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The Gangster State

By Jim Kirwan


The term ‘Police-State’ has been replaced.

If we were living in a Police State there would still be laws.

Illegal laws, but there would still be some law.

Today Amerika is totally lawless,

Welcome to the Gangster State of Amerika!

We have come to a place in history where nothing that has happened before, can be used, against the individuals who have created hundreds of global crimes against humanity, the genocides, the global-inhumanity, the rapes, the tortures and the slaughters done around the world—by blatant gangsters. This is the backdrop that has produced The Gangster State.

In the US there is a single white-hot line of responsibility that connects many of our global-crimes with the rabid-insanity of Israel which can all be traced straight back to Henry Kissinger.

Here’s a synopsis of some of Kissinger’s global-crimes.

The full story is available in the 2002 Film

The Trials of Henry Kissinger

The statement, Henry Kissinger is a War Criminal’ is a statement of fact ~ it’s not a piece of rhetoric or a metaphor it’s a job description.”

Kissinger sacrificed human lives around the world to pursue his private goals. “The dark-side of Henry Kissinger is very, very dark.’

Kissinger was born in Germany in 1923. Henry was ten years old when Hitler came to power. He was the son of Jewish academics and was very bright. Kissinger was 15 when he came to the United States. In 1944 Kissinger returned to Germany as a member of the U.S. counter-intelligence corp. Early on Kissinger believed that what really mattered in life was power politics. Kissinger became fascinated with ‘diplomacy & secrecy’ which prefigured in all that he would later do for himself, instead of what he pretended to do for either the government or the people which were directly impacted by his self-serving-decisions. Duplicity was the hallmark of all that Henry Kissinger touched-on throughout his life.

Nelson Rockefeller picked him up early and what flowed from that apprenticeship is history. He surfaced on the national scene under Nixon during the Vietnam War. By 1968 Kissinger had become a principle advisor to LBJ on Vietnam. Working supposedly for Johnson, Kissinger got involved with the peace-talks to end the Vietnam War, in Paris. But he worked both sides, politically: LBJ in public but also Richard Nixon in secret. That was in May of ’68 when the talks were officially going nowhere. In Paris Kissinger played off the Johnson team against the Nixon team. Henry used both-sides to serve his own ends to unjustly-conclude a completely false peace-agreement for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize—two years before the actual war in Vietnam came to the dramatic end of the war—when the U.S. lost to the North Vietnamese in Saigon.

When Nixon won the election Henry became both the Secretary of State and the Director of National-Security simultaneously, in the criminally inclined Nixon administration. This appointment gave Henry Kissinger unprecedented power. Henry became the policy-director of the Nixon administration. When the illegal-wars on Cambodia (1969) and Laos were created, they came directly from the mind and planning of Henry Kissinger. That twist lengthened the war and cost the lives of millions of people, to satiate the whims of this creature that has still not been charged with any of his crimes.

To pull off what he was able to do, to and with the US government, during Vietnam: Kissinger worked directly with the Pentagon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the CIA—conducting the diplomacy and the military-policies of the United States.

Kissinger’s quiet takeover of power was mirrored by Rumsfeld and Cheney during Bush junior’s War on Iraq; when the US secretly set-up Cheney’s Shadow Government which proceeded to do exactly what Kissinger had done, almost in the open during Vietnam.

The end of ‘Separation of Powers’ was formalized by Kissinger during Vietnam, but it was massively used to criminalize the entire series of American-aggressive-wars which began with the attack on Afghanistan—followed by the insanity of the illegal pre-emptive attack on Iraq for which there was never any proven-reason: But which is still going on today. Again no one has been charged for any of this because the public utterly failed to understand how much of the constitution had already been destroyed by the time Congress gave the global-power to attack any nation in the world to George W. Bush in the above License to Kill in 2002.


The illegal wiretapping policies we are living under today were pioneered by Henry Kissinger during the Bombing of Cambodia and Laos: All of it then was illegal, just like it is today under literally hundreds of different security agencies that have each multiplied like a national-breed of cockroaches which they have become, under the direction of Israel.

From 1969 to 1973 the number of bombs dropped on Cambodia and Laos equaled the number of bombs dropped on Japan in WWII. During this time period more than 500,000 Cambodians died. By 1974 Cambodia’s economy had been destroyed and famine ensued. Over 2 million refugees poured into crowed cities.

That problem created the Khmer Rouge in 1975 which brought the world their ‘Killing Fields’ which was another side-effect of Henry’s blood-drenched polices. By 1979 another 3 million Cambodians had lost their lives. The bombing of Cambodia was the first step in the chain of events that led to the fall of Richard Nixon. The new president, after Nixon was forced to resign, was Gerald Ford who kept Kissinger on and pardoned Richard Nixon. Again no one was charged over the bombings and no one went to jail for any of the above.

Kissinger has deeded his “private papers” to the Library of Congress. What he did to and for the government, during his tenure in government, is not the private property of Henry Kissinger. Those papers were paid for in the blood and treasure of the American people. They belong to the public who both paid for them and were victimized by the actions the papers would clearly reveal, once they become the public-property they always were!

No one is supposedly allowed to see these documents until 5 years after Henry’s death. In this Gangster State in which we no longer have any rights, the pubic must demand that Congress turn over those papers to the world to read—or face impeachment and execution for obstruction of justice in a world court—since our own justice system has been totally destroyed.

But Kissinger was not done.

On the day when Indonesia took the decision to attack the people of their own country, in East Timor, Henry Kissinger was sitting in the room with Ford and Suharto. On December 6, 1975 when the Indonesian blood bath began: Using US weapons to crush the East-Timor rebels the decision was made despite the fact the weapons had been sold to Indonesia strictly for defensive purposes only. Ford & Kissinger left Indonesia for Washington, just hours before the bloodbath began. Over 100,000 Timorese were murdered. Kissinger denies any involvement—we need to see his papers to see what really happened there! This transpired in the post-Vietnam era ­ and the world was not watching the continued crimes of the USA or Henry Kissinger!

This points now to what we did in Libya and are still doing for the last two years in Syria, for Israel.

On September 11, 1973 the United States upon advice from Henry Kissinger murdered Salvador Allende, the elected leader of Chile. The coup was directed by Kissinger, through the CIA and the State Department that left Chile in the bloody hands of a brutal dictator for 17 years. Again no one in the US has been charged for that crime either.

This chapter of Kissinger’s crimes would have been challenged in a law suit brought by the son of the general loyal to Allende. That lawsuit was to have been filed with New York courts on September 11, 2001 ­ 28 years later to the day. Thirty-four minutes after that lawsuit was supposedly filed the criminal-US & Israeli military attack upon the United States began. All court records were destroyed in that attack and that lawsuit has not again been heard from to this day.

Welcome to the Gangster State!

Clinton was also vile and contributed his share of war-crimes throughout his tenure in the Oval Office as well.

In Bosnia Clinton conducted that illegal UN aggressive-war from 1992 to 1995—more 100,000 people were killed and an estimated total of 20,000 to 50,000 women were raped and 2.2 million were displaced. That’s more than half the population. All kinds of criminal actions became institutionalized throughout the region such as the sex-slave industry which the UN protected for the duration of that criminal United Nations intervention.

800,000 people died from April to July in 1994, inside Rwanda, in a bloodbath that Clinton refused to stop. Susan Rice was the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs in the Clinton administration. Her ‘fears’ about the effect on the next election cycle ended up controlling what the US did not do to stop the Genocide in Rwanda, under Clinton. The genocide was successful, because of the Clinton administration.

Clinton was also responsible for the murder of the Glass-Stiegel Act and the introduction of the bulk of the NAFTA agreements that ended American independence throughout the world by subjugating American laws and industry to the old-new-world order - which oversaw the wholesale export of American jobs to the third world.

Clinton literally guided the end of American Empire. For his criminal part in the end of America, Bill Clinton has not suffered any stains for his crimes against America or the US Constitution. He also brought the curse of Hillary Clinton into public life. That crime has irreversibly ripped apart any illusions about the role of the US Secretary of State in the world today.

The litany of crimes committed through the Oval Office from George HW Bush in Panama and later in Iraq, all the way to the saga of the shame of everything that is still being directed by Israel, in the Middle-East which all comes back to The Gangster State!

Did you know about this filth?

Are you willing to let these criminal-officials get away with this,

By hiding behind their “private-papers:

Which the Criminal-Congress continues to protect from

The ordinary people of the old USA!

George HW Bush said that “if the American People knew

What we have done to them

They would hang us from the nearest lamppost.”

Let’s make HIS WORDS come true!



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