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FL Valentine’s Massacre Saves
DWS Dems From Awan Probe

By Yoichi Shimatsu
 Exclusive to Rense

The congresswoman from Broward Country, Florida, had this to say in the wake of the school massacre in her district: “We must do something about this senseless epidemic of gun violence and we must do it now.”
 Her message is clear: Gun control is the prime issue for the midterm elections in Florida where 11 Democrat-held seats have been up for grabs due to the Imran Awan spy scandal in the U.S. House of Representatives. The main sponsor for the Pakistani computer service team that gained real-time to classified files was this same congresswoman from Browder County, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the Democratic National Committee at the time of the gunshot murder of Seth Rich and mystery death of lawyer Shawn Lucas, along with the killing of several other DNC foes.
 The modus operandi behind the Parkland school shooting casts further suspicion  onto DWS, heiress of the retirement home of former Murder Inc. bookkeeper and mafia boss Meyer Lansky. Broward is mob country, site of the Gulfstream race track and casinos and recruitment ground for Lanksky’s attempt to regain control of his Havana casinos in that ill-fated adventure known as the Bay of Pigs invasion.
 Psychiatric Clues to an MK-Ultra-style Operation
 The recent history of chief suspect Nikolas Cruz fits the MK-Ultra profile. Twice orphaned, a strange pattern indeed, he suffered a personality disorder in youth, reportedly requiring psychiatric care. After his expulsion last year from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school, which has yet to release his “disturbing” student record on grounds for expulsion and whether he was committed to a state-run facility.
 Fellow students indicate simply that he “went away” from Parkland between his removal and the shooting incident. So far, no direct witness has positively identified him as the shooter, and all such accounts were based on police reports of him as chief suspect after the shooting. His arrest came an hour after the shooting ended at a different location.

 Anyone in open rebellion against authority would have relished the chance for a shoot-out with the cops, and he supposedly had smoke grenades for use in just such a siege. Instead for the next Cruz went over to the Subway sandwich shop to buy a drink and then over to McDonald's for a burger. Anyone with an appetite for junk food after killing 17 people is either brain-washed or innocent. It seems more likely that he was chauffeured back to Parkland from Miami and probably fed on the way in, like fattening a pig for slaughter.
 Several online posts have mentioned that his crazed look and his explanation that “voices in his head” urged him to do the shooting indicate that Cruz may have been under psychiatric control, as many previous “lone gunmen” involved in state-sponsored terrorism. Witnesses have recalled seeing a second shooter (used in these sorts of covert operations to ensure a high casualty rate).
 Florida happened to be one of the major centers of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program, with research based at the Florida State University at Tallahassee and trials done at nearby Appalachee state prison in Seminole county. Declassified CIA files reported that Lee Harvey Oswald was involved in undercover operations in Tampa and stalked Robert Kennedy at Homestead Air Force Base in 1963, just prior to the JFK assassination.  
 Since the CIA closure of those human experiments, psychiatric research and treatment has moved on to the University of Miami’s massive UHealth Tower for behavioral science. Most out-of-states assume head damage mainly happens at Florida college football games, but more convincing evidence for other more lethal causes has just surfaced at the Parkland school.
 Why did the police not shoot the “armed and dangerous” suspect Cruz? Precisely because the drama needs to be dragged out until the November midterm elections, when 11 House seats held by Democrat incumbents are on the line, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her fellow co-conspirator in the Awan spying case, Ted Deutch, the representative from Boca Raton (the Bay of Rats). Here again, as in all such cases of subversion of democratic governance, the FBI, DOJ and CIA are among the prime culprits, those supposed “law enforcement” agencies.
 The Zionist Lobby
 Florida’s 22nd district, centered in Boca Raton, was  home base for Deutch’s immediate predecessor Robert Wexler, a foreign relations lobbyist for Israel who first flew in Imran Awan from Pakistan as the computer-service provider for the House of Representatives. He was the first politician in Florida to endorse the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, who supported Wexler’s proposal for an alliance between Israel and Turkey, seed of the president’s foremost foreign project, the Arab Spring.
 The Israeli-Muslim alliance against secular Arab states Syria, Libya and Egypt was the reason behind Wexler and DWS enabling the Awan family to spy on Congress communications for the Saudis and Qatari Salafist state intelligence agencies. This was to show that no dirty tricks were involved in the Arab Spring gambit. Wexler moved on to chair the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Mideast Peace, a major source of funding for pro-Zionist politicians in Congress and State Department bureaucrats.
 The Clinton-Bush Mafia

 The sudden shift of the Florida political narrative from an impending court trial of DWS-linked Pakistani-Saudi spy Awan to the school shooting is, of course, the capper on the string of murders linked with Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Her ability to evade investigation, much less prosecution, indicates DWS is not acting alone, but still has the support of the Clinton-Bush political-criminal network. Florida is the turf of former Governor Jeb Bush and also Marco Rubio, both of them beneficiaries of the first edition of the forged Trump-Russia Dossier paid for by Paul Singer, Jewish publisher of the neocon Washington Free Beacon.
 The foundation for Florida’s “fast cash loan” industry, or Jewish-style usury, (DWS’s husband is a cheesy banker) were laid, of course, Meyer Lansky, the patron of Bugsy Siegal and Lucky Luciano, two of the most brutal killers in mob history. Following Lanksy’s escape to Israel to evade federal prosecution, the aging Jewish gangster retired in Hallandale on the southeast corner of Browder County, site of the Gulfstream Park race track and casinos. By no coincidence, the current Mayor of Browder Beam Furr was raised in Hallandale.
 Zionist Settler Hub of Florida

 Parkland is the location of the Lubavitcher cult’s headquarters (the Chabad movement) for Broward and Palm Beach counties. The militant and fascistic Zionist cult recently opened a training camp at Lake Worth in Palm Beach County for indoctrination of future Israeli armed settlers to expand their genocide against Palestinians. Most of the children of the sect members attend the Jewish-only private school in Boca Raton.
 However, at least three students from liberal Jewish families in area, all girls, were shot dead in the Valentine’s day massacre, and here again, sadly, is proof that the good die young. The tragedy of American Jewry is the undeserved curse of having “leaders” like Meyer Lansky, Wexler, DWS and, for that matter, the renegade American-born traitor Benjamin Netanyahu, all of them bringing shame and retribution upon the Jewish community.
 Another Joker with Red Hair
 There is no evidence so far of Nikolas Cruz being anti-Semitic, a white nationalist ideologue or an Antifa activist (although he used the term in one tweet). His hair, however, was dyed red at the time of arrest, just like James Holmes, the “Joker” in the 2012 Aurora theater shooting in Colorado. The crimson hair color may have been a signal to police intelligence officers not to intervene against him or his apparent accomplice until the state-sponsored terror operation was completed. This operation was well-rehearsed with several drills to train teachers and students how to take cover in a shooting incident, which ensures that the shooter(s) would not be visually identified.
 The St. Valentine’s Day massacre adds to Florida’s record of CIA crimes, being the state where the 911 suspects were trained by CIA-linked flight schools during Jeb Bush’s governorship and the scene of the Orlando Pulse disco attack by Omar Mateen and, according to French intel sources, with at least two other gunmen who were allowed to escape. These operations all have the same objective of terrorizing the American public, and force an end to the Second Amendment guarantee of civilian self-defense against a tyrannical state.

 Parkland Sheriff Scott Israel has said that any candidate in the midterm elections who does not support gun control will not get elected. That is a political endorsement, from a crooked cop named Israel (how blatant can it get?) for reelection of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the leading advocate of public disarmament for more orderly transition to Zionist governance. How ironic is that after the Seth Rich shooting and now this, the cynical murder of 17 students and faculty? Justice must be done and so the Awan trial must go forward to uncover the Zionist mafia at the center of these terrorist attacks against American citizens and again innocent schoolchildren. America is not another Gaza, be sure of that.