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CDC Ebola Plane Brings Infected Blacks From Malta
To Maine & Trump Will Do NOTHING To Stop It

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff ... Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the big big Ebola plane N173PA just brought in infected from Malta.  Malta would give us BLACK AFRICAN RAFTERS, black African illegals.

 My guess is they either have the undiagnosed hemorrhagic 'bleeding eye' disease or they have the Ghana Flu.  Take your pick, could be Madagascar Plague as well.

 My guess is it is the red-eyed devil bleeding eye or Ghana Flu.  They might have shown symptoms of hemorrhagic fever and were put off the raft at Malta.  Of course, the stupid US takes them in because they are black.  

 Lord help us if the Ghana flu ever recombines with the red-eyed devil bleeding eye disease.  The savages were dropped off in Bangor, Maine...home to a large black Somali community.  This is terrible.

 These savages, should they survive, will never leave the US except to be frequent flyers and visit their relatives in Africa.  More savages to pay for.  This is so unfair when Americans cannot even afford to go to a doctor for check-ups.

 Malta to Bangor, Maine.     We pay.

Jeff, This is so damned unfair to our nation and our people…ALL of our people, no matter what their skin color.  

I am correct and the CDC is bringing in infected, INFECTED, African savages.  15 savages fit nicely in the big BSL Level 4 Ebola plane.  Malta has been overwhelmed with the Ghana Flu and with the doctor's strike, they got the US, stupid as we are, to take in these savages.

They are filling up Bangor, Maine with them.  Maine is ruined…just like Minnesota.  The US is all done, finished.  These animals will over-populate and in no time at all, by 2050 or sooner, our natural resources will be depleted, our society destroyed.  

By that time there will be a minority of whites left and the blacks will kill off the rest of the whites, one way or another.

What is needed is that the savages must go HOME, NOW, before they have 30 kids each man.  It is also time to sterilize these savages while they are here waiting for deportation.  Any one refusing birth control is sent home immediately. IMMEDIATELY.   We must STOP this ‘anchor baby’ insanity.  Trump won’t even TALK about it.  If there was EVER a TRUE National Security threat, this is it.

Our soils are depleated of minerals, our water is going to be gone, too.  Look at the continent of Africa and what the savages did to it. Imagine what will happen here when they multiply like roaches and start standing in the streets of America, urinating and defecating on our way of life and our Constitution.   They will blame the whites for the depletion of resources...even though the whites are not putting the stress on resources…because whites are not having 30 or 40 kids per man.   Notice I didn’t say ‘family’ because blacks do not culturally have ‘families’ like we do.   Many of the males in Africa do nothing much more than raping, eating and sleeping…and killing.

The FACT IS that the UN and our ‘friends’ the Maltese are picking out infected black Somalis and sending them to the US.  Watch the Ghana Flu deaths rise. I read that the media calls the flu in the UK and Malta the Aussie flu.  THAT is misdirection and a lie.  I have published the news stories from last Nov and Dec proving that the flu in Ghana…a combined H1N1and meningitis killer…was already loose and killing high school teenagers.   It is Ghana Flu…not ‘Aussie Flu’…that is a bald-faced lie and disinformation.   On that I will bet the farm and all the animals on the farm.  It is Ghana Flu out of Africa.  


I repeat, the CDC sent its largest Ebola plane to Malta and I surmised they were bringing in infected Somali refugees at US taxpayer expense.

I did a more digging and came up with this article below. It appears Malta (an Islamic country has had enough black Somalis and has appealed to the US, and Mr. Trump to take in Malta's infected savages.

I am sure that this is only the first of many, many planeloads of Ghana Flu infected savages that will be relocated here.  Trump could have ordered this stopped on his first day in office.  He hasn’t and he won’t.  Just another in the litany of betrayals.  I supported him during the campaign but what he has done to us since being sworn in is horrendous.  The latest betrayal being amnesty for DACA’s millions of illegals.  HOW can he have ANY support base left?  Are these people deaf, dumb and blind?  Can’t they see what he is doing to them and our country?  Bringing in Stone Age infected savages is something he can stop with one sentence.   But he hasn’t and he won’t.  And next, he will likely nuke North Korea and Kim will defend his people with everything they have.  Millions will die and the Orange Man couldn’t care less.

Here is the article…read it and weep...

15 Somalian Refugees Leave Malta For The USA

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the U.S. Embassy have announced that the United States intends to continue the resettlement program to allow MORE (emphasis added) migrants living in Malta to be resettled in the U.S.

The programme is a collaborative partnership among the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the International Office of Migration (IOM), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and a number of local non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Thus far, the UNHCR has referred asylum seekers to the resettlement programme who were given temporary humanitarian protection. To date, the UNHCR is continuing the screening process and has referred more than 260 cases which are now in process. A group of 15 Somalian refugees have departed from Malta for the United States today, and in the next few weeks, another group of refugees will be embarking on their journey to resettle in the U.S.

Ambassador Bordonaro noted that the continuation of the refugee resettlement programme shows America’s continuing commitment to help ease the burden that migration has placed on Malta, and that it demonstrates our recognition of the enormous challenges and dangers that many of the migrants have faced. “This occasion marks the culmination of months of hard work on the part of UNHCR, IOM, and DHS, as well as those here in Malta who have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of hundreds of refugees in need of humanitarian assistance,” Ambassador Bordonaro said. “I would like to extend congratulations to everyone who has made it possible for these refugees to begin the next chapter of their lives in the United States…and I look forward to soon announcing that the next group of refugees is ready to depart for resettlement.”

Ambassador Bordonaro observed that all refugees are assigned a sponsor agency that provides initial services such as housing, food, and clothing, as well as referral to medical care, employment services, and other support during a transition period lasting up to two years in order to ensure integration and assimilation. “I have personally met many of the refugees who are part of the programme,” Ambassador Bordonaro said, “and they will make outstanding U.S. citizens.”

In his remarks, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tonio Borg noted that this process, which commenced a year ago, is a clear declaration that the United States does understand the illegal immigration problem which is being faced by Malta. “This is a continuous process that should lead towards having hundreds of people to be resettled in the United States. This is a sign of friendship between two countries whereby the United States is clearly helping out Malta.”

Jeff…Here is the Proof of the CDC Ebola plane’s flights

 PS - At a time when Malta is being hit extremely with flu, as I call it, Ghana Flu, a doctors' strike is taking place!

 So, guess who will try to heal many of the infected raft savages? The CDC, of course…which refuses to put American health and welfare FIRST.
 Yes, the CDC jets will bring them here.   I will be monitoring daily to see if we are taking in more of these bioweapon savages.
 And that is exactly what they are.

 It is a deadly flu and we should NOT be importing more of it into the US in the form of infected, so-called ‘refugees’.    It is reliably reported that over 30 million more Africans are, right now, moving toward the Mediterranean to try to go to Europe.  UNBELIEVABLE.