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FDA Tells S FL To Stop
Taking Blood Donations - Doyle

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - We knew Zika would spread via blood.

We also know the population of South Florida is predominantly Latino, African, Caribbean and a small amount of elderly. South Florida is no longer the capitol of elderly Jewish New Yorkers.   It is the capitol of little Cuba, little Mexico and elsewherre in Latin America.  Africans and Caribbeans make up a good percent of the population. I would venture to say whites are the least amount of population. Most of the whites being Jewish New Yorkers.

With so many Latino, Caribbean and African illegals who make regular trips back home to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Latin America, Africa and Caribbean Island you had to know there would be a huge population aka reservoir of Zika to enable local transmission of Zika.  I believe this is what we are seeing in South Florida.

A similar thing happened in Texas with Chagas disease. Areas of Texas had such a high population from Mexico and Central and South America illegals that the population was a reservoir of Chagas parasites that the Texas kissing bugs simply became infected drinking blood from infected illegals that Texas is so infected with Chagas that we now have locally acquired Chagas.  It is so bad that pets, dogs and cats and now a horse became infected. In the next 10 or 20 years Texas will probably have more deaths from Chagas than Mexico.

It is time to close the borders and any legal immigrants need to be tested for Chagas and sent back to their home country if positive for Chagas and also TB etc.


FDA Tells South Florida blood banks to Stop collecting blood donations due to Zika Virus


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