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Rebels Smash Kiev’s Morale
By Jim Kirwan

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Of the Battlefield Weapons Destroyed

In the final chapter of this battle

For Ukraine

Ilovaysk: Rebel Commander says

4800 Kiev soldiers attacked the Resistance this month but not over 200 of them survived.

This blatant victory has crushed the morale of the Kiev Military!

See the first four minutes of the video:

From the ashes of this heavy loss by the Ukrainian military, a potential new start in real-negotiations could take place: Given the destabilized morale in Kiev and the anger of the public against both the generals and the government responsible for this military defeat.

Still the invisible giant in the room, USrael, has not yet been heard from, on this pivotal political and military event inside all the recent wars created by ISIS & US Incorporated, just nine months ago…

Meanwhile this ‘Tale of Two Worlds’ continues…

At stake is the global obsession with profits versus those of us that want to live our lives from the depths to the heights ­ free from interference by the lawless forces that control most of the world today.

The reason the world formed itself into separate and independent nation states in the first place, was for people to be able to determine for themselves how they wanted to live in the world. In theory; people would be able to live their own lives by and with their own laws in their own history. That implies that they could create and use their own money, their own thoughts and their own goals: All of which has been subsumed, for the most part, by the lawless legions that are roaming the world as if every place is theirs to slaughter as they choose.

The introduction of the world to Israel’s Secret Intelligence Services (ISIS) has been a colossal global disaster: Especially now that they’ve cloaked their barbarity as just another dot com startup competing with all the other corporate pirates in the world today.

Beyond the commercial applications; Israel was used to erase national borders and international laws in order to create this lawless fantasy where everyone who had been ‘separate’ before they were attacked: Has now been subjected to exterior controls by Outlaws, over every facet of their lives and beliefs.

Where nations once had polices and laws to go by, there are now only wars of raw aggression, in a world that seems to prefer insanity to self-determination, all around the world.

This began quietly enough back in the 1930’s with “Political Correctness” being used locally to change societies from the inside out. From then until now; “PC” has moved to eliminate everything from personal choices in local politics to lawless states that have destroyed the real differences between the various people of the world.

As that silent-disease continues to infect global-populations, supposedly in the name of improving life for everyone—the reality that the public was herded into, has been nothing less than global-fear and terror of everything in the world beyond PC and the global police-state that monitors it all.

All the building blocks that were once the bedrock, on which so many different societies were based, was forced to give way, to fascist corporate interests backed in the West, by over 900 military bases all over the world.

At the end of any day, humans found that they can no longer succeed in private quests’ for a better life, because the only thing which officially matters now are the profits of greed and power, on this unsustainable level, which kills everything that tries to live apart from what has been globally dictated for the world to follow.

Obsessive Denials from the Siren & the Sorceress

Policies and Laws” were once used to protect and sustain people who worked and reveled in the lives and the passions, which they knew they could build on; when the world was sane. But in the quicksand of global ‘political correctness’, lawless and barbaric outlaw states have arisen to kill the promise in your dreams along with any future - for anyone who dares retain the lives we were given at birth.

America’s only a faded dream—and the Golden Goose is dead. It’s far too late now for anything simplistic to succeed. Once the laws were murdered and replaced with individual “surrender” then only the armed and dangerous can ‘rule’ in the Wild, Wild West which is where most of us are at the moment.

None of this will matter, in the end, especially when our values were blatantly confronted by corporate-global-corruptions. Because too many didn’t fight—options were smashed everywhere—over all other considerations in this besieged and hideous version of the world.

We’re under attack by genocide and madness on every side. Everything seems driven by lawless despotism that has no use for anything that might advance the human race, or which could protect the planet, from everything that’s being done to strip us all of every asset: Regardless of the long term damage everywhere,

This is obviously here to stay…

What’s been forgotten now, is that when lawlessness takes over then people on all sides of that will die very ugly deaths: This counterbalance is about to make its way to center-stage. If we want to survive, then this war must be dealt with by other means: Which can begin by taking Israel and all her treacheries and traitors off the board entirely!

If ISIS and Israel itself are not uprooted now, then there will be little chance, for any other options to grow, in the global wasteland that’s dragging us all back to the Dark Ages, assisted at every turn by modern weapons and the global-suicide that follows global madness, all the way down to the end of the endgame.

There are better ways to end this madness. Maybe Flipping the Sanctions against their creators - might yet have a chance to work?


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