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Nine Days Of Nothing

By Jim Kirwan

In a World without Purpose

I’ve been diverted for the last nine days.

Yet when I look back over those same nine days, nothing in the world has changed.

No one’s been arrested

Israel continues to steal more land, murder more people and USI continues to support everything they do

As the world watches them do it, with impunity.

In the last nine days it’s been easy to compare the rhetoric

That has led up to

These Nine Days of Nothing in which much was promised

But turned out to be just more of the same:

Because it’s always been promised, but never delivered!

There were three elections in the world. In the United States, 38% of the public turned out to vote in the November election. Which means that 62% of the public went AWOL, for whatever reason.

The Catalonia vote was held, but was adamantly denied by Spain, because the Spanish crown would not allow the people of Catalonia along with their significant industrial base to separate from Spain. The Catalonians however decided to hold their vote; calling it an official opinion vote. Currently that ‘vote’ is continuing, with an eye toward challenging the Spanish crown because the will of the Catalonian people is still being blatantly denied.

Eastern Ukraine had what they called an election for their separate states of Donetsk and Lugansk, to elect their own leaders, as was promised to them by Porky himself; just before he promised to exterminate them all. The people in the break-way regions overwhelmingly elected their own leaders. However, Kiev will no longer recognize that election, as they had promised. And the Western leadership of the world will not recognize the will of the breakaway republics either. There has still been no action taken by the UN or the International Courts on anything that’s transpired anywhere within Ukraine. Because USI owns all the mechanisms necessary to change any of the outcomes, wherever disputes have broken out in the carnage created by the Western forces both legal and illegal.

What has also not changed anywhere on the planet, in the last nine days, is the fact that whatever the West wants, must always take place. If whatever is done does not directly benefit the West and their major shareholders, then whatever it is cannot happen. That is still true throughout the Near East, the Middle East and the entire EU.

Behind the Scenes

In nation after nation austerity demands are still being forced upon EU countries that are leading to the too familiar mockery of public demonstrations. Hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated against the EU policies in dozens of countries: And of course the riot police show up in force which always leads to a few deaths but to no change at all in any of the policies being challenged.

The entire charade, everywhere, is nothing but a giant puppet show that has no end: Because no policies are ever seriously challenged and no one of any substance has been arrested.

Meanwhile, hundreds of tons of crops are rotting throughout the EU because some faceless bureaucrats insist on imposing bogus trade-sanctions against Russia; while the people in EU and the world are being forced to accept brutal measures which are anything but viable: In a world that values only “dead-cold-business” over human life everywhere.

The US government is totally illegal and all of its officials should be in jail. Instead, in this country and the world, activity continues to proceed as if there is “a Future” when nothing could be further from the truth”.

The old USA is now completely headless. We have no leaders, only pretenders vying for every scrap in the carnage of the ruin that used to be a nation of substance. “Global Business” has proven itself to be the international lie that it has always been: and apparently the world will still not do anything to rein in this rabid-dog-of-global war which is addicted to terminal self-destruction: Just to steal the last few worthless dollars of our now defunct money.

So many riots throughout “the nine days” but NOTHING has really happened to alter any of the problems that the West continues to create for everyone else: Everywhere in the world’s war torn nations.

Beyond the Spotlights and the Wars

Canada made history yesterday by accepting the Chinese Yuan as

Authorized by China’s central bank, it will allow direct business between the Canadian dollar and the Chinese Yuan, cutting out the middle man ­ in most cases, the worthless U.S. dollar’

Isolated Putin?

We still have the ultimate arbiter of all things human ­

Nature herself who actually owns us all!

Everything we continue to do ignores all of nature and her laws.

Nature is Speaking

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