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NYT Calls Nominating Killary
What Democracy Looks Like

By Stephen Lendman

From inception, the New York Times was always an establishment broadsheet. Now it’s more a laughing stock.

It’s an unabashed agent for wealth, power and privilege, a supporter of imperial wars killing millions, a Wall street tool - now acting as Killary’s press agent, entirely abandoning journalistic ethics and professional integrity

Democracy in America is pure fantasy. None whatever exists. Voters have no say over who’ll lead them. Not according to The Times, disgracefully calling a rigged electoral process for Killary “what democracy looks like.”

Can anyone ever again take anything it publishes seriously? The self-styled “newspaper of record” entirely abandoned legitimate reporting and analysis, substituting all propaganda, all the time, its soul for sale to the highest bidder - wanting the world made safe for monied interests, everyone else be damned.

The nation Times management and editors support isn’t safe or fit to live it. Perpetual wars rage in multiple theaters. US streets and communities are battlegrounds. Fundamental freedoms are disappearing in plain sight, police state terror replacing them.

An unprecedented wealth disparity exists - super-wealth for the privileged few compared to abject poverty for growing millions.

The world’s richest country increasingly ignores the needs and concerns of its most vulnerable. Waging war on humanity at home and abroad takes precedence.

The Times lied, claiming Killary “won millions more votes than Mr. Sanders” to earn her party’s nomination. With DNC help, she STOLE enough votes to get it - along with hundreds of unelected party insider super-delegates supporting her throughout the campaign.

The horror of a 2nd Clinton crime family co-presidency should terrify everyone. Endorsing the unthinkable makes The Times complicit with its high crimes if elected in November.

A Final Comment

The Times is in the forefront of proliferating a Big Lie about “Russia’s military intelligence service (the GRU)” alleged responsibility for hacking into DNC emails, handing them to WikiLeaks for publication.

It cites unnamed US intelligence sources, claiming “high confidence” of Russian involvement - likely the same ones repeating Big Lies about nonexistent “Russian aggression.” Moscow strongly denies the baseless accusations.

Believe nothing US sources or media agents of wealth and power like The Times report - featuring misinformation and Big Lies, suppressing hard truths on issues mattering most.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at

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