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Sixty-One Years & Counting

By Jim Kirwan


It was 1953: I was in Harding Junior High School in Oklahoma City; loose with most of the students in the halls of that large public school, chanting “L.S.M.F.T.” ‘Lord Save me from Truman’.

Dirty Harry Truman had decided to fire General Douglas MacArthur over MacArthur’s plan to nuke China. Most of us didn’t know much about ‘the haberdasher from KC’ in the White House, except that he was disconnected from the world while he played ‘god’. Most never found out that Dirty Harry brought us the CIA and the Council on Foreign Affairs, which had replaced the entire congress upon its creation: Not to mention the most criminal of his illegal actions of creating the UN and the forced ‘recognition’. by the world. of the fake-country of Israel.

Dirty Harry was a real piece of work; such that even kids in Junior high school didn’t trust him to do anything right.

Of course we were wrong then, being mostly just children mouthing what we heard our parents say: Nuclear war was not an answer that anyone could have lived with; especially not as a ‘possible-solution’ to Truman’s bungled War that he called ‘a Police Action’.

The USA was blissfully unaware that while “We Won the Second World War” we lost the peace bigtime. The public was too drunk within the ‘high’ that protected the Dulles Brothers and Ike who saw to it that we rebuilt the factories and the European states that would later become the EU.

Coincidentally, the fifties saw the creation of the congressional-military-industrial complex or the war-machine as we know it today. That should have ended our freedoms then, but there was the G.I. Bill that made it possible for millions to go to college; thereby postponing the plan that was supposed to have soon ended all our freedoms; after ‘the farce that was not peace’. The post war nation returned to what was designed by Roosevelt and Truman; who were both appointed to serve the Zionist cabal after Wilson sold out the nation by creating the savagely illegal Federal Reserve in 1913.

In the nineteen fifties with the debut of “television”, the world was promised the greatest possible global-asset for education and entertainment for a promising future. That too was soon crushed by Hollywood’s censorship of popular films, coupled with advertising’s total takeover of commercial television by the time the film ‘NETWORK’ made its’ appearance in 1976. That was two hundred years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence and any evidence of real personal freedom that had been totally silenced by the 1964 Democratic convention in Chicago.

With the end of actual news, when hard-news as well as global-news was morphed into “entertainment,” by the networks, the public was being threatened by a largely unseen Police State.

At that time it came with the subtle introduction of “PC”, public censorship of language, films and books along with a passivity being pedaled by Mickey-Mouse and the endless soap operas which replaced the serious dramatic productions that had been promised. That ‘promotional-promise’ was never kept to the public by television or the government. The dummies tended to buy more garbage from the especially crass ads, than did those who wanted to enjoy serious or actually challenging programing—so the first nails went into our coffins in the name of corporate profits over the survival of human beings…

By 1976 ­ two hundred years from the flawed birth of this place, the handwriting was already on the walls and on every screen where the boob tube reined supreme…

In the dust of that sell-out of the public, the arts were the first area to be blatantly coopted by government directly. That ended any real chance to expose either Hollywood or the publications of the printed word for their complicity in dumbing down the world for the private corporations that had already begun to take over this stumbling government at every level.

You can still get copies of “Network” ­ watch it and you just can’t miss the connections that have now come true.

Here’s what corporations had become by 1976

Just like almost everyone else I got caught up in the euphoria that spilled over from the end of WWII as well. It wasn’t until years later that I began to connect the dots. Yet once that process began it became impossible to go back to the blatant-ignorance that had reigned supreme before that national awakening.

That process continues today. Yesterday there was this dynamite explanation about how slavery and torture were used to create what we told the world was this bastion of freedom and democracy, when it has never been that, because this ‘place’ has always been about creating a lawless empire for the filthy rich to work their will on everyone who is not part of their severely lust-filled lives.

America is built on torture ­ Remember?

Take the facts from the slave plantations and understand the truth which is that we’ve converted the slavery of the cotton and tobacco fields and turned them into corporate board rooms that have continued to ravage the lives of the working slaves that live here now, regardless of the color of their skins. We have created nothing but torture death and dissolution when there should have been productivity, promise and creativity in abundance. We did it all this in the name of that specialized privatization that favors the filthy rich at every turn.

Here’s a new symbol to be added to the list of global crimes coming from Israel & USI ­ doesn’t this make you proud!

But the part of this that must be focused on today is the fact that this place has not “won” any wars since the end of WWII. Every so-called general is wearing a chest full of medals, yet none of them can be said to have had anything to do with winning any of the wars they’ve been supposedly engaged in for decades? The USA has lost every military engagement that we’ve supposedly fought in, since 1945. How is it possible that we could have spent the hundreds of trillions in national treasure and received absolutely nothing in return?

Why would any nation ask us to train their armies or enter into their countries when we have not been successful at anything except mass destruction? All we do is slaughter, destroy, steal, rape and murder with an eye to obliterating any of the people who once lived in successful and independent nations before bankrupt USI and their mercenaries arrived. Wherever there is anything worth stealing or people to be desecrated, USI will soon be there.

We have not been responsible for ending any conflict that we were ever involved in after WWII. Nor were we successful in mediating the peace in Palestine. Technically we’re still at war with North Korea. Viet Nam won that war and kicked us out. There were some police-actions that we chose not to call wars, all of which “we won”, but everything else we have lost and lost BIGTIME.

We have not understood the meaning or the value of anything. We are the scum of the earth and the enabling curse that continues to threaten everything that’s human or productive in what’s left of this world.

I’ve spent most of the last sixty years fighting these troglodytes for my existence and for the survival of everyone else that chose to stay free. Yet with every passing year we’ve watched while the world continues to shrink from the wonder that millions of us were born into, to the slum that it’s become today. If you want examples, print out the first page of this, its five feet wide and eight feet tall and it’s only a sketch for something that was not commissioned. But it depicts the general condition of the world in the mid 1970’s. By that time there was almost nothing left of this place that so many still believe to be ‘real’.

Almost every corporation has been corrupted, every government agency is nothing but another series of lies serving those that have enslaved this nation in ways that the slave owners in the Deep South could only have dreamed of. Government today is the enemy of almost every person here who has not been coopted by the global absence of all laws whether local, state, national or international.

When you hear some speak of 2016, or of even further down the road, it is your duty to challenge everything they say—publicly: Because there is simply no way that this colossal failure can continue for any length of time. Talk is cheap! Change can only happen when people begin to do something about the reality of these continuing situations.

Words mean nothing any more: Locally, statewide, nationally or internationally, to Amerikans. No one is interested in keeping the promises which they sometimes have to make. The meaning of language itself is without meaning because there is no one willing to take responsibility for whatever they have agreed to. Contrast what we chose to do with how Russia and some of the other nations continue to try to bring peace and prosperity to other parts of this war-torn planet.

Every department of the U.S. government is corrupt to the core.

“Representatives” only represent themselves and how much more money they can steal for themselves—the public be damned. Food is threatened, water is contaminated. Everything we once thought we owned is about to be stolen from us along with whatever can be hijacked from our accounts—yet no one seems to care enough to stop anything from continuing.

The skies are no longer ours. The weather is no longer what nature once provided because we’ve overdone the “tampering” to the point that the natural mechanisms of nature are dying. Couple this with the fact that there is NO ONE responsible for anything that transpires upon this lonely blue rock, yet we continue, as if “everything is normal”.

Thousands of people have demanded that those of us who write must name every name of every criminal we write about. Hundreds of us have been doing that for years: And no matter how much we give the public about the crimes against us all ­ no one seems to bother doing anything about any of it. Many believe that the “truth is whatever they say it is.” But the truth is no longer dependent on individuals because it is so vast that the truth has become self-evident!

So have another drink; watch the game and know that that unimaginable tidal wave is definitely coming because we’ve earned every inch of that destruction which we’ve all had a silent-hand in designing.


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