` This Must Be Done
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This Must Be Done
According to What Bush Foretold…

By Jim Kirwan


..."Sarah, if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bush’s have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched." - George Bush Sr. 1992 (1)

Bush Senior laid out the truth. The Bush Doctrine of 2002 gave us the criminality needed, on the federal level, for traitors to implement everything that is reverberating now throughout congress, the media and the world. All that’s missing is the public lynching…

Despite the above giveaway of the congressional duty to declare war, the congress still has the right, and the responsibility to hold anyone who testifies before them in “contempt of congress” for failure to answer congress openly and fully, in any question put to them by the congress.

When the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta was called to testify about his actions and responsibilities for the War Department of the United States, he told congress that they did not need to answer to the congress because he took his orders from NATO and the UN. Panetta could have been arrested on the spot, fired by the congress and jailed immediately for “Contempt of Congress”. But nothing was done. The same thing should have happened to the current Attorney General Holder, for his obvious refusal to answer the questions put to him by congress. They have the power to charge Eric Holder with “Contempt of Congress” and Holder’s attempt to mislead both the congress and the public about everything he has been called to answer for.

Contrary to popular belief the congress can make findings and arrests, based solely on the behavior of the witnesses that have appeared before them in open sessions—for which the complete video transcripts exist and could be used to back any such action.

Lying to congress is a crime serious enough to cost any government employee his or her job. This includes the Director of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Michael Chertoff, her predecessor. Also included are virtually the whole list of creatures from the Treasury, the Department of Defense and the Fed on matters of military or fiscal-policy who have all publicly-lied about everything that has been happening during the past 13 years.

Maybe since the congress has finally discovered what everyone else has always known about the enemies-lists and the illegal spying on all of congress—something might finally begin to change? Even the president is not exempt from the powers of the congress, if they had chosen to use their power to compel the truth from anyone that has testified before the congress—especially in open session.

Given the total failure of every policy of the administration, why has congress not-chosen to demand explanations for our failures in every area of the government? The public has the right to know why the government keeps on appointing the same criminals to different jobs instead of ever facing consequences for their failures and their crimes. For that matter why has no one demanded an explanation about the failures of the government to be responsible for the budget or the debt, in every area of life?

The fabled “political-future” that so many have used to screw the public is here and that “City on the Hill” that Reagan promised is burning and under arbitrary-and illegal-martial-law, just like Detroit, but its threatening to become the norm nationwide. Why not ask the questions that congress has the responsibility to publicly ask of everyone in authority! The congress too could be looking at that angry mob, if they don’t begin to use their powers to protect the public.

To fail to ask real questions when the life-blood of the nation is threatened is treason. And when “the war” is nothing but a government construct to hide massive military-industrial-profits, that continue to expand even as we continue to lose war after war—if the congress does not act immediately, then the promised public lynchings may not be very far from reality.

Every promise this government has made to the people they supposedly serve, and protect, has been destroyed in public. Yet nothing has been done to anyone that has committed any of these war-crimes, crimes against humanity of any of the multi-national obscenities that we have committed on the orders of Israel, our current owner of everything that was once American. (2)



The entire construct of this farce that is still called “the government” is being ripped apart on every front because the treasonous-lies are spreading into every other area of national concern. Holder is about to be thrown to the wolves. That will only deepen the massive and growing number of lies surrounding Obama in what really happened in Benghazi, as well as the outcome of Fast & Furious. The drum-beat of new-laws that continue to pound this nation into ashes continues unabated, but what is happening now will keep most of this garbage from ever being enforced.

In addition to the public crimes being fought over now, there are more lies behind the lie of “The American Community Survey”: its part of what’s contained in AGENDA 21, which continues. (4)

This is the government’s plan for citizens in the US is to divide our existing apartments and homes into shriveled living space for six or more: Where now there are only couples or a single tenant. This is part of Obama’s Communist manifesto which is being expanded through the UN (Hidden beneath a fake-form of the CENSUS), another continuing-lie to change the way we live.

This is beneath the obscenity of what is now being demanded from citizens who are approached by mail as “RESISDENT” rather than directing questions to individuals whom the government knows by name. All of this is being done under the color of “THE LAW” which they refuse to name, on letters that are not signed by anyone. This misuse of the CENSUS has nothing whatever to do with the Department of Commerce, which is being used to menace rather than to assist with anything of substance for those being interrogated by this demanding 28 page questionnaire. (3)

As the layers of deception are torn away from the lies of the shadow-government the open cesspools are exposed: Backstabbing will become the major pastime of the Hordes who would-be “ONE World Order”, if they weren’t so paranoid. Their major limitation now consists of just how long can their hatreds continue to hold the corruption together, before everything melts back into the abyss?

This is what GH Bush had in mind when he began to see where all the Bushwhacker’s plans were bound to lead the American public to:

“…if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bush’s have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched."

It’s up to us to finish what the so-called New World Order began!


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