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AntiFa Unmasked

Jim Kirwan


The Rise of the Israeli-Secret-Intelligence-Services.

ISIS is operating here disguised as homegrown “terrorists”

Don't believe me, look at their video-evidence.

Note the specific body language, the disguised figures in black

together with their fighting techniques clearly Krav Maga, that are part of basic Israeli-tactics. From their targeting of the entire nation ­ you decide if these nationally orchestrated events are “spontaneous-homegrown angry people”, or are these Soros-paid thugs operating in America and trained by Mossad, which answers directly to Netanyahu?

Thanks to an avid follower of global-events

Here's some of the background behind the headlines:

ISIS/Al Qaeda Mercenaries of US/Israeli Agenda. Best Evidence

13min 37sec VIDEO

If you want to know more

about the political roots of this evil, as this connects to Korea,

London, D.C. & the Vatican,

Then connect the dots, it's easy to see what and who Antifa really is.

Anonymous What Is Really Going On With North Korea?

23min 14sec VIDEO

If you're still in doubt about what's really happening

you must remember what happened in Hurricane Andrew,

in Florida in July of 1999


Today is PART 2 of Bill Clinton's attack that was Hurricane Andrew where over 5,700 Americans died in this War. That was the stealth-version of the first attempt at “A New Pearl Harbor” against the world. And Today's News is the beginning of real-life changes in the lives of millions - in what was once the USA...


Deadly Silences m

TODAY'S NEWS, September 8, 2017

Greatest Evacuation In History” ­ 650,000 Ordered To Leave Florida /


This war we are already well into, is not nearly as complex as the half-wit savages would like the world to believe. The “exceptional nations” of Israel & USI have set too many fires in far too many places in the world to be able to deliver on their threats. These power-hungry savages have set so many nations aflame, with many more just waiting for carpet-bombing or“Regime-Change” in Central & South America, like Venezuela, while the world still waits for the re-invasion of Crimea and Ukraine ­ after failing completely in Syria. Given recent events, Israel just did the unthinkable and bombed Russian and Syria forces deep inside Syria ­ yesterday, that could well set that whole illegal war aflame with more treasonous allegations of Saran gas where there was none ­ again.

China, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are now clearly targets of Israel's
unbounded greed ­ and Netanyahu will not stop until he's dead.

The world has been repeatedly bombed with tens of thousands of lies about military-policies around the world, many of those utterances only last a few hours, some survive for maybe a week: But everything coming out of any mouth in D.C.,Tel Avive, or for that matter London or Rome are so riddled with blatant

lies, that people around the world are finally catching on, because it's clear that 'the New World Disorder' can never succeed, given their determination to capture every man woman and child on the planet.

Between the millions in the illegal and invading hordes of disease-ridden barbarian

rapists that have been loosed upon a totally defenseless Europe and the brain dead Amerikans that refuse to take back control over their own lives, and their broken nation ­ the survival of the planet is definitely under full blown attack on every front. This has clearly been going on since long before I was born 77 years ago.

What's crystal-clear is that no government, no bureaucrats, no authority figures can ever be trusted to do anything they say or especially anything they “promise” because they've been lying for centuries. It's up to us now that political leadership, promises and threats have come to mean the opposite of everything that's always been promised to us, in this end-times of our lives

It's time to choose sides and fight ­ you can start by confronting Antifa, wherever they appear, surround their Soros paid for buses. Don't let them leave until they've been arrested, before they attack. We must show them that we know we're at War and that they cannot win ­ IF WE SHOW UP AND FIGHT THEM in real and thought-out terms until they break...

Resist & Protest

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