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NYT Fake News About ISIS Terrorists

By Stephen Lendman

Washington created and supports ISIS, al-Qaeda, its al-Nusra offshoot in Syria, and other terrorist groups, using them as imperial foot soldiers, explained many times before.

The Times and other media scoundrels consistently suppress vital information about all US wars of aggression, pretending their liberating and democracy-building conflicts.

Raping and destroying one country after another tells a vastly different story, never explained by US and other Western media.

A fake news Times report said “(t)housands of Islamic State foreign fighters and family members have escaped the American-led military campaign in eastern Syria, according to new classified American and other Western military and intelligence assessment,” adding:

“As many of the fighters flee unfettered to the south and west through Syrian Army lines, some have gone into hiding near Damascus, the Syrian capital, and in the country’s northwest, awaiting orders sent by insurgent leaders on encrypted communications channels.”

“Other battle-hardened militants, some with training in chemical weapons, are defecting to Al Qaeda’s branch in Syria.”

“Others are paying smugglers tens of thousands of dollars to spirit them across the border to Turkey, with an eventual goal of returning home to European countries.”

On geopolitical issues, notably anything to do with Russia and US imperial wars, the Times reinvents facts on the ground.

ISIS fighters aren’t fleeing Syria. Washington redeployed remaining elements to other parts of the country or to other US war theaters - notably Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and the Philippines.

New arrivals await US orders on what atrocities to commit next, including CW attacks on civilians. They’re not defecting to anyone or paying smugglers to get them out of Syria.

They’re being paid by Washington to serve its interests, supporting the scourge it pretends to be combating.

The Times quoted Defense Secretary Mattis saying Washington aims to “annihilate” their fighters.

He lied. So did Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, claiming “ISIS fighters are fleeing Syrian and Iraq. Jihadists are going underground, dispersing to other safe havens, including on the internet, and returning to their home countries.”

Some are returning home, maybe with second thoughts about how they were persuaded to do Washington’s killing and dying to advance its imperium.

The Times claimed ISIS fighters “are adopting guerrilla tactics to terrorize civilians.” They commit gruesome atrocities wherever they’re deployed - using tactics taught them by US and other trainers.

In December, Pentagon spokesman for US Iraq and Syria aggression Col. Ryan Dillon claimed “ISIS fighters may have slipped through porous Syrian and Russian defenses to arrive in areas near Damascus.”

They were redeployed, Pentagon helicopters airlifting many to new locations for future battles to be waged or involvement in ongoing ones.

Throughout US wars in multiple theaters, the Times reinvented what’s happening on the ground - ignoring US aggression, suppressing what readers need to know.

Other media scoundrels operate the same way, supporting US imperial wars instead of condemning them.

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