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K.T. Frankovich's Book & Background Material



K.T Frankovich comes from the same family in the film business behind the classics Bridge over the River Kwai, Exodus, Purple Rain, Kojak, There is a Girl in My Soup, Butterflies are Free. She holds the coveted Gold Venus(also awarded to Steven Spielberg, George Lucas) and is a psychic PSI Tested by leading world parapsychologists. Where Heavens Meet chronicles k.t. Frankovich's survival, Being homeless on the streets of Miami with her 13 year-old son, and how she survived the largest natural Disaster ever recorded in the history of the United States. Where Heavens Meet delves into the mysteries Of life and exposes the truth behind tragic disasters misreported or not reported at all by the media. This is A book of human survival under the worst conditions.


Editorial Reviews

"That extraordinary psychic ability exists within some human beings can no longer be disputed. It is however, arguable as to who can do it, and how well they can do it. The field is fraught with fraud and self-deluding individuals. The governments of the United States, the former Soviet Union, Great Britain and others have used psychics in national security work. There are police departments in the U.S. and around the world who, though seldom like to admit it publicly, have used psychics successfully when all else had failed. As past President of the Society For Psychical Research of Beverly Hills, California, and a TV producer and talk show host on the subject, I investigated many psychics. It was a part of our mission to inform the public about the frauds and scams that are so prevalent in that field. We found most simply could not perform as advertised, and of course, some who were outright frauds. Those few who were extraordinary, were almost beyond description. k.t. Frank! ovich is of the latter group. She is a gifted and seemingly natural psychic. I have always approached all paranormal events as an open-minded skeptic. Ms. Frankovich is the first psychic to cause my jaw to involuntarily drop. Ive referred many others to her as well, with the same results." -- Tom Justin

"This book is so multi-faceted ... is many books in one ... This book is a revelation unlike anything I have ever read before!" -- Hunter Todd Chairman and Founder of the 33rd Annual World Film Fest

"This book is so many books in one...This book is a revelation unlike Anything I have ever read before!" -- --Hunter Todd, Chairman and Founder of the 33rd Annual Film Fest.

From the Publisher

If ever there was a book that held you spellbound by a person's life and experiences, Where Heavens Meet does all that and more. k.t Frankovich takes you through her childhood and paranormal experiences to bring you to a new heightened awareness. She also shares her Hollywood rise during 1975, where she was recognized as one of the top screenwriters in the world. This autobiographical account of her life's evolution in the form of premonitions is revealed in chapter after chapter, interwoven from one riveting scene to another. This true story takes you through her homeless days spent on Miami streets, and how she survived the devastation of Hurricane Andrew. k.t spent more than a year researching the truth behind this disaster and discovered how one piece of her research neatly fit into her entire life to reveal the secrets of this human tragedy. Where Heavens Meet is her life's prophecy. Other survivors in the devastated areas surrounding South Dade expand the truth of this book for all Americans.

From the Back Cover

"I'd like to introduce you to k.t. Frankovich. This woman's versatility is unmatched. She's Been involved with films, comedy, drama, stage...(also) She is a poetess extraordinaire. A remarkable Woman and my friend." --Tara Dawn and Rolling Stone, the radio TV network "k.t you have been a real joy to have on. I have never had anybody with such a wonderfully descriptive way about her...and it is the most detailed, careful description of an encounter, with somebody-something from elsewhere, that I think I've ever heard. That, along with Travis Walton, and Betty and Barney Hill, and others of the same ilk. Absolutely remarkable!" --Art Bell: Coast to Coast Radio Broadcast Jan'98.

About the Author

You may be familiar with the Frankovich family name behind just some of the movies such as Exodus, Laurence of Arabia, Bridge over River Kwai, Purple Rain, Kojak etc., k.t. is one of the family members, and in her own rights holds the Gold Venus Award ( also held by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas) and The Golden Horn of Plenty from actor Peter Graves for Major Movie and TV documentary writing - specializing in wildlife/nature.