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Peace Proposal

by Fred L. Gunn


While reading through an article entitled "FIRE FROM THE SKY: Battle of Harvest Moon & True Story of Space Shuttle" I noticed in 'Part 11' that Nuclear War One (planned and postponed many times since 1982) would have the same acronym as the term New World Order; i.e. NWO. I began considering this acronym in a critical light.

The acronym NWO is pushed in our faces constantly just like the images of 'planes' hitting the World Trade Center on 911 by the MSM. I concluded that since the ‘power that should not be’ are masters of subliminal mind control, that maybe there is subliminal information intentionally encoded into these three letters, but how? My intuition led me to consider how many words can be formed with the three letters N, W and O. There are only three words in the English language;





No matter how you put these three words together, I think they send the same subliminal message to the minds of those still asleep within the that these psychopaths have already WON, and NOW OWN everyone and everything in the world. It's like a car salesman 'assuming the sale' before he has sold a car that day, his chances of selling a car can increase significantly by tricking his subconscious mind.

It seems logical that with only 1% of the population trying to control the world (over and over throughout history) that they would need to use every sort of deception possible, including their false mental assertion that they have already WON. They have not, and we the 99 percenters are waking up in droves, the veil is rising and I know it scares the crap out of the psychopaths. They can and will be defeated, history repeating itself. They need to bone up on "real" history, but by lying for so long to humanity about what has really happened in the past with their grabs for world domination, they have succeeded also in deceiving themselves as well. Maybe they are just forgetting history on purpose in case they may finally succeed, but they shouldn't hold their breaths in my opinion.

Maybe the rest of humanity should adopt our own acronym which spells it all out clearly and negates the NWO acronym and ALL other forms of subliminal control. An acronym that reminds us that all the happiness and all the suffering is being created by we the people. We are responsible for everything we experience around us. Our own powerful, infinitely creative minds are creating our own and others' realities, and mass consciousness until now has accepted governmental power over the people instead of the other way around. So I would like to propose:

People Everywhere Are Creating Everything...which forms the acronym: "PEACE".

This acronym reminds us all consciously and unconsciously that we have the power to change, to mold and shape the world into any 'reality' we choose. Why not consciously choose Peace, Love and Caring for one another?


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