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Israel Preparing for Escalated War

By Stephen Lendman

At war with Palestinians, along with waging undeclared war on Syria, Israeli general Nitzan Alon said “2018 has the potential for escalat(ed) (military conflict…because of a gradual (regional) deterioration.”

“This has led us to raise (our) level of preparedness,” he added - turning truth on its head, claiming once Assad triumphs over terrorism, he’ll turn his attention to Israel.

“In the northern arena, there is a change coming due to the strategic developments in the Syrian internal fighting. The Iranians and Hezbollah (supporting Syria), are getting freed up to start building their power,” he claimed.

“We are not allowing these things to happen without our involvement. We are acting and will continue to act,” referring to Israeli airstrikes against Syrian targets, naked aggression, perhaps intending to escalate conflict in the country together with Washington, risking confrontation with Russia.’

If war escalates, Israel intends using “maximum force in the minimum amount of time,” said Alon, adding another full-scale conflict “will be rough” for all sides.

Part of Israel’s strategy is increasing support for anti-Assad terrorists, falsely claiming Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) forces operate in Syria - military advisors only, not combat troops.

Netanyahu’s regime unjustifiably claims Assad intends forcefully trying to regain control over Israeli-occupied Golan - Syrian territory he wants returned through world community diplomatic efforts, not war.

How far Israel and Washington intend pursuing their imperial aims in Syria remains to be seen.

Escalated war is more likely than conflict resolution, peace unattainable as long as Trump and Netanyahu reject it.

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