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Is Missing!

By Jim Kirwan


Source Unknown

This government has lost Nine-Trillion Dollars of our money!

That’s 30k for every man woman & child

In America

The money is not lost. It was stolen by the global-banks

This might go a very long way toward surviving.

Obama’s self-imposed implosion


The position of Inspectors General was once the most highly respected position in the federal government. The IG’s were charged with finding lost money and investigating major national crimes, bribery, extortion and theft, along with criminal-political actions, inside the government and all of its agencies. But this IG can’t find anything because she has refused to look for the missing nine trillion dollars that magically has just disappeared. (1)

When any agency of the government demands a payment whether its for some taxes, or fines or for anything like the new Obamacare requirement to get medical care ­ send them your bill for $30,000.00 for ever member of your family. The government can deduct the chump change but they must send you the entire balance as you will be sending them a registered letter for payment on demand: Which is overdue and will therefore be subject to fines, penalties and prison-time for the government (Because of the amount of the fraud) ­ give them 72 hours to pay-in-full and see what happens!

This might sound ridiculous but if the government begins to hear from the public by registered letters ­ they will be forced to do something besides just ignoring you, as they always have in the past, or not!

Government counts on Amerikans to do absolutely nothing!

Who knows maybe some of the millions of fake lawyers out there might take up this cause, because a class action suit of this type would generate publicity. And of course the lawyers will NOT be paid, because this is a crime that doesn’t need to be compounded by lawyers that will drag it all out and by the time the public gets paid, there won’t be anything left for the public to receive—so on second thought screw the lawyers ­ let’s just do this ourselves and at least charge the traitors with all their crimes: Including this one!

Impeach the entire Administration,


& the criminal-supreme court

When I first heard about greed as a way of life, I was thunderstruck that so many people could buy-in to exactly how it has always worked, since long before Reagan and his government pursuit of becoming totally immersed, in the ugliness of total debt financing.

I was in my early twenties and just beginning to design homes in a small architectural firm. The chief designer was a boy with only one good hand, an ego the size of the state of Oklahoma, and a distain for society across the board. He was bothered by my attitude toward him and toward his world that I never took seriously.

One afternoon on the timed-10 minute-break (there was only one allowed in the morning and one in the afternoon) ­ time was extremely important to the firm: He interrupted my thoughts to inform me of the rightness of his plans to become filthy-rich before he reached 25. I listened and asked him a few questions…

The Chief Designer) “You’ve got the wrong idea about everything kirwan ­ you don’t understand shit! Just the other day you were talking about creating your own company, and paying for it yourself? You’re living in the stone-age ­ nobody uses their own money don’t you know that!”

kirwan) “Really ­ and What do you suggest?”

Him) “Hell everybody knows you never use your own money for anything ­ borrow whatever you need and add 20% just to cover whatever: That way if you lose the money you’re not out anything, and if you succeed you can borrow even more. This is not new! I just do what ‘The Big-Boys Do” and I’ll be filthy rich before I’m twenty-five!”

kirwan) “What about the rest of your life, is that fair-game for the Big-Boys too? I hate to bust your bubble but you’re not talking about “your life” anymore. You’re just like those ‘lifer’s’ in the military that stayed-in going for the retirement check: That guaranteed 30 year-retirement check that they’ll never quite get to ­in the end. People like you bet everything, on someone else - only to get fired just before the magic retirement comes due—maybe you need to take another look around?”

Him: “That’s just not happening. Look what I’m building, look

what I’ve got ­ then look at you, you’re nothing at all.

k) Credit cards hadn’t reached mass consumption levels at that time, but if they’d been there he would have owned 10 of them.

His cars were on credit, so was his apartment and probably his clothes as well ­ he used other people’s money for everything he claimed to own. I was hand-to mouthing it with a studio of my own in a studio apartment using a solid-core door for a drafting table but I was accumulating clients and I was growing both night & day.

k) “So business is your only concern? There’s 24 hours in every day, and there’s so much left to do ­ how can anything as stupid as business take up your every waking thought?”

Him) “You’ll see when it’s too late stupid! There are two kinds of people ­ suckers and takers. Everything else is road-kill!”

k) “Guess I missed that part of the course? But what happens when the rest of the public ­ you know the suckers - begin to catch on?”

Him) Hah, like that’s going to ever happen. Nobody will ever admit that they’ve been used, so the herd will always be there, just waiting to be taken for every last cent! Grow up kirwan - life is not what you think it is ­ all you have to do is just

Do what the Big-Boys Do” and never look back!”

I replaced him the next week as Chief Designer, and moved on. I left that firm the following week, opened my own business­ but I never quite forgot that particular lecture.

When Deukmejian & Reagan stole my work in 1979 and appointed me as a co-chairman for one of his projects, with Paul Conrad of the Los Angeles Times (without asking either of us if we wanted to become part of that stealth-project): That was, in reality, a republican political project to promote the next governor of California. I remembered that fool’s conversion to blatant greed; I shook my head and filed a complaint with the California Fair Campaign Practices Commission, who promptly lost the filing…

Then yesterday when Obama failed to explain why ‘raising the debt limit could never fix anything’ but would only postpone the inevitable crash that we cannot avoid ­ I wondered that more people haven’t tried to explain the built-in limitations of “Just doing what the big-boys do”?

The FED was doing fine when they confined themselves to stealing-small. But once they decided to apply their policies of total theft and total extortion against everyone with a retirement account a bank account or even just a job—the end of the end became crystal clear. Now they’ve expanded the policy to include other nations and the people of other nations as well.

They have run out of target-rich areas of the world in which to rape, prey and kill. That policy has left them the only course still open to them which is ironically: Total and open warfare on the same world they set out to steal (intact) back when Clinton killed Glass-Stiegel to open the flood-gates of greed against the entire planet.

What could you do with $30,000.00 today? Not much really, but it would be much better to have it in your hands than in this government’s bloody paws. Of course that won’t happen but collectively we could indict them all for this massive theft and then go on from there!

1) Nine Trillion Missing from the Federal Reserve Bank - 5min 44sec VIDEO





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