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500 Somalis Live In Radisson Hotel Toronto East
And Slaughter Goats In Nearby Public Restroom
Read These Deleted Reviews Of The Radisson


If you have kids DO NOT STAY HERE!

Review of Radisson Hotel Toronto East
Reviewed April 17, 2018

I would seriously not recommend staying here with your family whatsoever. I try not to see the worst in everything but this place was brutal. We stayed here out of necessity due to the ice storm stranding us.

The room rate was not great, but I can understand that due to it being last minute, however my experience in that place was absolutely terrible and scary at times for my children. I will not sugar coat this whatsoever! This hotel houses long term refugees in the building. I have no issue with that, however the behavior of a few of these residents is why I am currently writing this. I will start with the worst thing that happened, we were on a packed elevator shoulder to shoulder with people. There were two mid teen residents of the hotel there. They were constantly staring at my 7 year old daughter and her friend who was 6. They looked them up and down and then turned to each other and said something. They then turned to my daughter and said you look very good, very pretty girl here (oh did I mention she was in her bathing suit). Completely unacceptable conduct. Encounters like these continued to the point I kept the girls in the room and didn't want them walking around with the hotel with me. these encounters were completely unavoidable as this place had one elevator working for the entire building, we were located on the 9th floor and waited up to 15 minutes for an elevator at times, due to being literally shoved out of the way by "residents" staying there long term. Some of the children staying there would ride the only elevator up and down hitting all the floors buttons so it stopped constantly creating further delays.

Our room windows had mold all along the top and leaked with water all over the floor. I would NOT recommend you stay here with children at all!

Stayed: April 2018, traveled with family

Be careful. This place is dangerous

Review of Radisson Hotel Toronto East
Reviewed 5 days ago

I cannot even believe the nightmare that is the Radisson Hotel Toronto East. In Toronto I typically stay at the Westin but this was a quick trip. Don't make that mistake. There are uncivilized refugees everywhere; in the lobby, in the pool, and it looks like they are also in the ladies room at lobby level. It's like this is a 9/11 training camp. There are suspicious people lurking around every corner and if I was not a Marine I'd feel threatened. No female should stay there. I never thought I would go into a hotel thinking I might need to defend myself, but that is exactly what I thought once walking into the lobby. The place stinks. Literally. There are kids grabbing at your watch and your back pocket (I grew up in NYC, my wallet is always in my front pocket). The noise is immeasurable and does not stop when it is time to sleep. The entire place is hot even though the outside is relatively cool. The a/c simply does not work. Not that it matters, it seems the refugee guests forgot there are showers in their rooms and the smell is nauseating. Thank goodness this was a one-and-done night.

Just don't do it.