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New UN Boss Guterres -
'Take Over American Communities'

By Ted Twietmeyer

Incoming Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is planned to become the next secretary of the United Nations. Only a rubber-stamp UN assembly vote is needed to confirm him, and most think this is nothing more than a formality. UN and the European Union both operate the same way ­ and old-boy network without a popular vote.

There is a movement afoot in the UN, bolstered by outgoing current secretary Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. He recently declared, “We must place the human rights of all refugees and migrants at the heart of our commitments.” [1]

UN believes every country ignore their starving people, their working poor and both under-employed and unemployed and put refugees and illegals first, to force hypocrisy as the highest priority. Will Guterres have people working for him that click their heels together and extend their right arm?

Clearly the UN members have their heads completely buried in deep sand. “The UN New York Declaration calls on member nations to resettle as many refugees as possible and for the more wealthy nations of the world (read: the U.S.) to shoulder more of the financial burden, sorry, “humanitarian funding” required to make such efforts possible.” [1]

The UN declaration goes on: “The declaration proceeded to inform host countries that they must make all efforts to ensure that adult refugees are provided with jobs and children enrolled in school.”

Why not give refugees (illegals) jobs when the indigenous population can't find any?

Recent history shows what stupid mistake this is for any country. In the UK recently, the government created jobs for Syrian refugees and made uniforms available for them. No one showed up for work. [2] This made news all over the web.

When refugees were asked, “Why didn't you come to work?” they replied, “We don't have to work. We are guests of Angela Merkel.” [2]

If they won't work for Merkel, why would they do work in any other country? Not likely.

Certainly the globalists didn't see that refusal-to-work bullet coming. That refugee statement is also completely contrary to capitalism, communism and socialism. In China or Russia that refugee would starve to death. People would walk by the corpse like it wasn't even there until wildlife made it disappear. Unfortunately in America, these same slackers will get rewarded with welfare from bleeding heart social services workers, who will give them everything they need at working taxpayer expense.

Beyond the work issue there is a severe crime issue. Germany has been proud of their low crime statistics ­ until now. Crime in Germany has jumped, with pick-pocketing, groping, rapes and molesting being committed by refugees like never before. Many countries in the mid-east have a culture with low regard for their women. Yet when these crimes happen in the mid-east no one is punished for it.

These refugees want to force western civilization to degrade, degenerate and become another scum country - just like the country they ran away from. Like illegals crossing illegally into America from Mexico. Hundreds of miles of desert across the American southwest is littered with everything including water bottles, diapers, trash and even dead bodies. What is their mindset? “Let someone else clean it up. It isn't our problem. America is ours to do with as we please.”

Is there really any difference with what Mexico has done to America, compared to what the mid-east refugees want to do with America?

A screwed-up, mid-east criminal culture in no way should be forced or integrated into any culture. Any liberal or “progressive” teacher or professor who thinks so, should pack up and move their family to the mid-east. Let them experience the pain of their wives and children being treated like dirt or even sexually assaulted, and see if they like it.

Some have called what refugees are doing a crime wave. How bad is it? Germany recorded an extra 402,741 crimes committed by migrants.

Germany's interior records reveal “Syrians top the list of migrant crimes that are not related to border controls, with a total of 10,348 individual offenses in 2015. They also led assault cases among migrants, with 3,186 offenses in 2015.

Thefts were most committed by Albanians, with 6,689 offenses and Algerians coming close with 5,611. Algerians almost tie with Serbians when it comes to fraud. Balkan nationals were accountable for 2,834 cases, barely above North Africans’ 2,774. Algerians top the list for smuggling goods (2,449) and also top the list for drug selling offenses (976). “ [3]

The mental-defective, globalist mindset by UN decree is to be forced upon ALL prospering, civilized countries. Why should any refugee want to earn a living? Only the currently working and working-poor in America will be supporting the refugee slackers by paying taxes ­ something slackers don't do.

Container ships return containers to China empty. Punch holes in them for ventilation and put mattresses, food, water and porta-pottys inside. Then fill the containers with refugees who refuse to work and ship them off to China. Let them deal with them as they please. For every container that comes to America which causes unemployment, send it back containing refugees.

Have you ever watched video or film footage of a UN meeting? Almost NO ONE speaks or objects. Many sit there and sleep through it. Some diddle with their phones or tablets. They know that objecting to any proceedings accomplishes nothing; their proposal is outnumbered by all the sleepers and do-nothings who won't lift a finger or voice to support them.

All those representatives of the world's nations have a cushy UN job and they know it - everything was pre-decided before they even arrive. When a vote actually does take place, it might as well have ONE name written on the ballot - like globalist Guterres. It won't matter how many sustain that man to office; he simply can't lose with no one else on the ballot to vote for.

The UN has proved time and time again, they are no friend to the average citizen in any country. Anytime the UN has helped any third world country - it also had a price tag on it.

That price tag has two parts:

1. Reduce freedom

2. More outside influence and control must be accepted

Sure, Haiti will be helped to rebuild after weather-controlled hurricane Matthew, which created more than 800 deaths. But you can be certain Haiti will be giving some aspect of freedom. Investors never, ever give money away without getting something in return,. Neither do world governments. For third world countries, the word “AID” really stands for Against Independent Decisions.”

Ted Twietmeyer





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