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MSM Coverup - Clinton Draws
Shocking, Dismal Crowd In KC



Right After Clinton Addressed The National Baptist Convention Sept 8 At The Kansas City Convention Center.
Was She In A Rage? See Below To Find Out Why That Might Have Caused The 'Rash'...



Was The 'Rash' Due To A Medical Issue Triggered By Hillary's Rage At The Shockingly TINY Turnout? She Had To Get Out Of Bed,
Be Driven To The Airport With Her Entire Medical Support Team And Flown To KC And Transported…To Find THIS?

Attendance 30 Minutes Before Clinton's Keynote Speech At the National Baptist Convention At The Kansas City
Convention Center. This Photo Is From The Stage. Note Distant Partition In Back

Convention Center Workers Quickly Pull Partition Panels Across The Hall FAR Closer To The Stage…

The Seating Space Has Been Dramatically Reduced Just Before Clinton's Speech

Here's The 'Crowd' A Few Minutes Before Clinton Took The Stage...



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