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North Korea & ISIS - 'The Enemy Of My Enemy…

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - I think Trump may be underestimating the capabilities of a North Korean spy network in the West.  You know the old adage 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend'?  This might, indeed, pertain to ISIS striking up a friendship with North Korea.

We already know that Iran and North Korea have a longstanding working relationship.  I wonder how much of the Iran-NK partnership is due to both countries' hostilities with the US.

If those two get together, ISIS may be able to help North Korea with infiltrating the US and a friendship between the two could be very valuable for both ISIS and North Korea.  North Korea does have a spy network among the Korean community in the US.  The spy network has mostly spied on the Koreans checking for defectors from North Korea and was seeking out any Koreans who might be working with the US, etc.   ISIS training could bring the North Koreans up to date on terrorism such as assembling and placing suitcase nukes in crowded cities in South Korea and the US.

A friendship between ISIS and North Korea could be exactly what the adage means, the enemy (North Korea) of my enemy (US) is my friend.  If this happens, and I believe it will, maybe it is even in progress, then we have only ourselves to blame.  Trump promised to get us out of foreign wars and entanglements but has lied and broken his promise again.  Something is very wrong with this picture. This is not 'America First' and in no way helps taxpaying middle class American.

Trump may be pushing North Korea and ISIS jihadi Muslims together….fighting the same

So, Mr.  Trump, you may just be fighting ISIS, Iran, North Korea, China and Russia at once…and at home in the US.  You may also add to those Countries the friends like Australia, Europe and other trading partners and other allies who will be VERY very displeased with the bully on the block, the US.