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The North Korea Problem Lies
in Washington, Not Pyongyang

By Stephen Lendman

Washington’s refusal to act responsibly is the root cause of its longstanding hostility toward the DPRK - targeted for its sovereign independence, not for any threat it poses.

Russia and especially China are fed up with America shifting its own policy-making failures onto them over resolving Korean peninsula issues.

On Monday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said “(w)e consider attempts of the US and some other countries to shift the responsibility in what is happening (on the Korean Peninsula) onto Russia and China, and to almost blame Moscow and Beijing for ‘conniving in’ North Korea’s nuclear missile ambitions, as baseless.”

“We call on all sides involved to refrain from any steps that could lead to further escalation of tensions.”

On the same day, China’s UN Ambassador Liu Jieyi said reducing tensions and resolving Korean peninsula issues lies in Washington and Pyongyang, not Beijing.

“No matter how capable China is, (it’s) efforts will not yield practical results because it depends on the two principal parties,” Liu stressed.

China’s Vice-Minister of Commerce Qian Keming called on Washington to keep bilateral trade issues separate from Korean peninsula ones.

They’re “not related and should not be discussed together,” he stressed.

From Tallinn, Estonia, during a visit to hype a nonexistent Russian threat, Vice President Pence demanded China do more on North Korea.

Washington wants its military deterrent abandoned to leave itself defenseless against possible US aggression, a second Korean war.

Nikki Haley belligerently said “(t)he time for talk is over,” suggesting military action may be Washington’s next option.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called for tougher measures, saying Washington and Tokyo intend concrete action without further elaboration.

International Relations Professor Shi Yinhong said “Trump has staked the entire Sino-US relationship on one single issue, which is North Korea(’s) (nuclear and ballistic missile programs), and his expectations towards China are unrealistic.”

“China is quite worried about its interests being affected by the United States’ secondary sanctions. It would retaliate if the US pushes too far,” he added.

Despite heavy pressure from Washington, China won’t isolate Pyongyang and risk collapse of its economy, further destabilizing the region.

China and Russia urge resolving things diplomatically. Washington categorically rejects the only responsible option.

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