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The EU Is Finished

By Jim Kirwan


From even before the creation of the EU, Merkel the fascists, The Communists and USI
have been working non-stop to overthrow the nations of Europe.
And with the barbaric behavior of Fascist Spain
the reality in Europe is now crystal clear: There is no Freedom in Europe
just as there are no longer any nation states inside the European Union!

Nations states are defined by their own borders, their own language and their own currency, along with their history and their social and political customs: All of these things without exception have been deliberately destroyed within the current states inside EU, with only a few exceptions.

What Fascist-Franco-Spain is doing to contemporary Spain is proof positive that there is no freedom of speech or thought within that place any longer. The elected people of Spain were asked to hold a public election on the Independence of Catalonia: The so-called state of fascist Spain forcefully blocked this, ruling in the process that the people of that nation do not have the right to have a voice in who governs them. What followed is no different from the elective policies of Franco when he sided with Nazi's to dominate Spain, by forcing Spain into becoming a Fascist State.

In country after country, the local currency was done away with in favor of adopting the Euro. The so-called interior borders of the EU were supposedly retained, but the people in the once separate-nations have no control now over who comes in or out of their so-called nations-state. Instead they are treated like the states in the US, just faceless places in subservience to a federal bureaucracy, wherein the rights of all the EU-states are now supposedly in service to a fascist-tyranny that no one in the EU has had a voice in electing.

It's the same in the USA. By the constitution, the right of the states is suppose to trump “federal-rights” yet now in the US, the States are secondary to the Feds. Witness the BLM and the UN both of whom have decided that they can govern this country as they please—the people be damned. And the Americans have no say in that matter at all. In addition to this OUTRAGE, Israeli policies now control US policy worldwide—and Americans have no voice in this treason either. Now it's Europe's turn to follow suit.

Europe has been having elections of late beginning with England, but in almost no nation of the EU has the massive spike in gang-rape, the war on the white race, or the savage barbarity of these invaders even been part of their elections, because the governments in most of the EU refuse to allow these crimes to be either reported or prosecuted.

"It's Fascism, It's Not Justice"

This is included in the first 50 seconds, of this 27 min VIDEO above, but the entire broadcast deals with the current sell-out to invaders.

This began very quietly, because the press was blocked from reporting the actual statistics, in country after country. But now these massive crimes have reached the boiling point in far too many of those nations, and it is almost too late to stop this international outrage...

And for Americans this does not even register on their tiny little minds because as far as most here are concerned, “that's over there ­ that has nothing to do with me”. But unbeknownst to most: Trump's tens of thousands of these same Barbarians are flooding in, and this has been going on here right along with the invasion of Europe courtesy of Obama & Hillary­ but the level of crime's here have not yet reached the critical boiling point, which at most is just months away...

The issue's are clear ­ all our rights are gone, and in far too many places the governing “authority” is unelected, the policies adopted have nothing to do with whether or not people can even survive: The only issue is whether or not the public will be forced to follow these obsessed appointees that insist on tyrannizing the public in every place that the fascist's have come to power: England, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Slovkia, Romania and Denmark, and on and on ­ with only a few nations that are trying to refuse, such as Hungry. In the Czech Republic, 94% of Czechs believe the EU should deport all refugees. However these numbers are not discussed here, thanks to the censorship of Google, Facebook & Twitter!

Only the American public is sufficiently armed to resist this treachery ­ but as yet we are still not motivated sufficiently to stand firmly against what is being done to America and to all Americans. And now we are out of time ­ I never thought I'd see the day when the behavior of ordinary Americans would so thoroughly disgust me ­ but now those days are here... What's YOUR Opinion?