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California By The Numbers -
How Illegals Have Killed CA

From Gary Holland

Hi Jeff
 Here is some food for thought on how the illegal alien invasion has killed California...

 37% higher cost of living than national avg

 Highest state income tax rate

 Highest state sales tax rate

 Highest state gas tax

 Highest gasoline prices

 Infrastructure ranked 49th

 8th highest property tax rate

 8th highest corporate tax rate

 60% of state and local spending goes to healthcare and pensions

 Some of the highest energy costs in the nation 12% of U.S. population, 33% of all welfare cases

 27% of Californians not born in United States 22% of Californians live below the poverty line 1/3 of Californians suffer from diabetes

 Over 200 languages spoken in California

 60% in the public school systen cannot read or write English

 Public schools 46th on 8th grade test scores Lowest percentage of high-school diploma holders

 Illegal immigrants cost the state an estimated $22 billion annually

 CALPERS has gone from a $400 billion surplus to $1 trillion "shortfall”.

 More Californians receive means-tested welfare than pay income tax.

 35% of the state is on Medicaid.

 Over 1/3 of the USA's entire means-tested welfare recipient population resides in CA. Illiterate Mexican peasant is the state's largest population demographic