right to even own land in any state. And this is the summation that came from the Ninth Circuit Court ­ which should result in putting the prosecution and their collaborators behind bars ­ while the accused go free and begin to sue for damages going back years..

Many have forgotten that the United Nations is a totally fictitious 'organization' that is owned outright by the Vatican. That's the same 'Vatican' that's proposing the global merging of all religions into a one-world-religion, that is supposed to be completed in just three days, on September 23, 2016.

POPE FRANCIS to PROCLAIM LUCIFER as God of One World Religion on September 23 2016?

The confluence of all these events to be carried out with
Obama as both the president of the lawless United States and
soon to also and simultaneously serve as
UN Security Council Chairman. In thar role Obama can
then oversee the surrender of all privately owned weapons in America;
which the US Congress refused to do.

And since it is the UN that is demanding control over all the lands and resources of the United States in their capacity as landlords for the Vatican, which is also where Agenda 21 came from ­ it's becoming such a wealth of new outlaws in this newly lawless “West” that's been consolidating the entire North American Continent into an illegal “North American Union” that includes Mexico, Canada and the dead USA as part of their one world fiefdom, for the new Robber-Barons that have been working on this for over a hundred years.

So this is part of what we all have to look forward to, in just the remaining few days before the upcoming and probably fixed election, and whatever else comes after that. So many dots to connect and so little time - -


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