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NWO War On Humanity

By Jim Kirwan


Everything is going to accelerate from this point and we've run out oi time. These are not probes and they're not testing anymore. They're dropping the hammer. The hammer has already fallen and the sparks are beginning to fly, as they attempt to beat the once free republics of the West into a weapons system to carry out the extermination of the majority of this planet's population.

And it hit me this morning ­ I have never been more shaken, that isn't the word: I have never been more 'gripped' by the understanding and the sorrow and the grief that my fellow countrymen—my fellow humans—have willfully turned themselves over, spiritually, culturally, metaphysically to the apparatus of tyranny. The common sense to stand against it.

The shreds of honor is all we need to stop this. But the lap-dog nature; the cowardly nature of the corporate henchmen that pose as reporters, that pose as journalists, is going to deliver us into a nightmare scenario. And we're already in a nightmare scenario that is going to spiral out of control now and you can even see the rotting evil-globalists (above) that are running it and that are falling-apart in front of our very eyes as they stoke the flames of the funeral pyre ­ that is meant to disintegrate humanity. These people are committed to Evil... “ @2min 56 min...

Alex Jones

September 1st: NWO Declares War On Humanity EMERGENCY REPORT

Alex Jones: Donald Trump is walking into a Trap, rigged forum

... Just been announced by the Debate Commission. They've canceled the debate is what this is. But in an exercise in brainwashing, even alternative media doesn't get what the headline should be. They're gonna be on different stages, back to back to control it ­ in case Trump says something that they don't want said. This is unbelievable. I mean we knew he'd destroy her, this is how rigged it is.”

k ­ For the first time since 'debates' have been held on television ­ the NWO has decided to restructure the current “PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES” to eliminate live and direct confrontation between two presidential candidates running for the presidency of the US ­ the whole point of which has always been direct and unscripted interaction between the candidates, so the public could watch and decide for themselves. But that has all been changed because the NWO candidate is not capable of facing the direct confrontations - which are an everyday requirement to effectively carry out the office at issue. If Clinton cannot face a political-opponent, how can she face the duties of the presidency, when any 'president' must face real opponents in the real world everyday?


To change the terms of these presidential-debates is an act of war against the American-public—the American pubic

that is entitled to watch

a real debate for themselves,

without “permission” or censorship

from the NWO, George Soros or anyone else!

They've already installed leaders in Europe. The globalists have already stolen all these elections ­ they've got Homeland Security taking over the election and now they want to censor the press and now, it's on Drudge and we're putting it on

Matt Lauer will moderate the first forum between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Wow. But then it's not that ­ this is being reported by NBC News along with Iraq and Afghanistan, will be a one hour forum where Clinton and Trump will answer questions about National Security, now it's an hour ­ should be two hours—oh my gosh. It'll be a one hour forum where Clinton and Trump will answer questions about national security, military affairs and veterans' issues in front of an audience ­ mainly made up of members of the military.

The two candidates will not be on stage at the same time, but will instead go back to back. And of course the media is making, how he's on the Clinton Foundation global-initiative payroll . He works with them but that's not even the issue. That's a big issue but back to back they're not even... oh, she's definitely got something wrong with her, she cannot even be out there for an hour. Instead we'll go back-to-back: That means one goes on for thirty minutes because that's all she can handle and then Trump comes in.

They're going to have this look like the military attacks Trump, oh my god this is a psi-op. He's walking into a trap. And they're doing this so he'll “cancel” because it's not a real debate....

It is not a debate ­ and then they'll say 'he's a sore loser'. I mean they're asking him to get in a boxing match when the other guys' got a machine gun. It will be a one-hour forum where Clinton and Trump...


Donald Trump is walking into a Trap,

2min 51sec VIDEO

k ­ If the public allows this additional-bit of duplicitous-treason to go forward, then the faceless and feckless public will deserve everything they'll get. Because this is the most drastic non-choice that America has ever had to face. Because this time it's between choosing survival over 'going over the cliff' into certain and total oblivion—and to top it all off this stab-in-the-back is being committed while the world is trying to balance itself against a global-invasion of illiterate Muslim-outlaws that are using everything to distract the world from bringing us all down to join their Death & Rape cult, not to mention more wars on every front that have all resulted in the ruination of the planet: Regardless of where the NWO, and the Zionists have chosen to assassinate humanity on every front ­ from the Middle East to all of South America while they're trying to ramp up their attacks on Russia, China, Iran and Syria, using the exact same tactics they've already used to turn Libya and Syria into graveyards of unadulterated rubble.


This is happening because the Barbarians Are Coming Back!

The Barbarians Are Coming - Polish Song

2min 41 sec VIDEO

Those who refuse to remember the blood-drenched past

are doomed to repeat every nightmare that the world experienced

Only this time there's no place left to hide.




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