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Israel's War Against It's Neighbors

By Jim Kiran


To the immediate right, just above “NORTHERN SINAI”


it's visible but not named, right beside JORDAN.

The map shows Israel's approximation to

Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt ­

which is why this new outbreak is important.

UPDATE on BREAKING RT NEWS: The First story at the link

200 people killed and 130 wounded in a Mosque in Egypt's North Sinai region.”

November 24, 2017 (18:00 MSK)

This deepens the intensification of Israel's War on the World


The War of Independence of 1948, against Palestine, ended up involving most of the Middle East and indirectly the U.S. was the starting point. But over the years Israel with US sponsorship has continued their wars against all their neighbors, time after time after time—and this time is just the latest effort to subdue an indirect neighbor—Iran, which Israel has feared and tried to subdue ever since 1948. And again in the 1967 war wherein Israel tried but failed to sink the USS Liberty, in order to blame that on Egypt, which would have dragged the US formerly into the '67 war so that Israel could smash all other resistance but LBJ & Israel screwed that up, so that particular war-crime 'did not officially succeed'.

A Map With Memory

While Palestine has been illegally shrinking the Palestine population, Israel has continued to slaughter the Palestinian people, under the guise that Israel is a “semetic-democracy”. The truth is that Israel is made up mostly of Kazarian pagans, none of whom can be considered “semetic ­ while it is the Palestinians who are the true Semites that are being slaughtered like unwanted livestock into virtual-oblivion.

Israel has only survived by massive injections of totally-illegal and black-budget cash from USI over the entire 69 years since 1948. For a “nation-state that claims to be a super-power ­ the shitty-little-country still has not declared any real borders, because she's still waiting to expand into “the Greater State of Israel”. And every American has been robbed of our money and our status by the parasite that calls itself Israel. And of course Israel spits on the IAEA while she threatens other nations that might be able to supposedly challenge Israel. What other criminal leader on the planet could simply invite himself to address the US Congress and still refuse to sign formerly as a foreign power on the global stage? If any other nation had tried that we would have bombed into oblivion on the same day.

Israel is also behind the takeover of all of America's top colleges and universities ­ while she supports Soros and the scope and reach of the global invasion worldwide ­ with special emphasis on EU & now the US.?

Leaked audio from Lindsay Shepherd from the faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University confirms our worst fears, the last part will enrage you!

But since she has just partnered with that colossal Arab flop, known as Saudi Arabia, and others that have embraced the childish desires of thugs on a global-crime-spree: This time round it looks like once again Netanyahu will be forced back into those dark little caves that have always been reserved for such permanent failures as those who still attempt to run the obscenity that has always been Israel.

Think about how much money we have spent, on all of Israel's WARS, all her criminality that has shattered all international rules of law governing war in every phase of crimes against humanity from phosphorus to chemical weapons to the gas that was repeatedly used in Syria—not to even mention the Israeli role in Libya ­ and everywhere else that Mossad has gone to keep the planet destabilized.

Israel is the global leader in pornography, child sex-abuse, slavery, the acquisition and sale of human body parts worldwide, along with so many global corruption and blackmail rackets and schemes that they have defied imagination. And if you want to know about who was behind the Clinton Cash debacle ­ look no further than Israel that has kept all the balls in play around the planet!

We must clear the global political scene of this contaminated disease ridden pack-of-jackals and everything that has kept them alive for centuries...