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New York Corruption Involved
In The Plot To Shoot Trump

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense
Permission to Repost With Full Credit Granted


Here in the second installment on the assassination plot against Donald Trump are presented: more details behind the planned shooting of the Republican candidate, the links to a huge corruption scandal engulfing NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Hasidic Jewish diamond-and-property tycoons, and the hidden Israeli-cyberwarfare roots of, which tried to “debunk” the murder plot. In short, the failure of the Hasidic mob and Mayor de Blasio to buy the all-important election in swing-state New York for Hillary Clinton led to the highest-level decision to assassinate Donald Trump.
The Start of the Steal
Once the presidential nominees were anointed at their party conventions, then came the Start of the Steal aimed against the Republican candidate known for The Art of the Deal.
To pull off the heist for the nation’s highest office, the Hillary insiders convened a gang of crooks who make Ocean’s Eleven seem like choirboys in Heaven. For the first round, call up those disgruntled Republican sourpusses like Ryan the Lying, a Hoax called the Kochs, and Mitt the Sh . . . Twit. Next, bring in closet jihadists from the Arab Spring to explain away Khizir Khan’s plan to reform the U.S. Supreme Court with Shariah tort. Then bring on the Hasidic Jewish bagmen who put the fix in New York by bundling cash for Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio and inviting the City’s four top cops on a private jet for a mile-high fellatio. As seconds tick down on the clock. send in a gunman with a Glock to bump off Donald Trump.
The synchronicity of these political crimes makes you wonder if the campaign for the November ballot has been plunging like a comet into the region of the Scorpion, a cosmic realm of treachery, poison and sexual intrigue. Perchance the birth dates of the candidates . . . oh my . . .  Donald is a Sagittarian like the one who saved us from our sins. And, as fate has it, Hillary is a Scorpio.
Fear not the stinger on the tail. Let’s get back to sandals on the ground and eyes on the trail. This season of dirty tricks shows that the Intelligence State under Obama and Hillary is no better and arguably more corrupt and murderous than their alma mater, Al Capone’s Chicago. The only thing saving America up to this point is the criminal incompetence of the Clinton machine, exposed in the Wikileaks disclosure of a DNC conspiracy to sabotage the Bernie Sanders campaign. What’s intriguing about the photos of Sanders just before the Philly convention was the circular red bruise on his forehead that looks as if he had been shot with a blank or a rubber bullet. No wonder he caved.
For those who have no idea of what this is about, catch up on my earlier article at The back story to assassin Barry Lee Bush involves his connections with the FBI’s undercover Fly Team, their cooperation with the Israeli Mossad, the Shin Beit model for Homeland Security, his links to a pistol instructor for Glock, and his possible role in the false-flag Sandy Hook school killings in Newtown, Conn.
A Glockwork Orange

If orange is the new black, then the reportedly “dead” FBI agent caught trying to enter a service elevator inside Trump Tower should now be awaiting trial and shackled inside the federal MCC (Metropolitan Correctional Center) in Manhattan’s southern district. But Barry Lee Bush is probably not confined to a solitary cell with a slit view of the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s more like he’s drinking single malt scotch at a luxury hotel in Langley, Virginia, after debriefing and reassignment to another black-ops job.

His debriefing at CIA headquarters must have gone like comedian Marc Maron’s story: “I had this very weird, genuine New York moment. I was on an elevator in a building in Manhattan. There was a guy on the elevator with me who looked exactly like (monologue entertainer) Spalding Gray. And my first thought was not ‘He committed suicide years ago’. It was like ‘You pulled it off. My lips are sealed, bro. Looking forward to the show.’”

For a glimpse at how intelligence agencies create “deceased” law-enforcement agents to conduct black operations, try to catch the new Matt Damon movie “Jason Bourne”, in which Tommy Lee Jones is in the role of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). The action drama reveals how to infiltrate firearms into secure buildings and other techniques for a high-level hit, along with the cold brutality of intelligence officials who run the assassination programs with fictive cover names like Blackbriar, Treadstone and Iron Hand. Make no mistake about novelist Robert Ludlum’s Bourne series: The tales are based on the realities of state-sponsored murder ever since the MK-ULTRA mind-control program.
Uptown Story: Shark and the Jets
“When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet, you’re a family man, you got brothers around ya who’ll do what they ca-a-n.”  Westside Story, you’ve got to love New York. And what about Maria? “I’ll never stop singing Maria . . . say it soft and it’s also like praying.” Hold it there, the broad in question is Gabi as in Grecko, the estranged wife of breast-implant millionaire Dr. Geoffrey Edelstein. After bankrupting her elderly husband, Gabi’s most recent high-flier stunt was to pose as a stewardess on a private jet hired by Hasidic Jewish loan sharks where she did “coffee, tea or me” service on four top-ranking NYPD officers. What’s this free ride have to do with the hitman sent to snuff Trump? As with everything New York, there are complications.

First for a closer look at Shark, he’s not to be found in Spanish Harlem or at the Brooklyn Aquarium. Several hours after the capture of Barry Lee Bush on August 2, retired police officer Anthony Shark was arrested in front of Trump Tower. To quote from Newsday:

- “According to the federal complaint, around 10 p.m. just before Trump’s motorcade arrived, agents closed off East 56th Street between Madison and Fifth to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

- “Shark approached a checkpoint, refused instructions to stop and leave, and attempted to push through a ‘human wall’ formed by the agents. He then flailed his arms, clenched his fists and grabbed at agents when they restrained him, the complaint said.

- “After Shark was restrained, the agents discovered a gun in a holster, but the Secret Service said he had a permit and expressed no hostile intent toward ‘any Secret Service protectees’, a reference to Trump.”

Earlier that same Tuesday, during the lightly guarded daylight hours when Trump was off campaigning in Florida, a Secret Service agent caught Barry Lee Bush slipped undetected into a cordoned security sector inside Trump Tower waiting for a service elevator, apparently to ride up to the national campaign office. He was spotted by a Secret Service agent and cuffed. Bush had an unnumbered Glock pistol fitted with an illegal silencer. (Details are examined in my earlier article.)

The “urban folklore”website tried to debunk the NYPD leak about Agent Bush to the Get Off the BS website, which scooped the arrest story. “contacted the NYPD to ask whether any arrests were made at Trump Tower on 2 August 2016, or if any other recent arrests matched the one reported by Get Off the BS. A public information officer confirmed to us that no such incidents had been reported or responded to by the NYPD, despite Get Off the BS's claim that Barry Bush was arrested and booked by the NYPD on 2 August 2016. What did happen was that an inebriated security guard with a concealed carry permit (and no ill intent) was briefly taken into custody for intruding into a security area outside Trump Tower.”

Snopes takes a public-information officer as The Source? What Boy Scout troop does Dave Mikkelton belong to? The idiots at Snopes want to nitpick, so I’ll pick nits.

- As a former NYPD officer, Shark knows very well what a Secret Service “human wall” looks like in New York City, home of the UN and Bill Clinton’s offices. Therefore his flailing and pushing, which led to one security man being hit hard enough for an assault complaint, was a deliberately planned provocation.

- The Henry Winston jewelry shop is on the same block as Trump Tower, between 56th and 57th Streets, but on the opposite side of Fifth Avenue. There was absolutely no reason for Tony Shark to go to a corner, cross the avenue and then walk back toward the center of the block past Trump Tower. He had to make a U-turn on foot to get to the human wall.

- Henry Winston keeps weekday hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., meaning the day shift for guards begins about 8 in the morning for the opening of the vault and ends around 7 in the evening. There are no shift changes at lunchtime since that would be an invitation for smash-and-grab robbery. The time-clock suggests Tony Shark normally walks to a subway station at around 8 p.m nightly. What was he doing for two hours between his shift ending and the disturbance?

- Inebriation? There are no affordable drinking establishments in that high-end vicinity, at least not for off-duty guards and other hoi polloi. The cost of drinks in that posh area are astronomical, and neither can one imbibe from a can inside a brown paper bag on Fifth Avenue, not without being arrested.

So what was Tony Sharp doing making a commotion in front of Trump Tower about 8 hours after the arrest of Barry Lee Bush inside that same building? Obviously creating a distraction for press coverage as part of an official cover-up. Since the Secret Service was involved, the White House and President Barack Obama must have heard about Barry Lee Bush and his Glock. For all we know, maybe they sent him. Last question: Who bought drinks for Shark, gave him the pay-off and drove the car that dropped him off a block away from Trump Tower?

As for Shark’s appearance in federal court, the judge is Jewish and his court-appointed lawyer with Bickel & Brewer, described by the Dallas press as “the most aggressive high-powered litigation firm in the world”, which is renowned for its immigration practice. “Bicker and Brawler” is an ally of the Soros Foundations, which provide scholarships for many of its legal interns and student volunteers. A role model for the B&B staff lawyers is Denise Tomasini-Joshi, former head of the law firm’s Latino immigrant rights program who is now in charge of international legal rights for drug users at the Open Society Institute.

So there, Snopes has been snoped. The devil’s in the details. Espionage agencies do not exist inside the tiny bubble of urban folklore. Studiously ignored, when not debunked by these petty censors is the independent investigative reporting in cases like the assassinations of the Kennedys and M.L. King, or the corollary involvement of Lee Harvey Osward or a Rafael Cruz. Some background on bottom-feeder, and its origins in Israeli cyber-surveillance, is provided toward the end of this article.
Cops and Vigilantes
Remember Officer Krupke from West Side Story? Just the titles of movies about corruption in the NYPD say it all: Night Falls on Manhattan, Prince of the City, The Godfather and, that indictment of practically the entire force, Serpico. An organic Apple must come with worms, and that’s truism applies to the reform Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio. The worms, well, they’re the Hassidim.
Who are the Hassidim? For the benefit of activists with Black Lives Matter, which is primarily Jewish-funded, the Hassidic Jews of New York were directly involved in the rise of the Reverend Al Sharpton, being his mortal enemies. Back when New York City was collapsing under the debt default crisis of the late 1970s and early ‘80s, Hassidic thugs in Crown Heights armed with handguns and fetlocks routinely roughed up black children in an attempt to racially segregate the city sidewalks, in an era when walking was the main form of public transportation across Bedford-Stuyvesant in the borough of Brooklyn.
Were the Jewish vigilantes listed as a bigoted racist hate group alongside the KKK? No, the Hassidim were lauded as heroes by Mayor Ed Koch. These outrages against the New York urban ethos sparked big protests led by the good Reverend Ron Daughtry, and then Sharpton who came in as a latecomer only to quickly rocket to national fame.
BLM members are not going to get any of the truth about black history by watching the violence-spinning BET channel, another Jewish-owned media under plantation boss Sumner Redstone, whose name at birth was Sumner Murray Rothstein. Fort Sumner, in Charleston, SC, was bombarded by Confederate forces in the opening shot of the Civil War. Charleston was a major center for pro-secession Jewish slave traders and exporters of cotton to the Rothschild-funded textile mills in Lancaster, England. Is it any wonder why black education is kept third-rate and censored? On minor note, it was the Republicans who ended slavery, so why are African Americans voting for Hillary Clinton, former first lady of Arkansas?
The Lubavitch Hassidim soon went from their trial runs in Brooklyn to be the leading force for Israeli settlements in the Palestinian West Bank. And they are still trying to turn New York City into one vast armed settlement, with the help of a string of mayors and more corrupt police officers.
Gabi does the City’s Finest
The graphic details of the police “four play” aboard a private jet hired by a Hassidic businessman are published in June at the down-market NY Post, which referred to Mrs. Edelstein as an NYPD hooker.

“Gabi Grecko donned a skimpy stewardess’s uniform to service now-disgraced NYPD deputy inspector James Grant, since-fired detective Michael Milici and the others while flying over the American heartland in February 2013.” The article went on to describe the oral sex on each cop followed by a group-sex session aboard the flight from Teterboro, NJ, to Las Vegas, where the cops watched the Superbowl on large screens at the MGM Grand.

On board was their kindly host, Hasidic businessman Jeremy Reichberg who shouted out instructions for the group activity like a wrestling coach and, presumably, made a secret video for purposes of blackmail. His pal real-estate mogal Jonah Rechnitz was waiting for their arrival in the hot tub of a Las Vegas luxury duplex room with a tag team of prostitutes.

From Hebrew, the term “hasid” translates as piety or pietism, so for the sake of their synagogue let’s hope Rechnitz and Reichberg didn’t forget to pray in the hot tub to be forgiven the venal sin of bribing police officers to cover up a spate of mortal crimes. The exact business that transpired between the sex acts is under investigation. There are minor suspected offenses like throwing professional football games to win wagers. An allegation from the Jewish Forward newspaper is that Rechnitz secretly purchased and terminated the muck-raking anti-Orthodox website Failed Messiah. Nuclear censorship.

The allegations of corruption reach the top badges, since former police chief Phil Banks and prison-guard union boss Norman Seabrook traveled with Rechnitz and Reichberg. A recent allegation to surface is that Reichberg arranged for the Lincoln Tunnel to be closed for the police-escorted entry of Lev Leviev, the Russian-Israeli diamond king. Leviev is president of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia and chairman of real estate firm Africa Israel Ltd. A Bukharan Jew now a resident of Londonistan, Leviev is a member of Lubavitch Chabad and finances the construction of settlements in the West Bank. In 2007, the Chabadnik Leviev proclaimed that his ambition was to be a philanthropist “like Bill Gates.” I haven’t check recently on the charitable Gates and so am not sure that he’s built fortified residential sniper outposts around Ramallah or Bethlehem.

Rechnitz is former property-acquistion director for LLD, the U.S. branch of Leviev’s Africa Israel Ltd. From offices located on 47th and Fifth Avenue, LLD has acquired properties including the former New York Times Building, a half-share of the Apthorp apartment building on the Upper West Side and the Clock Tower on Madison Avenue

Jona Rechnitz’s father Robert is the former chair of the West Coast region of American Friends of Likud, a U.S. nonprofit that supports Netanyahu’s political party, and the family is among the largest donors to Bibi Netanyahu’s 2014 election campaign

Inside the Other Capital of Israel

As put by comic Craig Ferguson: "In New York they elected a new mayor. He is Bill de Blasio, the first Democrat mayor in 20 years. Now 20 years ago Times Square was filled with strip clubs and porno theaters. So I'm counting on the new mayor to restore it to its former glory."

Rechnitz and Reichberg, according to press reports, are “major supporters” of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and other prominent Democrats in the swing state of New York.The bribery scandal is already spreading to Long Iland. A point to recall is that Hillary Clinton is a former U.S. Senator from New York State 2001-2009 and the Clinton Foundation is headquartered in the Big Apple.

In 2014, Reichberg hosted a fundraiser that raised $35,000 at his home attended by de Blasio, for the Campaign for One New York. The mayor’s since-shuttered charity was used as a kickback operation for municipal contractors and a political slush fund. Which is why Donald Trump calls de Blasio “the worst mayor in New York’s recent history”, a list which includes that nutty, likable and crooked Ed Koch, bless his soul wherever it may be.

For outsiders reliant on the new media, the mayor is the people’s choice. In reality, he is a consummate insider, a synonym for crook. Bill de Blasio led the state Democratic Party effort for Bill Clinton’s presidential reelection and served as campaign manager for Hillary’s successful Senate bid in 2000. The relationship is not just about city service contracts but point to the dark heart of the beast, New York being what it is.

One of the suspect cops, Officer Milici, was the chief of the 66th Precinct in Borough Park. There, according to the NY Daily News in 2013, “Something must be gleaned from the Halloween night horror of a police officer sitting in his car outside the 66th Precinct station house in Borough Park, raising his service weapon to his troubled brain and firing.”

So let’s take a page from urban folklore, at the risk of being debunked by the spooks and snoops at Snopes, and flip through a few press reports of recent cases that the NYPD attributed to suicide:

- Nov. 2014. “A leading campaigner for ethical banking practices, Citigroup managing director Shawn D. Miller, was found dead in the bathtub of his New York City apartment, following what police suspect was a suicide in a year marked by suspicious banker deaths.”

- March 2014. “J.P. Morgan ‘suicide wave’ continues. Kenneth Bellando, a former investment bank analyst at JPMorgan, was found dead on the sidewalk outside his East Side building after allegedly jumping off the 6th floor. His brother John is a top chief investment officer with JPMorgan who works on risk exposure valuations. His emails were cited during testimony at the Senate Finance Committee’s inquiry into the bank’s losses during the infamous London Whale trade fiasco.” Churn your stomach?

During the 2008 Wall Street, Jamie Dimond, CEO of “too big to fail” J.P. Morgan, was a confidant of then White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, who arranged a $12 loan from Obama’s bail-out fund. Dimond then put much of that government money unregulated BlueCrest hedge funds to work the shady global markets. The proxy funds were managed by Obama cronies who have since relocated to Honolulu. (See my report at on their failed attempt to provoke violence between Sanders and Trump supporters.)

There’s one more case that demands an inquest, and that’s computer programmer Aaron Swartz, who the police found hanged in his New York apartment in January 2013, with death attributed to suicide.

By now, it should start to make sense why retired cop Tony Shark caused a ruckus in front of Trump headquarters, just hours after assassin Barry Lee Bush tried to slip upstairs undetected. Can anyone recall all the news stories about how Donald Trump is losing his mental balance and going ballistic? Was that a media set-up for a “suicide” with a Glock revolver? Go ask the hitters with the Hasidic mafia. Hitters is Jewish slang for killer gangsters from Flatbush Avenue.

The Dope on Snopes

Too bad, which denied the existence of “dead” FBI agent Barry Lee Bush, was not around in 1980 to prove that Mark David Chapman, the gunman who shoot John Lennon, was not from MK-ULTRA. One of my favorite posts from blinders-on David Mikkelson is: “In April 2016, the notoriously unreliable conspiratorial "Wayne Madsen Report" (WMR) published an article (in their typical just-asking-question style (i.e., making wild accusations acceptable by framing them as questions rather than statements) positing a link between the father of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz and the JFK assassination:”

Never mind that Rafael Cruz was one of few Cubans in New Orleans and Texas, worked for George H.W. Bush, and fled to Canada or that Ted Cruz dropped out of the race soon after the expose. No, the file pins the blame on lone shooter Lee Harvey Oswald. Never mind Zapruder and the grassy knoll. Compared with Jim Garrison, Mark Lane and Jack Anderson, those giants of investigative reporting, Mikkelson is, pardon the Britishism, a geeky wanker who might actually believe in the Warren Commission Report.

Contrary to the carefully cultivated “white trash in San Fernando Valley” public profile, the Mikkelsons reside and work on Mulholland Drive, the millionaire row in Agoura Hills, just up the road from Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian and Kanye.

Mikkelson got his start as a programmer for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), a spooky computer company linked with the Office of Naval Research, the CIA and DARPA. The firm’s founders Ken Olson and Harlan Anderson were researchers at the Lincoln Laboratory, based in the Scientific Engineering Institute (SEI) at Waltham, MA, and connected with MIT. The scuttlebutt is that the SEI was created in 1956 by the CIA to study the effects of microwaves on the human brain (an issue that still causes worries about mobile phones), and the strong possibility that the prototype for the DEC PDP-3 was developed as an instrumentation computer.

According to a recent MIT press release, “the work of Lincoln Laboratory revolves around several mission areas: Cyber Security; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems; Homeland Protection; and Space Control,” among other top-secret projects. Ever wonder why your laptop overheats and slows down whenever you access

During the Reagan years, DEC’s offices in Japan were used to smuggle computers to the Soviet Navy under a secret project in cooperation with Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev. The objective was to put Soviet submarines under direct command-and-control of the Kremlin and Pentagon to prevent sub commanders from independent launch of seaborne ballistic missiles in a Red October scenario. The head of this transfer program Commerce Secretary Malcolm Baldridge “accidentally” fell off a horse and died with a broken neck. In my capacity as editor of The Japan Times Weekly, I made a discreet inquiry and was told by a DEC executive that the entire Soviet operation was shut down and everyone pulled out.

David Mikkelson was apparently laid-off just before the closure of DEC, which had outlived its usefulness to the military. The company had never targeted the commercial PC market and was essentially a CIA proprietary company. Mikkelson moved on to USENET (the early Internet) where he gained notoriety as a troll who lured internet newcomers with absurd variants on past discussions. Flaming was gaining popularity, but trolls had their other uses as monitors of the increasing traffic on the Internet. Mikkelson cut his teeth on the emerging Internet as a deceiver spinning dubious stories and tracking users who might be interested in topics like Area 51. Back in those days, there are a lot intelligence types on the Internet. gained the resources to become a significant and profitable website through a software distributor contract with Zango, which secretly uploading adware into visitors’ PCs. The site became notorious for its annoying pop-up ads, and only later, after investigation by Symantec and McAfee was it discovered that Zango was installing tracking software to monitor the websites visited by users.. Zango, which provided lucrative income for distributor websites, including, was conducting espionage for its sponsors, the Israeli cyber-warfare command. Hotbar, one of two predecessor companies merged to form Zango, was based in Tel Aviv.

The investment funds behind Zango, based in Bellingham, WA and Tel Aviv, included:

- CE Unterberg Towbin: The investment arm of bankers Thomas Unterberg and Robert Towbin. Unterberg had earlier partnered with L.F. Rothschild (unrelated to the European dynasty) to form CE Unterberg. Robert Towbin is a former investment manager for Lehman and also for the Stephens Bank of Little Rock, Arkansas, which was involved in Bert Lance’s BCCI Bank based in Atlanta and Pakistan. Stephens also controlled Worthen Bank, which handled the finances for the Mena Airfield cocaine shipments under Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton. Stephens Bank was also fingered in the CIA theft the Inslaw PROMIS bank-transfer software, which enabled illegal seizures of transferred funds, as exposed by the late investigative reporter Sherman Skolnick and Danny Casolaro. CE Unterberg was sold to the Franklin Savings Bank, which was subsequently caught up in the child-sex scandal involving Senate pages.

- Eurofund Limited Partnership: Based in Tel Aviv, the venture capital fund invests in communications technologies of interest to the Israeli state and otherwise serves as an intelligence front to snoop on start-ups that develop innovative technologies with potential military or security applications.

- Tamar Technology Partners (aka Tamar Ventures): Co-owned by Israel tech investor Zohar Gilon and Thomas Unterberg, the company has invested heavily in wireless and microwave communications. In Gilon’s own words: “The roots of Israeli hi-tech entrepreneurship spring from the Army. Not just because technologies developed by the Army were converted to civilian uses. It’s not just computer networks, microprocessors, etc. but also due to the spirit of entrepreneurship that developed in the IDF. . . . At a university in Tel Aviv, I told the class that we could launch a startup in less than 3 minutes. First I asked if there was anyone in the class from 8200 or Mamram, two elite IDF technology units. A few people raised their hands. I chose one and said: ‘You’re the CTO. I came up with the idea so I’m the CEO.’ That’s how it works today.”

In other words, Israeli venture capitalists are tactical weapons for scouting and pirating innovative technologies worldwide under the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) cyber-command. has blacklisted Tamar and Eurofund LP on its list of 44 zombie investment firms, which have no interest in real civilian markets.

In November 2006, Zango conceded to FTC regulators who determined: “Federal Trade Commission charges that they (Zango) used unfair and deceptive methods to download adware and obstruct consumers from removing it, in violation of federal law. ” It was a victory for Symantec and McAffee, which discovered that Zango programs were disguised by serial number similar to those of operating software in PCs. Kaspersky, meanwhile, simply blocked Zango, which unsuccessfully tried to sue the security software company.

Warner Brothers canceled its contract with Zango after concerns were raised that children viewing Warner Bros. content could be exposed to X-rated ads for pornography. Israelis are well-known to be a leading force in kiddie porn for pedophiles, gay BDSM and other sick forms of entertainment.

For more than one year after the FTC ban on Zango, continued to quietly distribute the undesirable software, apparently to collect private data from its visitors, as discovered by Alex Eckelberry of Sunbelt Software. It turned out that the core operations at Zango was purchased by Blinkx, a search engine for online video. Blinx new CEO is a Sri Lankan graduate of Cambridge Suranga Chandratillake, who was a manager at Morgan Stanley’s netdecisions and anondesign projects.

Take notice of the X at the end of blinkx, and it’s starting to look like a kiddie-porn delivery system for bankers. From MIT Technology Review: “:Blinkx does not merely search the text or tags associated with a particular video. Instead, Chandratillake’s technique employs speech recognition, neural networks, and machine learning to create transcripts of the world’s videos; then, the words spoken in the videos can be searched.” Just say little boy’s penis or baby girl, and see what’s called up.

I hope some readers will recall my investigative article on the death of Aaron Schwartz related to his attempt to download an offline local network at MIT and the MIT Media Labs links to child pornography involving orphans in Cambodia.

Highly recommended reading for those in the web business is Ben Edelmann’s Darker Side of Blinkx, which raises the obvious issues: “How exactly does Blinkx make money? How much comes from the legacy Zango and AdOn businesses that consumers and advertisers pointedly disfavor? Why are so many of Blinkx's metrics out of line with competitors? The investor statements raise many questions but offer few answers. I submit that Blinkx is carefully withholding this information because the company has much to hide.”

And the same questions apply to Another issue raised is about Mikkelson’s defense of Scytl, a Spain-based producer of online voting software and “election modernization” systems now used in several U.S. states. The major investors in Scytl (pronounced sight-tel) are Balderton Capital, Nauta Capital, and Spinnaker SCR.

- Suranga Chandratillake, owner of Blinkx, is a senior partner in private equity Balderton Capital.

- The director of Nauta's American operations is Dominic Endicott, who went from Cluster Consulting to Booz Allen Hamilton where he oversaw the wireless practice.

- one of the Balderton Capital partners, William Evans, is on the board of directors of Rothschild Continuation Holdings AG in Switzerland, the holding company for the dynasty’s industrial investments.
Watchdogs of the Globalist Government is, in short, a watchdog for the Deep State as can be clearly seen in its pathetic attempt to disprove that Barry Lee Bush attempt to infiltrate Trump Tower with a silencer-fitted Glock ever happened. The hastiness of a website on Mulholland Drive to “put out the fire” on the opposite end of the country points to the panic in the globalist Democratic and “elite Republican” Deep State. As such, it is a ringing endorsement for Donald Trump as the candidate in the best interest of the American people.
Expect no sudden miracles or easy outs, because the battle for popular sovereignty against unrepresentative authority is classic political warfare, as it has been since the Minutemen opened fire on the Empire’s redcoats at Lexington and Concord, Mass., on April 19, 1775. As those sunshine soldiers of the GOP flee for cover and the mercenaries of the Intelligence State grovel before their masters, while Sanders supporters mull what to do next, the people will rally, bravely suffer the losses and persist in their valor for they are once again marching on the road of democracy to victory.
Yoichi Shimatsu is an investigative journalist based in Hong Kong who served as a voluntary community activist during New York City’s darkest hour during the debt-default crisis while starting his apprenticeship in the lowest rungs of the publishing industry.


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