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D Is For Disaster…Not Donald

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff…  It pains me to admit it, as I had a part in getting out the vote for Mr. Trump, but I believe we essentially have an out-of-control madman sitting in the Oval Office.

Trump is sounding more like Sen. John Mc Cain than Candidate Trump.  The 'peace president' is threatening North Korea and Syria…and Russia and China.  Iran will be back on the front burner next.  What happened to 'America First', Mr Trump?

He may claim to have brought a few thousand jobs but there are 95 MILLION Americans out of work.  And who is actually getting those few thousand jobs?  Americans? Or are illegals and refugees getting hired first?  I do not consider those jobs American if they are going to illegals and Muslim invaders.

Nor is Trump deporting many illegals and unvetted Muslims.   in fact, he continues to allow the influx of muslim invaders and does not screen them at all.  Meanwhile, the CDC BSL 3 and 4 planes continue to fly in infected non-Americans.   The most recent CDC flight made a couple of trips to Africa and brought back more infected Africans and dropped them off in DC…probably at the NIH hospital where all the Ebola patients were brought.

It is, indeed, time for Americans to drain the swamp…including the Trump swamp.  And the illegal immigrant, Muslim savage swamp and all the other swamps in DC. Disaster J. Trump won't drain anything and instead continues to add more creatures to them.

There is a war against Christians being waged by muslims who freely admit their goal is to kill Christians and 'unbelievers.'   How does it make ANY sense to bring these muslims to America when they hate us and want to kill us?  Only a madman would allow this to continue.  As we know, there are a number of laws already on the books that Trump could use to stop this insanity immediately.

So far, D for DISASTER Trump, has not kept any promises aside from getting rid of the TPP.   He fooled us with those EOs to stop the muslim influx for 90 days knowing full well, the first Obama just to handle them would issues stays.  It was a misdirection.   All he has to do is ENFORCE the laws in the US Code…something he said should be done scores of times during the campaign.

And here we are at tax time but he hasn't kept his promise about tax reform, either.  In fact, a few days ago he announced that his 'phenomenal' tex reform plan is now dead and he is going 'back to the drawing board'.   We lose and all of his tax reform promises are now moot.   As far as I can see, taxes will go up significantly to pay for the illegals and invader savages as well as Trump's warmongering and $58 billion dollar arms injection for the Pentagon and the military-industrial complex.  Bombing all over the world and 'regime change' costs money, you know.

Trump does not inform us but he has already started the ground war in Syria.  We already have boots on the ground…several thousand, at least.  He will be embroiled in this war for many years…just like in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere around the globe.  We have had military in Europe, and Japan since WW2.  We have had troops in South Korea since 1950.   And for WHAT?

One thing is certain, we won't have to worry about a Trump Presidency after 2020 because Trump seems sure to be a one term President.  Hopefully, he will be impeached and out of office before the end of his first term. I doubt that many of his baseline constituents will be voting for Trump the second time around.  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.   I will not vote for Disaster Trump in 2020.

When you see the elite buying up land in the southern hemisphere you know they know a nuclear war is close. Given all of the radiation from Fukushima combined with the surety of nuclear war in the northern hemisphere property in Argentina and Antarctica looks very inviting.  We have Trump to thank for the new interest in moving to the far south of the Southern Hemisphere.

D Trump?  What a disaster.