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CDC Sends Biggest Ebola Plane To Kenya
To Bring More Severely Ill Blacks To US

From Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff ...  We are not just keeping open borders for deadly Ebola and Marburg, we are bringing in more savages who are infected with hemorrhagic diseases for free medical treatment at our expense.  Once they are healed, they will STAY here as more Ebola refugees will simply refuse to leave when they are cured…again at US taxpayer expense.  What's WRONG with this PICTURE?

Egypt closed all of itr ports - air, land and sea - to Sudan and other countries with hemorrhagic fever but we in the US fly the sick and dying here putting us ALL at risk. This is so unfair to US taxpayers.

I have been fighting this since 2014 when Obama began his Ebola-infected 'refugee' program.   Damn the State Department.  We know how well Obama's 'refugee' program went…absolutely NONE of the Ebola-cured (MILLIONS of dollars) left after they were cured.  The agreement was for only 'temporary asylum' for those brought here with Ebola but when the time came to send them home, the blacks began their 'racist' blackmail.   

It is racist to let them go home?  So, not only did we spend a fortune to bring them here and pay for hospital and medical care but now we must pay for welfare, continued expensive medical care, housing, food, cash, cars, schools and clothes and it will be forever as long as they and their posterity live.   Now we are doing it all over again.  The current Hemorrhagic fever began in Uganda then went to Ethiopia and into Sudan & Kenya.  Are we expected to take in every sick African?  Are we expected to pay for their care?  This is pure insanity, if not outright treason to America.  

I get so outrages because you and I, Jeff, have been warning about this for decades and it is still business as usual.  

Insanity continues and we taxpayers pay.



PS - They CDC planes are stopping off in Uganda, as well, to pick up hemorrhagic savages.  They made the trip twice this week.
N71PG is also picking up savages.  They have been going back and forth to Azores and I assume also without a flight plan on to Africa.

This is terribly unfair.  No one called Egypt 'racist' when they closed their borders to Hemorrhagic fever.
Also, this has been going on for some time so why haven't we heard whether it is Ebola or Marburg?   Why do the CDC and State Dept continue to lie by omission to the American people?

We knew right away what Hemorrhagic fever was infecting W Africa back in 2014, so why not now?

They seem to be playing a hiding game.  They won't tell us until we fill US hospitals and military bases with critically-infected and EXTREMELY contagious blacks from Africa.

We may just end up with patients from Uganda Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia.  Somalia is next to Ethiopia and Kenya.  Marburg fever is as deadly as Ebola and is extremely virulent and spreads quickly.

If it gets to Eritrea and Somalia we will end up with a Marburg outbreak in the US and Europe.   These savages are known to go back home to Africa like frequent flyers.

Someone in the CDC needs to advise Trump. 

The American taxpayer gets the shaft again.