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Political Correctness Is Eight Decades Old


By Jim Kirwan


““Political Correctness” has been in the making for more than eight decades”, and it seems that a deteriorating society is what Political Correctness (has always striven) for.”

It's history goes all the way back to World War One

Cultural terrorism against the West was introduced in 1919.

The Frankfort School opened its doors formally on June 22, 1924, but it had already held its first seminar on 'theory'

in June of 1923.”

The Frankfort School would be the vehicle

that translated Marxism from economic into cultural terms.”

Political Correctness is nothing less than Cultural Marxism”

The key to the Frankfort School's work on 'culture' was

the crossing of Marx with Freud ­ the Frankfort School Used Freud to argue that in Western Culture everyone lived in a constant state of psychological suppression.”

The History of Political Correctness (complete)

22min 26secc VIDEO

'Freud became internationally successful as the father of contemporary psychology. His nephew Edward Bernays whose influence on the 20th century was nearly as great as his uncles. But his ideas were used to radically change and manipulate the masses and instill in people the constant need to acquire things they didn't need: by linking their “needs” to their unconscious desires. Out of this would come a new political idea of how to control the masses...'


The Century of the Self (Full Documentary)

3hour 54min 43sec VIDEO

The Fall of Freud

The works of Sigmund Freud were enormously influential in 20th century psychiatry, but they’ve now been reduced to little more than a fringe belief system. Armed with the latest version of my PubMed history script, and inspired by this classic gnxp post on the death of Marxism, postmodernism, and other stupid academic fads I decided to see how this happened.”

See the article for the graph mentioned below:

As you can see, the number of published scientific papers related to Freud-y search terms like psychoanalytic has flat-lined for the past 50 years. That represents a serious collapse of influence, given the enormous expansion in the amount of research being published over this time.

Since 1960 the number of papers on schizophrenia has risen by a factor of 10 and anxiety by a factor of 80 (sic). The peak of Freud’s fame was 1968, when almost as many papers referenced psychoanalytic (721) as did schizophrenia (989), and it was more than half as popular as antidepressants (1372). Today it’s just 10% of either. Proportionally speaking, psychoanalysis has gone out with a whimper, though not a bang.”

When you combine The Fall of Freud, and the exposure of his frauds, together with Bernays, in the world of current day Political Correctness: It's easy to see how Freud and his nephew were used to further the rise of Political Correctness across the planet ­ in their attack upon Western Values from the bottom up, beginning with the children, the destruction of 'family values' and all the way to the obliteration of cultural and social society worldwide.

It takes awhile to listen to the links above, but the evidence of this global crime against the people's of the world is the key to everything that has been forced upon us all ­ including the latest invasion of the Rabid Muslims of today, throughout the Western World.

You owe this to yourself to examine these facts: To understand exactly how we've all been had for the last eight decades of underground Marxism that's tried to kill every freedom in the wider world that we all once enjoyed ­ which conversely is now headed straight for the trash heap of history, unless we RISE UP EVERYWHERE to terminate it all.

Today there was another video article.

In this video - begin @ 24min - for the crux of this published professor's views of Psychology Today and the effects upon this symposium which speaks to other psychologists. Interestingly this PhD seeks to point out that a majority of psychologists-today have fallen into an extreme bias, whether they know it or not. This gives the rest of us insight into just how critical it is to understand how this profession has led too many down a path of division - that must be re-evaluated, if we are to get back to sanity.”

Inside the Head of Trump Voters

In my view: The continued belief in the failed promise of “Psychology” as that term was created by Freud, is simply that “psychology” as a profession should be culled from the list of acceptable professions, as there is no medical proof of what psychology advocates ­ which is where the problems we face today are founded.

The speaker is advocating that through psychology, the global-population can somehow have things both ways—when in fact all of us must individually chose what we each pursue, if we are going to end the current impasse that is what we have all inherited from the misbegotten drives that are buried in the 8 decades that have bequeathed Political Correctness to the wider world.

In this promise we must answer this basic question posed to the world by Solon, 635-558 BC


Political Correctness only deepens the problems we all have, whenever we fail to address the crimes that leave society in the above condition.

And P.C. virtually guarantees the failure of every society,

to ever address any of our real problems

because we may no longer speak about what's being done to all of us!

In this world that we did not create

And which we have now refused to even see.



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