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Putin Must Say NO ­ Again!

From Jim Kiwan

Russian tanks coming back successfully from South Ossetia

After Russia said NO to the US & Georgia in 2008

Russia kept her word, told us nothing, and just sent in the tanks

It’s time for Putin to do it again!

In a conversation last night Jeff and I were discussing some of what needs to happen now if all is NOT to be lost in Ukraine to the totally out of control USI-Israel invasion of Eastern Ukraine.

We were talking about how we came to be in the place where Kiev is very comfortable issuing a kill order for a city of 1.8 million people—just because no one is willing to say NO to them and all of their continuing Deconstruction of this Planet: Which they’ve been doing since 2001.

Jeff said: ”How do you feel about Vladimir Putin and his three promises - that there is no way that Russia would ever allow the Russian speaking peoples to be invaded, butchered bombed or shot or harmed in any way by Kiev?...

…“Porky and his pigs know that there’s no accountability coming. There’s no accountability coming. They’re done. They’re acting with complete impunity ~ they’ve been told ‘the Russians are not coming in, “don’t worry about it”!

There were so many opportunities when Mr. Putin could have vaulted into the history books.”

k: Yeah and he didn’t have to make a “federal issue’ out of it, all he had to do was send in the Russian Army (just as he did in South Ossetia when we were doing what Kiev is doing now).

All he had to do is declare a no-fly zone Jim. All he had to do shut down the Air Force, the Ukraine Air Force like we do all the time in Iraq and everywhere else and take out every column of armor and all the military vehicles on the ground—give them a warning: “You’ve got ten minutes to get away from your tanks ­ we’re going to take them out!” …It could have been a safe and sane extermination of a cancer and I just can’t believe ­ it makes me sick to think that there was a deal made and those people (who are still trapped there) were sold out. Something happened.

k: “It looks like that, it really does ~ you can’t make those kinds of statements beforehand and not…

J: “He set them up! He set those people up for godsakes, so did Laborov ­ and he leaves em all to swing in the wind…”

It definitely does appear that way, but Putin still has a chance to make this right by declaring that no-fly zone and doing what must be done again ­ just as he did in South Ossetia, where there was no huge loss of life, no great amount of destruction: Just a firm and resolute push back that forced us to change our stance and leave that puppet state, until we could find another stooge to replace the puppet that caused that debacle in 2008.

k: Far be it from me to tell Putin what he should do: But he must honor the promises he’s already made to the people who are still trapped inside Eastern Ukraine. If he fails at this, this time, the opportunity will more than likely never come again to honor his own words on the global stage! This is no longer just about Ukraine, this is about the whole damned planet that cannot tolerate another version of Gaza and the West Bank which is exactly what Ukraine is turning out to be!

Here’s an article from RT, which lays out the background in depth about the situation as it stands today. This is dynamite article but it stops just short of what we were talking about last night. This edition of CROSSTALK was made mandatory because obviously RT sees the problems with the action that Putin has NOT taken, after he made those three promises. Here’s a small snippet that begins at 15min into the video.

Alexander I remember when Putin became president, on the New Years Eve of the year 2000 ~ and the world was quite relieved because Mr. Yeltsin was challenged during his presidency, I’m being charitable ~ and I can remember reading you know here’s this young guy, a new guy, he’s energetic and he can get things done… but things began to go sour.

Yukos, when the owners of Yukos were going to sell that company to an American oil company ­ this is when Putin said: ‘No you don’t do that’. Ever since then people said ~ I go all the way back to 2003 because that’s when it started.”

Alexander: “And I think you’re absolutely right because Yukos was a major turning point, because it was a challenge within Russia to a certain Oligarchical structure that had been created there in the 1990’s; and which an awful lot of people benefitted from.

And which at the same time, by taking all that structure: Putin in a sense expressed the reality of Russia and the return of Russian government and of Russian independence. And then matters went from bad to worse; because Mr. Putin sided with the French and the Germans and the Chinese in opposing the War in Iraq. I think everybody now agrees that he was right to do so. And in 2007, in Munich, he made a very important speech in which he set up that Russia had serious issues about the way in which the process of European construction was taking place: And the unipolar world ­ and that that was not the way forward. And idyllically the Western powers or the United States anyway has ever forgiven him for those three things.”

Peter Lavelle: “And then you know if we can keep the time line going and then we have August 2008 with the Sakasveli forces, invading South Ossetia, killing international peace keepers and civilians, again it was “Putin’s fault”. But later we found that No, Sakasveli did it, but most people in our audience probably don’t remember that because the media just dropped it.” (Russia’s solution then was to send in the tanks, which the image above shows as they came back to Russia after successfully stopping the US aggression in South Ossetia).

Peter: …”I’ve been watching Russia for what about twenty years now, and if you get Russia wrong there’s no down side. No one’s gonna say ‘Aw but you made a mistake’. There’s no down side in getting Russia wrong.

Don: “In terms of demonization that’s true… What needs to happen is to speak a language that they understand here. If there’s some way to finagle a case into federal court here for slander, libel or whatever and make somebody write a big check ­ that’ll change the dynamic. That works in the United States. Unfortunately it’s not like you have a fair-play in the court system here, but should you get the judgment and enforce it then you’d see the behavior change.

You know if you look at what’s happening right now, as an example of the lens that the American media portrays these things, whether it’s Putin or Russia in general or the world in general. What’s happening right now, the images that you see, from Ferguson, Missouri, of the military ­ you know militarized police blowing it, the militarized police since the 1960’s you’ve been looking at them across the barricades, for almost that long.

You have the military firing tear gas, shooting and killing some people, and you know beating the hell our of a poor community.

If that were happening in South Ossetia, and or if this were happening elsewhere, in Russia say and there were some minority were being picked on; that would be grounds for major activity for the Security Council, more sanctions and who knows what else? And yet ­ this is common behavior in the United States and the media doesn’t raise any of those questions ­ ever!

As a matter of fact you have the immediate historical antecedent of what happened on the streets of Kiev, back from November to February, and the response from Yanikovich’s police, compared to the response of the police right now in Ferguson, which looked sleepy, almost looked tame ­ like they called the police but they’re still sleepin. It’s Amazing!” This ends @ 20 min 25secs.

The Putin phenomenon

Consequently Putin must be heard from on this issue, loud and clear with direct actions to be taken, as this entire issue cross compares with those three promises that Putin stated so clearly when this takeover of Ukraine first began!


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