Wolfgang W Halbig


LEAD ACTOR: Sgt. David Kullgren

Supporting Actors: McGowan (67) and Seabrook (95) and Penna(D5) and Figol (81).

Supporting cast members: CT State Police, Newtown School Board Members, City of Newtown and especially the Newtown

Police Department.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre. Shooting Script Uncovered.

Produced by

Homeland Security and FEMA

Thanks to two CT State Troopers for having the courage and ethics in allowing me to see the real Government Conspiracy.


President Barack H. Obama

Attorney General Eric Holder

Former FBI Director Robert Muller

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

Ct Governor Dan Malloy





Newtown Police Radio Transcription in their words and timeline.

I will try to point out all of the misinformation and inconsistencies within the sworn police reports.

Lies and misinformation in the report, as you will read and see.


There are enough lies and misinformation by sworn police officers to open a Grand Jury Investigation with a Special Prosecutor appointed.


I copied their comments as it was written in the script.

I made no corrections to their grammar.


REPORT (DPS-302-E) (REVISED 2/3/06)

CFS Report#: 1200704559-00179629



First 911 calls come in at 9:35:43 am on Dec 14, 2012.

9:36:06 Nute: "67 (McGowan) Sandy Hook School caller is indicating she thinks there is someone shooting in building."

Nute” is the Newtown Police communication dispatcher and he is calling 67 McGowan by telling him that a caller states there is someone shooting in the building.

By reading this you would assume that McGowan 67 is out on the road working but he is actually sitting at the police station.

Would you not let Sgt. Kullgren know first since he will be running this entire script as the lead actor and controller of the event?


REPORT (DPS-302-E) (REVISED 2/3/06)

CFS Report#: 1200704559- -1


INTERVIEWED: Newtown Patrol Police Sergeant David Kullgren

3 Main St, Newtown CT 06470

DATE AND TIME: December 15th, 2012 1500-1830 Hrs

While in route to the scene I directed two officers to approach the school from the rear of the school via Crestwood Drive all other responding units were to stage with me halfway down Dickenson Drive.

Sgt.Kullgren writes that he parked half way down Dickenson and waited for others to arrive and then directs two Newtown Officers to Crestwood Dr.

How does Shannon Hicks from the Newtown Bee get by Sgt. Kullgren and his officers who are parked half way down Dickinson Drive and blocking the road? It is only a two-way road from Riverside leading in and out of the school.

Nute” is in charge of the Newtown Police communication system that day not the director of communication who is sitting and watching this script unfold that day.

Her name is not important because she does absolutely nothing during the entire day starting with the first 911 calls.

Again, why does he Nute only call 67 McGown when he is in the Newtown Police station?

Officer McGowan writes that "On 12/14/12 at approximately 9:30am I was on duty at HQ. At that time dispatch radioed me that there was a report of what sounded like shooting at Sandy Hook School.

At that time myself and all other officers in the building ran to our cruisers and started to the school lights and siren.

While coming E/8 on Church Hill Rd I radioed that I would be going to Crestwood Dr, which is a road behind the school.

He did not decide this on his own he was directed by Sgt. Kullgren S6 to go to Crestwood Dr.

Sgt. Kullgren, Captain Rios and the Chief of Police are all in the Newtown Police Station and he calls only McGowan 67. Why?

9:36:32 Seabrook: "95, I am en route also."

9:36:34 Nute: "Roger 95 (Seabrook)."

How is this possible when Seabrook 95 is still writing speeding tickets at 7 Meadow Brooke Rd at 10:15 am on Dec 14, 2012 as documented in the Newtown Incident report number 2012-00030520?

9:36:38 Kullgren: "56, I am en route."

9:36:40 Barocsi: "56 (Kullgren) you're en route?"

9:36:48 Nute: "Units responding, units responding to Sandy Hook School, the front glass has been broken out of the school, they are unsure why."

9:37:05 Seabrook: "95, I copy."

9:37:27 1\Jute: "All units the individual that I have on the phone is continuing to hear what he believes to be gunfire."

9:37:40 Kullgren: "56 to 95, 67 (Seabrook and McGowan) if you come up the rear of the school, on that Crestwood the back road, the other units will take a staging point in the driveway."

9:37:54 Seabrook: "95 Roger."

Sgt Kullgren had directed 67 McGowan and 95 Seabrook to the back of the school on Crestwood Rd so how is this even possible?


CFS Report #: 1200704559- 00079318

REPORT (DPS-302-E) (REVISED 2/3/06)


09:36:13 Off. Seabrook hears call dispatched regarding shooting at SHES, returns paperwork to subject of motor vehicle stop and runs to cruiser.

So how is he writing a speeding ticket at 10:15 am on Dec 14, 2012?

This is verified by the incident number on the log sheet at the Newtown Police Department, which I have

09:36:25 Off. Seabrook en route to SHES via Rte 25, Main Street.

09:41:05 Off. Seabrook meets up with Newtown LT Vanghele (driving a department SUV) at the intersection of Church Hill Rd and Connors/Wire Rd.

How is that even possible since we do not hear from Lt. Vanghele until 10:38:13 am in the Newtown Police Dispatchers transmission?

09:42:27 Off. Seabrook enters Dickinson Drive.

09:42:47 Off. Seabrook arrives and runs to the left

How is this possible when Seabrook 95 is still writing speeding tickets at 7 Meadow Brooke Rd at 10:15 am on Dec 14, 2012 as documented in the Newtown Incident report number 2012-00030520?

9:37:57 McGowan: "Copy."

9:38:26 Nute: "All units responding to Sandy Hook at this time ... the shooting appears to have stopped.

It is silent at this time. The school is in lockdown."

9:38:53 McGowan: "67 to 56 (Kullgren), I am going up Crestwood."

9:39:00 Kullgren: "Roger that, we will stage up here in the front and we will go from there."

While in route to the scene I Kullgren S6 directed two officers 67 and 95 to approach the school from the rear of the school via Crestwood Drive all other responding units were to stage with me halfway down Dickinson Drive.

So how does Shannon Hicks from the Newtown Bee get by those police officers when shots are being fired and they have a huge crime scene to manage until it is safe?

9:39:12 Nute: "67 (McGowan) you're on Crestwood, Crestwood?"

9:39:16 McGowan: "Roger."

9:39:17 Nute: "Alright, I have reports that the teachers saw two shadows running past the building past the gym which would be the rear ... Alright they still hear shooting."

How is that possible when the Director of the communication center at a 911 Conference tells the audience that they received only four land line 911 calls on Dec 14, 2012 and all other cell phone calls went directly to the CT State Police dispatchers?

This is the Director Maureen Will of the 911call center for the Newtown Police Department.

Listen to her Key Note Speech as to how great they did on that tragic day.

Only four land line calls she states.

She refuses to tell us who the fourth caller was. Why?


Maureen Will Director of the 911 calls center at the Newtown Police station.

You will not see her name in the communication all day long.


First call from Halstead the secretary she said

Second call from a teacher she said

Third call from the custodian she said

Fourth call she refused to answer. Why?

To this date still do not know who the fourth caller was. Why?

9:39:34 McGowan: "Yeah, we got him. They're coming at me down Crestwood."

Who is They’re coming at me?

9:39:46 Unknown (Bahamonde or Penna): "Come up the.driveway on the left side."

9:39:56 Kullgren: "56, this is it."

This is it. What does that mean because he does not describe this is it in his official sworn police report for Dec 14, 2012.


9:40:02 Unknown: " .... Corner or vehicle" (unintelligible). McGowan's response also unintelligible.

9:40:33 Seabrook: "95 start an ambulance and have them stage."

9:40:35 Barocsi: "Roger."

How is this possible when Seabrook 95 is still writing speeding tickets at 7 Meadow Brooke Rd at 10:15 am on Dec 14, 2012 as documented in the Newtown Incident report number 2012-00030520?

9:40:46 McGowan: "67 to 56 (Kullgren) do you know if this guy I got here is involved?"

How would Sgt Kullgren know since he is parked half way down Dickinson Drive and staging?

9:40:54 Unknown: "Behind the dumpster."

9:41:07 Kullgren: "Responding units, last known gunshots were in the front of the building."

9:41:24 McGowan: "56 (Kullgren) I need a unit up here on the playground side to secure this party."

9:41:30 Kullgren: "Do you have that person yes, no?"

9:41:34 McGowan: "I don't know, I've got a party on the side. I have him proned out now."

Simple question from S6 Kullgren and McGowan 67 does not know.

9:41:39 Kullgren: "Roger that, units be aware that we could have a secondary unit."

9:41:48 Seabrook: "95, I copy. Any description?"

How is this possible when Seabrook 95 is still writing speeding tickets at 7 Meadow Brooke Rd at 10:15 am on Dec 14, 2012 as documented in the Newtown Incident report number 2012-00030520?

9:42:27 l<ullgren: "Responding units again, be advised last known shots were in the front of the school maybe the roof."

9:42:39 Penna: "DS eight- seven- two (872) yellow -echo-October ... may be suspect's vehicle."

First 911 calls comes in at 9:35:43 am on Dec 14, 2012 and Penna 05 is running a tag check outside the front entrance of the school using the incorrect alpha letters law enforcement officers use when running tag checks.

We say Yankee not Yellow and why is he running a tag check when he should be neutralizing the shooter inside the school who is shooting children and school staff?

9:43:39 Nute: "56 (l<ullgren)."

9:43:42 Kullgren: "Go ahead."

9:43:43 Nute: "Alright, just received a call uh ... we have one female in room one who has received a gunshot wound to the foot. Uncertain of any other injury at this time, advise for an ambulance. I have

ambulance staging."

How is this even possible?

Room One is the kindergarten room.

Crime scenes are room 9 and 8 and 10

Front Glass window shot out

Room One is located in a different hallway so how did she get shot?

9:44:05 McAnaspie: "03 (McAnaspieL 01 (Joudy) en route from court."

9:44:31 Chapman: "98."

9:44:32 Nute: "98 (Chapman)."

9:44:33 Chapman: "~v~yself and 92 (Smith) checked the perimeter of the school. That party in custody; forty-nine-0-one (4901) (Newtown police radio code for unfounded). We will continue checking."

Why did they the Newtown Police not run his name through the NCIC data base as a 10-28-10-29 checking for any outstanding warrants etc. and have his name in the official data base?

9:44:43 Nute: "Received."

9:44:50 Kullgren: "56 ... we have a team of three entering the south east portion of the school."

First 911 calls come in at 9:35:43 am and it is now 9:44:50 am on Dec 14, 2012 and No one has yet entered the school.

But they did run car tag check.

Over 9 minutes have passed.

We have conducted a car tag check and we have someone proned and handcuffed out in the woods but they have not entered the school to stop the shooter from killing children and school staff.


9:45:02 Barocsi: "Roger 56 (Kullgren), team of three entering the south east portion of the school nineforty-five (9:45)."

9:45:17 Chapman: "98 to 56 (Kullgren)."

9:45:26 Nute: "56 (Kullgren)."

9:45:29 Chapman: "98 to 56 (Kullgren), would you like us to begin checking the inside of the school as well?"

What a great idea since it is now 9:44:50 am on Dec 14, 2012 and children and school staff are seriously injured and clinging to life waiting for medical help.

9:45:43 McGowan: "98 (Chapman), standby. We are doing that now."

9:45:48 Chapman: "Roger."

9:45:51 Bahamonde: "Ok, I need units in the front of the school. I've got bodies here. Let's uh .. get ambulances."

They the Newtown police enter the school at 9:44:50 am on Dec 14, 2012 and have bodies at 9:45:51 am on Dec 14, 2012.

Within one minute and one second from entering the school they have conducted all the requirements of evaluating the bodies of children and school staff whether they are legally dead.

How is that even possible? Only a Doctor or Certified Registered Nurse in Ct can declare someone legally dead.

Has anyone checked the Pediatric Protocols for Children with gunshots?

We at NO point ever observe an ambulance at the front entrance of the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Why then WERE NONE requested for the front entrance of the school?

9:46:00 Nute: "Is it safe to send EMS in?"

9:46:09 Barocsi: "54 (Bahamonde), the state is heading in."

Only the CT State Police have SWAT trained paramedics now entering the school through the broken shot out window in front of the school at 9:46: 09 am on Dec 14, 2012 so how is Newtown the expert in triage and death determination?

9:46:32 Nute: "HQ to 56 (Kullgren)."

9:46:37 l<ullgren: "56."

9:46:38 Nute: "Can I send in EMS?"

9:46:43 l<ullgren: "Stage them at the end of the driveway between the firehouse and the school please."

Do not send Ambulances to the front of the Sandy Hook School but they have a fire truck in the parking lot that has been there from the very beginning.


9:46:49 Nute: "Received."

9:46:57 Bahamonde: "54 (Bahamonde) ... the building is not secure, so we can't have anybody uh ambulances coming in."

So why does the Newtown police officer ask in the first place for ambulances knowing the building is not secure?

9:47:15 Seabrook: "95 ... make sure nobody enters or leaves this area, the school."

How is this possible when Seabrook 95 is still writing speeding tickets at 7 Meadow Brooke Rd at 10:15 am on Dec 14, 2012 as documented in the Newtown Incident report number 2012-00030520?

9:47:23 Hull: "58 ... you can put me uh, at the school."

9:47:33 Kullgren: "56 to 54 (Bahamonde), can you assist with setting up a perimeter front and rear?"

9:48:11 Kuiigren: "56 .. can we get a location of room one?"

9:48:28 Barocsi: "56 (·Kullgren), the caller stated it was by the playscape."

9:S0:39 Nute: "56 (Kullgren)."

9:S0:43 Kullgren: "Standby."

9:S1:31 Smith: "92 ... we've got one suspect down."

9:S1:33 Barocsi: "Roger 92 (Smith), one suspect down, nine-fifty-one (9:S1)."

They now have a second suspect and again they fail to run his name through the NCIC computer data base for record keeping purposes in this high Mass Casualty Shooting.

Why would the Newtown police department not run his name through the NCIC data base to check for any outstanding warrants and for their official files?

9:S1:39 Penna: "Where?"

9:S1:S1 Penna: "Where is suspect down?"

9:S2:00 Barocsi: "92 (Smith), location of the suspect?"

9:S2:04 Smith: "First hallway to the left."

9:S2:11 Barocsi: "OS (Penna) did you copy?"

9:SS:28 Penna: "OS ... be advised we should have multiple weapons including long rifles and shotgun."

How does he know that information in the room? All where shot supposedly with the .223 bushmaster rifle?

He shared that information with Officer Penna we do not see it or hear it in any of the transmissions by Newtown communications or other officers.

9:S7:S2 Nute: "56 (Kullgren)."

9:S7:S8 Kullgren: "Go ahead."

9:58:00 Nute: "I've got one EMS unit going to your location ... confirmed."

9:S8:07 Kullgren: "At this point... all we know at this time."

9:S8:14 Nute: "Alright, I've just been told by A2 (Newtown Ambulance) that they are proceeding to your location. Is that confirmed that you want their arrival?"

9:S8:24 Kullgren: "Stand by; I've got units in front of the school. We're conducting (unintelligible) search at this time. 56 to 54 (Bahamonde) can you (unintelligible) to that?"

10:00:09 l<ullgren: "56 to 67(McGowan)."

10:00:12 McGowan: "Go ahead 56 (Kullgren)."

10:00:17 Kullgren: "Ask the custodian ... we need a way to the roof and a team up on the roof to clear the roof."

Since Columbine every police department has been trained to know the school site plans and visit the schools and study the layouts in the event of a School Emergency.

10:00:22 McGowan: ''Roger."

10:00:38 McGO\"Jan: "92 (Smith) is \Vorking on it.''

10:00:46 Penna: "OS ... we need busses here ... ASAP ... call Danbury if you have to."

It is now 10:00:46 am on Dec 14, 2012 and not one Ambulance has been seen at the front entrance of the Sandy Hook Elementary School to transport children and school staff who are seriously injured and clinging to life.


The first 911 calls came in at 9:35:43 am on Dec 14, 2012.

No Trauma Helicopters

No Paramedics and EMTs allowed inside the school.


10:01:32 McGowan: "Down the hall (unintelligible) ... he has the way ... (unintelligible)."

10:05:50 Smith: "92, we're going to be on the roof checking that area."

They are going to check the roof and yet we see that not one child or school staff member who has been shot and seriously injured being removed from the Sandy Hook Elementary School and transported to Danbury Hospital.


10:06:20 Nute: "56 (Kullgren)."

10:06:26 Kullgren: "56."

10:06:27 Nute: "There is a teacher, with students, in the kiln room, which I am going to assume is an art room ... at that location and they cannot get out of that room."

10:06:45 Kullgren: "56 on channel3, a kiln room, you got a location?"

10:06:52 Nute: "Uncertain of the location. She called from her cell phone. She said it was the kiln room. I'm going to assume it's an art room."

10:07:01 Kullgren: "Roger, advise all parties that call to remain where they are and they will be escorted out of the building."

10:07:08 Nute: "Received and that is what we have been doing."

10:09:19 Nute: "56 (Kullgren)."

10:09:22 Kullgren: "56."

10:09:24 Nute: "Uh, I've got fire staged in the front parking lot. They are looking for your approval to go in."

Why not let the fire department in with their Paramedics and EMT’S to transport those injured children and school staff members?

10:09:34 Kullgren: "Negative we are not secure at this time."

10:09:37 1\Jute: "Received, will advise."

10:09:44 Kullgren: "56 to any units with patients ... if you can safely evacuate out the front of the building, do so."

Now at 10:09:44 is the first time we hear that injured children and school staff can be evacuated to a hospital.

Why so long?

10:09:56 McGowan: "67 I copy."

10:10:00 Seabrook: "58 (Hull) is that you behind the dumpster in the back?"

10:10:04 Hull: "Roger."

10:10:05 Seabrook: "Is there someone behind the dumpster with you?"

10:10:07 Hull: "Roger I have two parents."

10:10:10 Seabrook: "Roger."

10:10:13 Hull: "I'll be moving the parents to a safe location."

Still have not moved the injured children and school staff from inside the Sandy hook School.


10:10:26 Seabrook: "95 to HQ."

10:10:31 Barocsi: "95 (Seabrook) hold on."

10:10:35 Barocsi: "95 (Seabrook) go ahead."

10:10:36 Seabrook: "If you could advise all units please, the roof is clear."

How is this possible when Seabrook 95 is still writing speeding tickets at 7 Meadow Brooke Rd at 10:15 am on Dec 14, 2012 as documented in the Newtown Incident report number 2012-00030520?

10:10:40 Barocsi: "All units the roof is clear ten-ten (10:10)."

But they have yet to find the school secretary and the school nurse.


But the children and school staff shot and injured have yet to be transported to Danbury Hospital or Bridgeport.

Why? Is the roof more important or does it just sound better?

10:10:46 Kullgren: "56 copy ... can we get the keys down here? We will start clearing the secured rooms."

10:10:52 Seabrook: "56 (KullgrenL the keys should still be in the janitor closet lock (unintelligibleL the access to the roof."

Why should they be in the closet when they actually have the janitor with them who has the grand master keys for the school?

10:11:05 Barocsi: "56 (Kullgren) did you copy that?"

10:11:24 McGowan: "67 to any unit near State Police let them know I have Detective Frank (02) with me. He is in civvies, green striped shirt and an AR-15."

10:11:40 Kullgren: "Message relayed."

10:11:48 Kullgren: "56 to 02 (Frank) If you can stand out front and assist with security. We have plenty of uh ... Newtown and CSP."

10:12:15 Kullgren: "56 to 95 (Seabrook)."

10:12:19 Seabrook: "Go ahead, roof."

10:12:22 Kullgren: "If you can get those keys down here, we're going to start clearing these secured rooms please."

10:12:28 Seabrook: "Ok, roger, they should still be in the lock ... of the janitor's closet. We're down by the entrance. We are on our way back down now."

10:14:02 Barocsi: "56 (KullgrenL Redding is en route; two officers and an ambulance."

10:14:08 Kullgren: "Roger, stage them out in the front please."

10:14:15 Barocsi: "56 (Kullgren) repeat."

10:14:48 McGowan:

10:14:55 Kullgren: "56 copy."

10:15:16 Barocsi: "56 (Kullgren), we have DA out at Subway over there on Church Hill. They are stating they would like police presence. They said it was related to the shooting. No further information.

Called in by DA."

The DA is out at Subway.

Did you know that four teachers climbed out the Sandy Hook Elementary School window and ran through the woods to Subway?

So you now have the police, the DA and four teachers at Subway.

10:15:32 Kullgren: "Roger that, see if we've got a supervisor in the front of the school that can spare a unit to head up there."

10:15:40 Barocsi: "Roger, Newtown to 54 (Bahamonde)."

10:15:45 Pisani: "04."

10:15:46 Barocsi: "Negative ... S4 (Bahamonde) are you at the front of the building?"

10:16:05 Barocsi: "56 (Kullgren), do you want me to have Redding go over to that location?"

10:16:10 Kullgren: "Roger that, have Redding go."

10:16:13 Barocsi: "Roger."

10:17:03 Seabrook: "95 to 56 (Kullgren), do we ah .. know where the set of keys is? We need them forthe .. uh .. library's off shoot closet."

10:17:13 Kullgren: "We are just opening up rooms. We will get them down to you."

10:17:15 Seabrook: "Roger."

10:20:22 l<ullgren: "56 to OS (Penna)."

10:20:27 Penna:" 05, go ahead."

10:20:28 l<ullgren: "Do you have a number of patients?"

10:20:35 Penna: "I'm sorry, repeat?"

10:20:38 Kullgren: "Do we have a number of patients for EMS personnel?"

No Trauma Helicopters and NO Fire Paramedics and Fire EMT’S allowed inside the school and at 10:20:38 Sgt. David Kullgren ask how many injured they have for EMS personal.

That is outright medical negligence in any school shooting case.

Why NO Lawsuits by the supposed parents or loved ones who lost a child or school staff member?

10:20:45 Penna: "Negative, we do not."

10:20:57 Rios: "2 to 55 (Hynes)."

Finally for the first time we have the second in command Rios at the Newtown Police Department calling on the police communication system.

Where has he been?

10:21:14 Rios: "2 to 56 (Kullgren)."

10:21:19 K.ullgren: "56."

S6 Sgt. Kullgren does not even respond to 2 who are the second in command at the Newtown Police Department.


10:21:33 Barocsi: "56 (Kullgren) Monroe called. They have a K9 available. Do you need it?"

10:21:40 Kullgren: "Roger, have them come to the front of the school please."

10:21:45 Barocsi: "Roger."

10:22:03 Rios: "2 to 56 (Kullgren)."

10:22:07 Kullgren: "56."

10:22:10 Rios: "Do you have anybody available, maybe a 5RO to come out to the front of the school in the parking lot and help with the students?"

You have got to be kidding all of us with that type of management direction.

10:22:19 Pisani: "D4, I'm en route."

10:22:23 Rios: "Roger."

10:22:38 Barocsi: "HQ to 56 (Kullgren)."

10:22:43 Kullgren: "56."

10:22:44 Barocsi: "Be advised, we are getting a call saying that the librarian is in the closet by the kitchen and there are 18 students back there."

10:22:53 i<ullgren: "Roger 18 students in the kitchen."

10:23:05 Barocsi: "56 (Kullgren), there is a correction, they are in the closet in the library behind the kitchen."

10:23:16 Seabrook: "95 to 56 (KullgrenL I believe that is where we are, uh, still not answering our calls. We need a key there."

They have the custodian inside the school with all the keys who has been on the 911 calls with Newtown communications for over 7 minutes on the phone and they don’t have his keys. You have to be joking.

10:23:21 Barocsi: "Roger she said she hears you pounding on the door. Do you want her to open the door?"

10:23:26 Seabrook: "Yeah, have her come out, come out the door."

10:24:12 Hayes: "99 to 56 (KullgrenL I am in town with my gear if you need another set of hands."

10:25:37 Nute: "56 (Kullgren)."

10:25:42 Kullgren: "56 go ahead."

10:25:44 Nute: "Fire is requesting an officer to go out, uh to update them at this time."

10:26:07 Kullgren: "56, have them stand by until we secure the school."

Remember the school is not secure and they let Shannon Hicks, the children inside the school, the parents in the parking lot have photo ops while they have yet to transport one injured child or school staff member.

Unbelievable in today’s first responders protocols by FEMA and Homeland Security.

10:26:11 Nute: "Received."

10:26:22 Kullgren: "56 to any unit with a janitorial key (heavy background noise)."

10:23:32 Kullgren: "56 to any unit with a janitorial key."

They have in custody the Head Custodian with all the keys the need. Where did he go?

10:26:50 Kullgren: "56 to HQ."

10:26:53 Barocsi: "56 (Kullgren) go ahead."

10:26:55 Kullgren: "We need to find the unit that has the janitorial keys."

10:27:01 Barocsi: "Roger 56 (Kullgren), 95 (Seabrook) do you have the janitorial keys?"

10:27:05 Seabrook: "Negative, I was looking for them myself."

Find the custodian….

10:27:08 Barocsi: "Roger, HQ to any unit who has the janitorial keys, contact dispatch."

10:27:15 Kullgren: "56, they have been located, thank you."

10:27:17 Barocsi: "Received, located keys."

10:29:00 Kullgren: "56 to 54 (Bahamonde)."

10:29:27 l<ullgren: "56 to 54 (Bahamonde)."

10:29:43 Bahamonde: "54 go ahead ... back hallway."

10:29:48 Kullgren: "Roger, 56 to any uh, supervisor in the front of the school."

10:30:03 l<ullgren: "56 to 2 HQ (Rios)."

10:32:10 Kullgren: "56 to HQ."

10:32:13 1\lute: "56 (Kullgren)."

10:32:16 Kullgren: "72 (Newtown radio code for a telephone call) the state troop, advise them at this point there is no active shooting."

This is the first time we see any mention of the CT State Police in their Newtown Police Transmission. This is such a bad script.

10:32:33 Nute: "Received."

10:33:01 Kullgren: "56 to 02 (Frank)."

10:33:13 Kullgren: "56 to HQ."

10:33:31 Kullgren: "I need a unit, in room eight (8) in the front of the school with a camera please."

10:3S:16 Kullgren: "56 to 67 (McGowan)."

10:3S:22 Kullgren: "56 to 67 (McGowan)."

10:3S:31 Penna: "OS to HQ."

10:3S:34 Barocsi: "OS (Penna)."

10:35:3S Penna: "I need the address of the residence of this Connecticut reg., it's gonna be the same one I gave you before, Connecticut passenger eight -seven- two-(872), Yankee -echo- October (YEO)."

10:3S:46 Barocsi: "Roger, eight-seven-two (872)-Yankee-echo- October (YEO), standby."

10:36:0S Barocsi: "OS (Penna), it's thirty- six {36) Yogananda Street."

10:36:11 Penna: "Roger, give me a last name."

10:36:14 Barocsi: "Lanza."

10:36:18 Penna: "Roger, thank you."

10:36:20 Barocsi: "Roger."

10:38:13 Kullgren: "56 to 4 HQ (Vanghele)."

This is the first time we hear Lt Vangehle in any Newtown Police radio transmission. Why? Where has he been? What has he been doing?

By his own words at a National Conference he tells the audience that he was the Incident Commander until the CT State Police arrived by we do not hear him give any directives to other police officers.


By Matthew Stone, BDN Staff

Posted April 23, 2013, at 3:34 p.m.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Lt. Christopher Vanghele of the Newtown (Conn.) Police Department was attending law enforcement training in Rhode Island on Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012.

I remember officers in the room talking about school shootings and how to prepare for it,” Vanghele said. “I remember making the comment, ‘We don’t do much training for it.’”

The next day, 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot his way through the entrance of Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School and opened fire with a .223-caliber semi-automatic rifle. During a five-minute shooting spree, 20 children ages 6 and 7 and six of their teachers were killed. Lanza then shot himself with a Glock 10 mm handgun. He had killed his mother at home earlier in the day.

Vanghele was among the first three officers who went to the scene of the shooting and was the incident commander on scene until Connecticut State Police assumed control.


Who wrote this script?


10:38:26 Kullgren: "56 to 67 (McGowan)."

10:38:29 McGowan: "Go ahead, 56 (Kullgren)."

10:38:32 Kullgren: "98 (Chapman) was working on a camera for us. If we have uh, some sort of staging point uh ... and can turn away parents or information point up at the firehouse."

10:38:48 McGowan: "Ok, 1 HQ (Kehoe) is saying standby."

Now this is the biggest surprise in the Newtown Police Radio Transmission we actually get to hear from the Police Chief who is identified in the script as 1, he is unit 1 so please do not forget because you don’t hear him give any directives whatsoever. He is the Police Chief.

His entire sworn police affidavit is redacted and now I see why.

10:39:34 Chapman: "Dave, I've got that camera. I'm on my way back in."

10:39:39 Kullgren: "Roger."

10:45:01 Barocsi: "04 (Pisani)."

10:45:05 Penna: "Go for 04 (Pisani)."

10:45:06 Pisani: "04."

10:45:06 Barocsi: "Are you able to come 48 (Newtown radio code for the PO building)."

10:45:12 Penna: "Negative, what have we got?"

10:45:15 Barocsi: "We have students up here. What's your pleasure?"

10:45:22 Penna: "We have got to attend to the scene."

10:45:25 Barocsi: "Received."

10:49:12 Penna: "5H, I'm sorry, 4 HQ (Vanghele)."

10:49:18 Kullgren: "56, go ahead for 4 HQ (Vanghele)."

10:49:22 Penna: "We want to set up a staging area for the parents to go there rather than here. We were thinking Fairfield Hills, is that acceptable?"

10:49:34Kullgren: "Roger, how about the firehouse?"

10:49:39 Penna: "We have gridlock here. We are trying to get them out from where the school scene is."

10:49:46 Barocsi: "56 (Kullgren) be advised, Monroe's 1<9 is in the area. Do you have a specific location you want them to go?"

10:49:55 Kullgren: "Have them respond to the front of the school. We have State Police with their team."

10:50:00 Barocsi: "Received."

10:50:06 Figol: "81 to 56 (Kullgren)."

This again is by far the most telling of the huge FRAUD, LIES, MISINFORMATION and a CONSPIRACY let by the NEWTOWN POLICE DEPARTMENT and sponsored by HOMELAND SECURITY AND FEMA.

I challenge them to file a lawsuit against me for Libel and Defamation.

You have a Newtown Police Officer by the name of Figol 81 who is working an off-duty job at a construction site with Lt. Sinko 3 who is third in command within the Newtown Police Department.

She has to ask permission from Sgt Kullgren S6 to leave her off-duty job so she can respond to shots fired at Sandy Hook.

She could have simply asked the Lt Sinko for permission to leave.

You need to know that this Lt Sinko does not leave his off-duty job for four hours knowing that children and school staff have been shot at Sandy Hook Why?

This is by far the most negligent response ever witnessed by their statements in failing to save children and school staff lives.

Playing games is not what we in law enforcement are supposed to do.

These are the most flagrant and irresponsible actions ever observed by a police department. Where is the Police Chief Mike Kehoe? Does he not hear her request and why does he not require Lt Sink to respond to the Sandy Hook Shooting immediately? What ever happened to the call “All Hands on Deck”?

10:50:17 Barocsi: "81 (Figol) are you calling?"

10:50:19 Figol: "Let 56 (Kullgren) know I am in town too on a road job if he needs me."

She Figol 81 is working with Lt Sinko 3 at an off-duty construction site.

10:50:24 Barocsi: "Roger, 56 (Kullgren) you copy?"

10:50:27 l<ullgren: "Negative. What do we have?"

10:50:29 Barocsi: "81 (Figol) is in town as well if you need her ... just advise."

10:50:38 Kullgren: "Go again please."

10:50:43 Barocsi: "56 (KullgrenL just be advised 81(Figol) is in town if you need her."

10:50:51Kullgren: "Roger, 56 to 0 ... 06 (Fiynn) ... D5 (Penna). We are going to use the firehouse for now."

10:50:58 Penna: ;;Roger, firehouse."

.10:51:17 McGowan: "67 to HQ."

10:51:20 Barocsi: "67 {McGowan) go ahead."

10:51:25 McGowan: "Be advised ... I will be taking a team to the location on that thirty ten {3010: Newtown radio code for information check)."

10:51:32 Barocsi: "Received."

10:51:38 McGowan: "To confirm that's number three-six {36) correct? Three, six?"

10:51:42 Barocsi: "That's affirmative. Three, six {36) Yogananda Street... three, six."

10:51:59 Kehoe: "1 HQ."

10:50:00 Barocsi: "1 HQ {Kehoe)."

10:50:03 Kehoe: "-advised we will be setting up command the command post at uh .. Sandy Hook firehouse."

The Newtown Police Chief takes charge and he finally has a command post. Where has he been?

10:52:08 Barocsi: "Received, command post Sandy Hook Firehouse, ten fifty two {10:52)."

10:52:15 Kullgren: "56, can we get a ... uh floor plan of the school please?"

10:52:23 Barocsi: "56 (Kullgren), I copy ... we are working on it."

10:52:29 Bahamonde: "54, just be advised we do have enough officers in the building. We do not need any more officers entering the building."

10:52:39 Barocsi: "Roger, 54 {Bahamonde), enough officers in the building. No more officers to be in the building, ten fifty two {10:52)."

10:52:58 Kullgren: "56, just confirming, all other schools are in lockdown?"

10:53:16 Kullgren: "56 to HQ."

10:53:20 Barocsi: "56 (Kullgren) go ahead."

10:53:23 Kullgren: "Just confirmation that all other schools are locked down?"

10:53:26 Barocsi: "56 (Kullgren) repeat."

10:53:30 Kullgren: "Looking for confirmation that all other schools in town are in lockdown."

10:53:35 Barocsi: "All schools, as far as I am aware, are in lockdown. They were advised."

10:53:57 Nute: "56 (Kullgren)."

10:54:01 Kullgren: "56."

10:54:03 Nute: "I will have a floor plan brought to the Sandy Hook Firehouse ASAP."

10:54:10 Kullgren: "Roger that, and then to the front of the school."

10:54:16 1\Jute: "That's affirmative."

10:55:01 Nute: "56 (Kullgren)."

10:55:36 Nute: "HQ to 56 (Kullgren)."

10:55:47 Kullgren: "56."

10:55:50 l\lute: "Be advise at this time I have 99 (Hayes) and 94 (Greco) here at HQ. I have two Weston officers going down to Sandy Hook School to meet with Janet Robinson to work with the parents at that


10:56:04 Kullgren: "Copy that. We have staff coverage for the town?"

10:56:13 Nute: "I am going to maintain 99 (Hayes) and 94 (Greco) here unless you need them there."

10:56:21 Kullgren: "Negative, that's good. Keep them there. We have enough in the school and on the property at this time."

10:56:28 Nute: "Received."

10:56:30 Barocsi: "56 (l<ullgren) be advised 52 (Froehlich) and 823 (Haas) also called in. If you need them to come in, just advise."

10:56:48 Silver: "63 (Silver), I also just got here."

10:56:53 Barocsi: "Roger."

10:58:22 Nute: "56 (Kullgren)."

10:58:24 Kullgren: "I am working with CSP now to coordinate additional searches. Can you have the Monroe canine and 81 (Figol) respond to the front of the school please?"

Finally, Sgt Kullgren S6 allows officer Figol to leave her off-duty job but guess what Lt Sinko stays.


10:58:35 Nute: "Received, 81 (Figol)."

10:58:39 Figol: "81, I copy."

10:58:40 Nute: "81 (Figol), do you have contact with the Monroe canine?"

10:58:57 Figol: "Which Gne is coming out?"

10:58:50 Nute: "Standby."

10:59:00 Nute: "81 (Figol}, both dogs from Monroe will be uh coming out."

10:59:05 Figol: "Roger, I just tried call, contacting them. I left a message."

10:59:09 Nute: "Received."

11:00:12 Chickos: "HQ to 3 HQ (Sinko)."

11:00:29 Chickos: "HQ to 3HQ (Sinko)."

11:01:05 Kullgren: "56 to 81 (Figol)."

11:01:11 Figol: "Go ahead."

11:01:14 Kullgren: "Have you and Monroe stage in the front of the school with your canines."

11:01:21 Figol: "Roger."

11:01:58 Vanghele: "4 to 67 (McGowan)."

Where has Lt Vangehle been all this time?

11:02:02 McGowan: "Go ahead."

11:02:06 Vanghele: "What's your status at that uh residence?"

11:02:11 McGowan: "We are evacuating either side and across the street and then securing."

11:02:18 Vanghele: "Now, there were people inside?"

11:02:21 McGowan: "We do not know at this time. We just arrived on scene and are evacuating each side."

11:02:29 Vanghele: "Roger ... just uh keep me informed."

11:02:33 McGowan: "Roger."

11:02:44 Greco: "94 to 56 (Kullgren)."

11:03:06 Kullgren: "56 to HQ, any idea on those schematics for the building?"

They are supposed have copies school plans in their patrol car computers for easy access since that was a major issue at Columbine.

11:03:16 Barocsi: "They are in route to 404's (Michael Burton) location."

11:03:21 Kullgren: "Alright, we need them in the front of the school. Can you have an officer bring them up please?"

11:03:!7 Barocsi: "Received."

11:03:32 Greco: "94 to 56 (Kullgren)."

11:03:35 Kullgren: "Go ahead."

11:03:37 Greco: "Do you have a description?"

11:03:47 Kullgren: "Of what?"

11:04:27 Barocsi: "56 (Kullgren)."

11:04:30 Kullgren: "Go ahead."

11:04:31 Barocsi: "We have a witness here at the PD. What is your pleasure?"

11:04:39 Kullgren: "99 (Hayes) take their information ... and standby."

11:04:47 Barocsi: "Roger. They say they have a description of the individual."

11:05:03 Silver: "63 to 56 (Kullgren)."

11:05:21Kullgren: "56 to 81 (Figol), location?"

11:05:27 Figol: "Wasserman at exit eleven."

11:05:33 Kullgren: "Roger, when you arrive, come to the front of the school and try and make contact with the Monroe dogs and standby."

11:05:43 Figol: "Roger."

11:05:48 Silver: "63 to 56 (Kullgren)."

11:05:52 Kullgren: "Go ahead."

11:05:55 Silver: "Where would you like Major Crime to set up a command post?"

Never ever have I observed a Sgt. By the name of Kullgren S6 take complete control of every aspect of Incident Command during this heinous mass casualty shooting especially since Lt Vanghele at a National Police Conference stated that he was the Incident Commander on Dec 14, 2012.

11:06:12 Kullgren: "They can come up to the front of the school, on the fire truck side. Everything beyond there is not possible."

11:06:24 Silver: "Roger."

11:06:31 Greco: "94, do you need a description of the perpetrator?"

11:06:54 Kullgren: "56 to 94 {Greco) give me a 72 (Newtown radio code for a telephone call)."

11:07:00 Greco: "Roger."

11:07:02 Nute: 11HQ to 56 (Kullgren)."

11:07:06 Kullgren: 11Go ahead."

11:07:09 Nute: 1156 (Kullgren), your radio is becoming more and more garbled, I need you to contact Director Will ASAP 203-.... "

11:07:18 Weston Officer: 11Weston to Newtown."

11:07:19 Nute: 11Go ahead Weston."

11:07:22 Weston Officer: 1101<, be advised, I am with a parent here who has the children that were in the classroom during the event. Um I am trying to get an account on them now. They were .. you know, not

in the regular uh .. , we have a line .. um lines here with, um ... rooms. They are not one of them, so I am

11:07:48 Nute: ((Received Weston."

11:07:50 Nute: 1156 (Kullgren)."

11:07:54 Kullgren: 1156, you want me to call the command center, I copy."

11:07:58 Nute: 11Roger, call direct 270-4296."

11:08:24 Chickos: 11HQ to 3HQ (Sinko)."

11:08:48 Chickos: 11HQ to 3HQ (Sinko)."

11:11:30 l<ullgren: "56 to 81 (Figol)."

11:11:34 Figol: 1181, out ... "

11:11:41 Kullgren: 11Roger, and the schematics HQ? We need them up here please."

11:11:49 Figol: 11You want the dog left up here or in the car?"

11:11:54 l<ullgren: 1181, front of the school please."

11:11:58 Figol: 11Roger that, you've got Monroe coming in."

11:12:08 Kullgren: 1156 to HQ."

11:12:12 Nute: 1156 (Kullgren)."

11:12:15 Kullgren: 111 am checking on the schematics."

11:12:19 Nute: "Standby."

11:12:46 Nute: "56 (Kullgren)."'

11:12:50 Kullgren: "56."

11:12:53 Nute: "Last I knew Gino was en route. He has not arrived at 404's (Michael Burton) location yet. Standby, I will make a call."

11:13:22 Kullgren: "56, if you can have FD, have anyone assist 81 (Figel) to come up to the scene please.

And if we can make contact with the second Monroe canine, have them come to the front of the school."

11:13:35 Nute: "Received."

11:14:22 Chapman: "98 to 56 (Kullgren)."

11:14:28 Kullgren: "56."

11:14:32 Chapman: "The storage shed around the gym side of the school-digital---."

11:15:27 Figel: "81, I am out in the front of the school area."

Here is her sworn statement on what she observed when she arrived at sandy Hook.


REPORT (DPS-302-E) (REVISED 2/3/06)

·CFS 'Report#.'. . 1200704559·-.'00038691


Friday, February 8th, 2013 from approximately 0945 hours to 1000 hours.

At approximately 0930 hours, she was advised by dispatch of shots fired at Sandy Hook School. Figol does not remember the time but responded to the School with her K-9, .Baro. On scene, Figol observed two black shirts lying on the passenger side of a black Honda.

The Honda's trunk was open and located within the trunk was a black long gun.

HOW CAN THE TRUNK BE WIDE OPEN At 11:00 am on Dec 14, 2012 when Officer Penna stated in his sworn police report that he placed a gun in the black Honda civic’s trunk and locked it for officer safety?

CFS Report#: 1200704559- 00002101

There was a black Honda Civic, parked in a fire lane, parked to the right of the main

entrance. The front passenger door was open and there were two sweatshirts on the ground on the passenger side.

Sometime later, I saw Lt.Vanghele carry a small child out of the school in his arms and headed towards the ambulance. I then saw a female that was being pushed on a chair and put in the back of the Lieutenant's vehicle and then headed off towards the ambulance.

Ofc. Penna came over and secured the car and he pulled a long gun out of the second row seat of the Honda Civic and secured it into the trunk of the car. Ofc. Penna then secured the closed the open door.

Even all the lies do not match.

Baro conducted a sniff of the shirts, which ultimately led Flgol to the front doors of the school.

Figol did not enter the school because the ESU team was conducting a sweep.

They still after four hours could not find the School Secretary Halstead and the School Nurse Sally Cox in the front office closet?

Four complete sweeps by the ESU team. They urgently need retraining in how to conduct proper sweeps.

The glass to the front of the entrance was smashed.

11:19:29 Pisani: "Roger"

11:19:30 Bar0csi: "4 HQ (Vanghele)."

11:19:30 Pisani: "Do you know where it is?"

11:19:33 Barocsi: "4 HQ (Vanghele), your exact location?"

11:19:35 Vanghele: "Yeah, I'm up at the front of the school."

11:19:39 Pisani: "Roger."

11:19:46 Penna: "OS to 4 HQ (Vanghele)."

11:19:54 Penna: "Do we have uh .. the Chiefs location? I have uh .. Bethel's Chief here trying to make his uh appearance."

Nobody knows the Newtown Police Chief's Location. How is that even possible at 11:19:54 am on Dec 14, 2012?

11:20:05 Vanghele: "Can you uh say that again? I didn't copy."

11:20:10 Penna: "We are just trying to locate the Chief, for the Chief from Bethel trying to locate him."

11:20:21 Vanghele: "Roger, that's why I wanted to talk to 04 (Pisani)."

11:20:27 Penna: "Roger."

11:21:11 Nute: "56 (Kullgren)."

11:21:15 Kullgren: "56."

11:21:17 Nute: "The plans are on their way to that location."

11:22:56 l<ullgren: "56 to any units on the perimeter, if you can assist with getting those plans up here."

11:23:27 Vanghele: "4 to 95 (Seabrook)."

11:23:41 Seabrook: 11Go."

11:23:44 Vanghele: "Are you clear for an assignment?"

11:23:47 Seabrook: 11Negative, 56 (Kullgren) put me with 81 (Figol) on a track."

11:23:52 Vanghele: 11Roger."

11:25:20 Kullgren: "56 to HQ."

11:25:23 Barocsi: "56 (Kullgren), go ahead."

11:25:27 Kullgren: 11CSP is inquiring if we have the principal, assistant principal accounted for, and if they can assist as a liaison at the command center at the fire house.

11:25:45 Nute: 1156 (Kullgren) at this time the superintendent of schools has set up an office at the fire house. The assistant superintendent is also en route to that location as far as i know."

11:25:57 Kehoe: "1 HQ."

11:26:01 Nute: "Go ahead."

11:26:03 Kehoe: "1 HQ."

11:26:08 Nute: 11GO ahead."

11:26:09 Kehoe: "1 HQ."

11:26:13 Nute: 11GO ahead, 1."

11:26:16 Kehoe: "I have the superintendent here. What would you like us to do?"

The police chief is asking the Newtown Police dispatcher what he should do with the school superintendent.

Now that is a first.

11:26:26 Nute: "56 (Kullgren)."

11:26:29 Kullgren: "56 to 1 HQ (Kehoe), CSP is just requesting that they assist as a liaison at the command center for parents."

11:27:48 Nute: "56 (l<ullgren)."

11:27:54 Vanghele: 114 to D6 (Flynn)."

11:28:30 Nute: "56 (Kullgren)."

11:28:33 Kullgren: "56 go ahead."

11:28:36 Nute: "New Canaan has offered their assistance. Do you want me to pull two from them?"

11:28:45 Kullgren: 11

1 have two Redding officers here. They are going to check with 4 HQ (Vanghele) whether they assist with town calls, check with 4 HQ (Vanghele)."

11:28:55 Nute: "Received, 4 HQ (Vanghele)."

11:28:59 Vanghele: 114."

11:29:01 Nute: "New Canaan has offered their assistance. Would you like two?"

11:29:10 Vanghele: "Say again?"

11:29:12 Nute: "New Canaan has offered their assistance. Would you like two officers?"

11:29:21 Vanghele: "Sure, why don'U;ou send them."

11:29:23 Nute: "Received."

11:29:33 Flynn: "D6 to 4 HQ (Vanghele.)"

11:29:43 Vanghele: "Go ahead."

11:29:46 Flynn: "What's your location?"

11:29:50 Vanghele: "I am at the front of the school near the field."

11:30:23 Kehoe: "1 HQ to HQ."

11:30:26 Nute: "Go ahead."

11:30:311<ehoe: "1 HQ to HQ."

11:30:33 Nute: "Go ahead 1 HQ (Kehoe)."

11:30:36 Kehoe: "Have we cleared the building yet?"

Now this is just unbelievable having a police Chief who does not know whether they have cleared the Sandy Hook school building. Where is he and were has he been? He is supposed to be the man in charge.

11:30:40 Nute: "56 (Kullgren)."

11:30:45 Bahamonde: "54."

11:30:49 Kullgren: "56 to HQ, state police are searching the school inch by inch right now. We have canine assisting."

11:31:05 Barocsi: "Roger 56 (Kullgren)."

11:31:06 1\Jute: "1 HQ (Kehoe), did you copy?"

11:31:10 Kehoe: "Roger that."

11:31:15 Bahamonde: "54 to HQ."

11:31:16 Nute: "54 (Bahamonde)."

11:31:19 Bahamonde: "I am in the school and can confirm that the school has been checked three times over, and they are doing a fourth."

11:31:27 Nute: "1 HQ (Kehoe), did you copy?"

11:31:42 Silver: "63, we are out with the State's Attorney."

11:31:46 Nute: "63, your message."

11:31:50 Silver: "State's Attorney is at headquarters."

11:31:59 Nute: "HQ to 1 HQ (Kehoe)."

11:33:00 Barocsi: "HQ to 56 {Kullgren)."

11:33:11 Barocsi: "HQ to 56 (Kullgren)."

11:33:15 Kullgren: "56."

11:33:17 Barocsi: "Received a call from stating that the State Police have

checked his location. There are three buildings, and one is unsecured. He feels it may be relating.

What's your pleasure?"

11:33:31 Kullgren: "What's the address on - ?"

11:33:35 Barocsi: II

11:33:45 l<ullgren: "Roger, I'll have units head over there."

11:33:50 Barocsi: 1'Received."

11:35:20 Kehoe: "1 HQ to HQ."

11:35:25 Barocsi: "1, go ahead."

11:35:28 Kehoe: "If you can reach 2 HQ (Rios), have him come to my location at the command post."

11:35:31 Barocsi: "Roger HQ to 2 HQ {Rios) ."

11:35:37 Barocsi: 11HQ to 2 HQ (Rios)."

11:35:46 Barocsi: "HQ to 2 HQ (Rios)."

11:36:15 Sinko: 113 HQ to 1 (Kehoe), I'm on Church Hill, I'll be there shortly."

Oh, my God! Lt Sinko has decided to join them from his off-duty job at a construction site.

11:36:24 Kehoe: "Roger."

11:36:31 Kullgren: 11S6 to 1 HQ (Kehoe), can you give me a 72 (Newtown radio code for telephone call) if you have a moment?"

11:37:11 Chickos: "HQ to 3 HQ (Sinko)."

11:37:16 Sinko: "3."

11~37:29 Sinko: 11Roger."

11:37:37 Wisentaner: 1153 to 3 HQ (Sinko)."

11:37:43 Sinko: "3 HQ."

11:37:46 Wisentaner: "Where is the Command Post?"

11:37:50 Sinko: "Sandy Hook Fire."

11:37:58 Wisentaner: "Can we move it out a little bit more so that we ... so that other agencies can get in there, or what?"

11:38:05 Sinko: "I am just arriving, so I will advise. I have to be briefed."

11:38:11 Wisentaner: "Roger."

11:38:59 l<ullgren: "56 to HQ."

11:39:03 Nute: "56 (l<ullgren)."

11:39:08 l<ullgren: "When you get a chance, can you get some portable radio batteries down to the school please?"

11:39:14 Nute: {(Received. Confirm for me that you have the building plans."

11:39:20 l<ullgren: 11

1 do roger, thank you."

11:40:12 l<ullgren: "56 to 06 (Flynn) or 05 (Penna)."

11:40:18 Penna: "05."

11:40:211<ullgren: "Can you locate any of the school staff in the ad min office? We are trying to see if we have any video footage to secure."

11:40:31 Penna: 11Standby."

11:40:39 Wisentaner: "53 to 3 HQ (Sinko)."

11:40:43 Sinko: 113 go ahead."

11:40:47 Wisentaner: "Alright, the staging area, we are going to move to the EOC at Fairfield Hills. We have other agencies that are showing up with personnel that are not going to fit down there."

11:40:59 Sinko: 11Roger, I am just meeting up with 1 HQ (l<ehoe) to coordinate."

11:41:06 Wisentaner: "Roger, just let him know, because they are flowing in now and we are not going to have room, so I'm going to send them up there."

11:41:12 Sinko: "Ok."

11:41:29 Penna: "D5 to 72 (Kullgren's patrol badge number)."

11:41:40 Vanghele: "4 HQ to HQ."

11:41:58 Vanghele: "4 HQ to HQ."

11:42:00 Barocsi: "4 (Vanghele) go ahead."

11:42:04 Vanghele: "There are approximately three Bethel officers that are going to be coming to the headquarters. If you can, use them for calls for service, starting with if there are any other calls backed up."

11:42:18 Barocsi: "Roger, do those Bethel officers have our frequency?"

11:42:25 Vanghele: "They do not have our frequency. There should be some spare radios in the classroom."

11:42:31 Barocsi: "Received."

11:42:34 Penna: "D5 to 57 (Santucci) ."

11:43:48 Vanghele: "67 (McGowan)."

11:43:51 McGowan: "67."

11:43:54 Vanghele: "Who do you have there from SP?"

11:43:59 McGowan: "I've got four (4) CSP on scene as well as 91 (McCluskey)."

11:44:07 Vanghele: "Are they uniform or SRT?"

11:44:11 McGowan: "I came up with all uniform."

11:44:16 Vanghele: "Roger, is that number thirty six?"

11:44:19 McGowan: "Roger thirty six."

11:44:26 Penna: "DS to D6 (Flynn)."

11:44:42 Penna: "DS to D6 (Flynn)."

11:44:53 Penna: "DS to 57 (Santucci)."

11:45:03 Vanghele: "4 HQ to 67 (McGowan)."

11:45:07 McGowan: "Go ahead 4 HQ (Vanghele)."

11:45:11 Vanghele: "SP uh, SRT team will be on their way there. They should be there in 10 minutes."

11:45:19 McGowan: "Roger, when they get there, they will have their CSP out in front."

11:45:25 Vanghele: "Roger."

11:45:36 Sinko: "3 HQ to 53 (Wisentaner)."

11:45:44 Wisentaner: "53 headquarters."

11:45:47 Sinko: "Alright, we are going to set up PIO at Treadwell park. We are in the process of coordinating that now. I am with CSP and we will be there shortly."

11:46:00 Wisentaner: "Roger."

11:46:04 Penna: "05 to 53 (Wisentaner)."

11:46:10 Wisentaner: "53 headquarters."

11:46:14 Penna: "See if you can get a hold of 57 (Santucci) or 4 HQ (Vanghele). They were inquiring about video cameras at the Sandy Hook School. There are no video cameras that record. The only camera they have is to let people in with the call button, which does not record."

11:46:29 Wisentaner: "Roger."

11:46:58 Kullgren: "56 to 05 (Penna), I copy that transmission, thank you."

11:48:03 Kullgren: "56 to any Newtown units that need relief, advise and we will arrange for that."

11:48:11 Seabrook: "95 to 56 (l<ullgren)."

11:48:14 l<ullgren: "56."

11:48:17 Seabrook: "81 (Figol) and myself checked the woods by the school, all the way to Treadwell.

We're checking Treadwell now."

11:48:27 Kullgren: "Received."

This is the last time during the script that you will hear from Sgt. Kullgren. Where he goes, no one knows. I would like to know, wouldn't you?

This script was controlled and managed by ONE police officer until 11:48:27...when he falls off the script. Why?

No Mike Kehoe the Newtown Police Chief in charge.

No Captain Rios, the second in command, who provided NO directives during this massive casualty-shooting event at an Elementary School.

No Lt Vanghele in this transcript until 10:48 am on Dec 14, 2012…yet he stated at a National Conference of Police officers that he was the Incident Commander that day until the CT State Police arrived and took over. I never observed in the transcript as to when the CT State Police took over. Did you?

Why do we not know in this transcript WHO ordered all those Porta Potties, and had them delivered with three hours of the worst mass casualty shooting in Elementary School history?

Why do we loose our lead character at 11:48:27 on Dec 14, 2012 Sgt. David Kullgren?

Who takes over the lead role from that time period on?

Someone who controlled the entire shooting event on Dec 14, 2012 starting at 9:35:43 am and now at 11:40:22 he simply just disappears.


Do you have any questions regarding the script?

Dec 14, 2012.