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Surprise Surprise TB
Cases On Increase in US

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - Surprise, Surprise - TB is on the rise across the US.  As long as we continue to allow open borders and to allow influx of refugees without health screening we will see this and other diseases on the increase.

I remember what life was like when TB was king and TB had no cure.  It was both lonely for the infected and very lonely for those of us family members who had to stay away from the infected.

For many years I had to stay away from Aunt Lizzy and Uncle John's farm. Why, TB. Uncle John came down with TB.  When Aunt Lizzy's son found out he, too had TB he hung himself from the living room rafters.  This was the desperation and despair that TB wrought.    It also kept relatives and friends apart.  There was no cure even though the year was 1959.   All one could do was stay away from known TB cases.

We are once again finding the killer is back and our medicines no longer work. Instead of guarding our borders to make sure the killer strains and all TB stays out of the US, Obama brings in unscreened refugees and allows illegals to flood into the US carrying all types of TB strains. Resistant TB strains will once again bring the unstopable killer back to fear, despair and desparation and thanks to Obama and open borders TB cases in the US will rise.


TB Cases Rise In Connecticut, Nationally; First Increase In 23 Years