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Caesar Only Died Once

By Jim Kirwan


Trump will die a thousand times

Trump Trump's Himself

It's only been six days since Trump decided to listen to Princess Ivanka and indirectly to Hillary Clinton, through the very-strange girl-talk between best-friends, Chelsea and Ivanka Trump. Somehow that has produced the virtually instant reversal of U.S. Policy in Syria ­ spelled out fully for those that were tracking Hillary's calls for exactly what Trump ended up doing.

It's way past time to look closely at the current political-situation inside the White House.

Princess Ivanka has no official title and is not paid for whatever she's apparently doing. Chelsea is still representing herself, the Clinton Foundation and her “mother” and neither of them have offices inside the White House, yet.

The relationship between her father and the princess is very strange to say the least. Anyone would assume that Ivanka and her “Mossad-husband” would live somewhere else besides in the White House. Jerry Kushner is a virtual prima-donna, with no political-portfolio, except for his “marriage” to Princess Ivanka. And his rather strange direct association with Trump, one almost wonders if Jerry accompanies Trump into the bathroom, because he's definitely everywhere else that Trump is, always just inches away.

These two virtual-children have no knowledge of the political, or the military-world and generally follow whatever they are told to do by Israel ­ through their Mossad handlers. And because of the familial relationship with the president no one has questioned any of this formally ­ as yet.

The rather strange relationship between the princess and the ad-hock president seems very unusual, when so many lives and US military policies are in the balance as this is being followed by a girl who was only 29 when America attacked Syria in 2011.

To instantaneously change the course of history, based on the sentiments of his daughter, which he apparently did because she was worried about the deaths of some children that she thought were killed by Russia ­ but her daddy-war-bucks, was too taken by his need to instantaneously please his special child, to bother with actually finding out who did what inside Syria.

And now the critical evidence that was never investigated has been destroyed before it could be examined.

Therefore that outrageously simplistic act, that was both a military failure and a gross overstatement of facts-still-not in-evidence; will go down in history as the beginning of the end of Donald J. Trump, Israel's 45th president of the now dead USA.

Is this outrageous? Absolutely!

But the world must remember that this could only have happened with such political ammeters being allowed to direct and control virtually the entire direction and outcome of policy decisions throughout the government in such a few days ­ that have seen the world move from being potentially on the verge of reaching a military and political

breakthrough in the now seven year Syrian War ­ to an overnight attack on Syria, followed by US threats against North Korea and China, to very soon be followed up by Ukraine and whatever's happening with Turkey ­ even before the continuing wars in Iraq and Syria are actually settled.

Today the US is meeting with the Russians, to convey our hollow demands to drop Assad and join the totally criminal USI, and our demands that make absolutely no sense to anyone who is not hell-bent on global war-forever.

The US no longer has anyone who is not a general or a totally unqualified bazillionaire in the government positions that have just undergone the 2017 version of the Saturday-Night-Massacre of Richard Nixon fame.

What America has now, is Hillary's Clinton calling the shots, instead of being arrested, while any-one and everyone that might want to pursue any path aside from global-war is being thrown out of the government, to please a president's daughter that's still a child. Ivanka is in league with America's most dangerous enemies, by marriage and by personal association with so many traitors to America...



And now instead of going to the aid of American Veterans, as he promised, Trump is about to add 150,000 more vets that he's going to put directly “IN HARMS WAY” to appease his daughter's sentiments, based on nothing but her loyalties to her friends Chelsea and Hillary Clinton the international Traitor who murdered Libya and the US Ambassador to Libya, which she was personally responsible for killing ­ yet Hillary has still not been seriously questioned or arrested, by the FBI, the congress or the supposedly new administration that has now exceeded everything that the three previous presidents have ever done.

The US has just entered the realm of that Third World War that no matter what happens, has just put the entire planet into a much deeper threat, in what anyone could have ever thought we would be forced to face. We're no longer talking about a few hundred thousand American troops or mercenaries, we're talking about millions upon millions of innocent people worldwide...

All because America cannot tell the truth about anything

in just the last “Seven Days in April”

If we let this stand and Fail to Impeach Trump, then we'll

deserve whatever is coming next!