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NYT Blasts Putin, Ignores US Imperial Lawlessness

By Stephen Lendman

The Times long ago lost credibility. Today it’s little more than a mouthpiece for powerful monied interests, Hillary’s campaign, and Washington’s imperial agenda - featuring endless wars of aggression in multiple theaters, heading for direct confrontation with Moscow.

It’s new propaganda piece irresponsibly blames Russian and Syrian forces for US war crimes in Aleppo, ignoring where blame clearly lies.

Saying “destruction is so complete that it obliterates even a sense of time” fails to explain it was planned and orchestrated in Washington - Syria one of numerous US-raped countries.

The Times article gave no sense of why endless conflict rages, US responsibility for slow-motion genocide against an entire population, the same thing ongoing in its other war theaters, new conflicts planned to destroy more countries, duplicitously claiming humanitarian intervention.

Separately, The Times ranted about nonexistent Putin “combativeness,” baselessly blaming him for escalated US hostility - saying if he’s not preparing for war, he’s “positioning himself to make maximum demands of the next American president…”

He’s “raising the stakes” on Syria, perhaps “distract(ing) attention from” domestic issues. “Marked success in (combating terrorism) appears to have fed larger goals.”

“Mr. Putin harbors ambitions…to restor(e) Russia to what he sees as its rightful status” in the global order. An analyst quoted claims he “dreams about another Yalta conference, where together with other great powers (they’ll) divide the map.”

Fact: Putin’s geopolitical aims are clear and transparent - wanting world peace, not endless imperial wars, multi-world polarity, mutual cooperation among all nations, and strict observance of international law.

Fact: Washington’s agenda, together with its rogue allies, is polar opposite, a prescription for eventual devastating war with weapons of mass destruction able to end life on earth.

Fact: Unlike America wanting control over all nations worldwide, Russia isn’t revanchist. It seeks even-handed relations with all countries, not dominance replacing their sovereignty. Claiming it wants the world map redrawn with other major powers is shameless propaganda. No credible evidence indicates it.

Claiming “(h)e raised the stakes” shifts attention from Washington’s ruthless agenda - its endless war on humanity, threatening its survival if end game strategy involves use of nuclear weapons.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at

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