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7 Decades Is Too Long!

By Jim Kirwan


You were promised untold riches


What you got was frustration stagnation

Torture & murder unending.

Had enough yet?

Nero proudly claims that he and the succession of puppet-rulers that have been running this dump for the last seven decades have brought us prosperity, security and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. This is the ultimate lie which he and his predecessors have always lived by. Nero has reached the end of his rope. He and they will die for what they’ve tried to do as well as what they’ve already done to us.

As Mike Rivero put it

“…Looking at today's headlines, it is clear the government and media are confident that if they simply tell a big enough lie, the public will buy it. Maybe that was true back when Hitler warned about those who use big lies, but it is no longer true in the age of the internet. Yet that confidence by government and media will lure them into continuing with new lies, and worse, new false-flags to get the wars they lust for.

We The People must shatter that confidence, in order to forestall more lies and false-flags. We The People must make the plotters of wars experience a moment of doubt before each new lie and false-flag, as a deterrent to lies and false-flags. If someone planning a new false-flag has to ask themselves if the official story will be believed, then perhaps they will call off the plan.

Doubt in the minds of the propagandists can be our most potent weapon against more lies and more wars. And we can create that doubt by relentlessly reminding them that We The People know they have lied us into wars, have been lying all along, and that We The People do not trust them any longer.

So here is a weapon against the warhawks. Think of it as We The People's psy-op against the government and corporate media. Share this link with all your friends and include these instructions. Send this link to people like John Kerry, John McCain, Rush Limbaugh, and Christine Amanpour. The moment anyone in government and media voices support for more wars, they should be hit with a
flood of emails with the link to this article until they get the message that the days when the government and media could tell us any fantasy at all and get away with it are gone forever.” (1)

Kerry has announced his own deadline of “JUST ONE WEEK” to locate the entire stockpile of chemical weapons inside the Syrian War Zone. This is the way the puppets plan to trump the global-diplomacy which Putin introduced to the world stage, just this week. Nero is an ass and his handful of talking heads who represent the 535 members of the congress, that he’s already rendered moot, are now speaking for the entire nation—or so they say. Despite that 75% of U.S. Troops are against the coming attack on Syria, and over 90% of the public is against it as well. It is clear that word of this coup has reached the puppets yet they are still determined to spit in the face of the UN, NATO and the world by launching their long-planned for War-for-Israel, no matter what.

The words used by this seven-decade-long criminal-cabal have never meant anything they have ever said! They’ve been caught a hundred thousand times in the last seven decades telling lie after lie after lie: But nothing seems to deter them for long. They will never get enough, because they’re battle cry is always “MORE ­ WE NEED MORE OF EVERYTHING”. To get it they are willing to turn the entire planet into a smoking ruin, for Israel and the banks.

Today America will be turning a new page in this “relationship” which most of us view as “indentured servitude”. From here on in it must be viewed as common slavery, in every nation where this disease has taken root. Here’ part of one man’s view that is beginning to go viral.

It ends this way:

Our rotten, top-heavy government, visible and invisible, must be dismantled as quickly and ruthlessly as possible because the Jews have seized total control over it, as pointed out endlessly on this website and by expert researchers such as Brother Nathanael, who really delivers the goods, year after year. He is under attack by the ADL probably because he’s a better communicator with the public than this writer, who receives no Jewish or federal intimidation. Friends and family, yes, but not this writer himself. His advertised readiness to fight back has no doubt served him well. There must be truth in advertising.

There is no good reason now to delay starting the resistance. On a personal level it means organizing Neighbourhood Watch to defend against federal and police attacks starting now. The resistance will show a determination, in some places more than others at first, to punish traitors for any and all acts of treason, uppermost being gun control. But aggressive war is also treason because it only benefits our Jewish enemy and gets normal people slaughtered. Privately owned, debt-based currency and government borrowing are also treason: they only benefit our Jewish enemy and rob us of our savings. Off-shoring of our industries was also treason; it robbed us of our livelihoods and made millions of us unable to take revenge on the filthy criminals responsible for their downfall. Those of us who are still working have the means to do this in our “spare time.” I guarantee that we’ve got nothing better to do.

This writer has never solicited support of any kind since starting on this political adventure in 1968. The militia was a personal defensive decision that didn’t require money but just the determination not to surrender one’s firearms. The resistance will be what the militia should have been, but never was. The militia was ahead of the power curve, forming during a period when the threat, even the possibility, of martial law was not so apparent.

The resistance will go on the offensive against the traitors in government and the traitors who give the government its orders.

Whether Americans support the resistance, either through participation or financially, remains to be seen. This writer has begun to solicit support from overseas, from governments that have been victimized by the US government with its ugly demands for Unconditional Surrender, and will continue to do so. It is in every country’s interest to support the American resistance movement because it will be the purpose of the resistance to make America obey the rules of civilized societies for the first time in its existence. Superpower means unchecked state terrorism. The American government is the master of horror, as we plainly see today in Syria.

The resistance will make no pretentious demands for Unconditional Surrender but will instead work to overthrow the cancerous source of this implacable, sadistic demand given time and again to other peoples who have threatened us not in the least. There will be no demand to surrender because that means prisoners. We don’t want any prisoners.

There’s only one way to beat the house (which we paid for) and that’s to burn it down.”

In times past in various parts of the world when life, liberty and the pursuit of life itself were threatened ­ here is what the people chose to do in the face of treason & their host of traitors.

These people, fill in the blank with the appropriate names, and all who shelter or aid them are ‘DECLARED-OUTLAWS’ of the realm. (The USA) Their property is forfeit and their lives shall be taken by any American on sight…’

“The resistance will go on the offensive against the traitors in government and the traitors who give the government its orders!”

There are many wrongs to be righted

But first we must terminate the artificial owners

Who originated all the lies!


Those of us that care enough to take back the rulership of this nation, will be doing what must be done, yet everyone must pick the side they want to live or die for ­ because that is the price that must be paid because we have waited far too long already…

Now we must Act alone if need by,

But together with others that are committed

Because we need all help we can get…

1) So you think that Military Intervention is a good idea?

2) Unconditional Surrender

3) Insanity Defines the Congress



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